"Stop! Please just stop this," Hermione screeched at the man on top of her.

The sneering laugh that answered her screams just sent her into more of a panicked flurry to get away. Summoning all of her strength – which wasn't very much at the time – she reached back her arm and punched him in the nose. She made contact, but did very little to deter the imminent attack.

"Bitch," the man said, hitting her across the face.

She broke down into tears as her forced his lips upon her own. She thrashed her head this way and that to try to get him off, but nothing worked. "You'll only make it worse for yourself. Now stop moving about." The man's harsh words only send Hermione into continuously more frantic attempts to escape.

"Please," she whispered. The man laughed again as he roughly ripped off her school robes. "Please," she begged again.

"You want it."

"No," she said, shaking her head vehemently.

"Say it." The man told her and he touched her.

Hermione's tears became hysterics now. "I can't."

"Tell me, Hermione. Tell me that you want this – that you've wanted this since you first met me," the man sneered.

Hermione wept still, her entire body shaking as she did so. "P – please, sir. I – I've wa – wanted this since I f – f – first m – met you."

The man laughed, and pulled off his pants. Hermione's eyes widened, and she thrashed in place, trying to escape his rough hold on her. He pushed herself in her and started working in and out; sweat accumulating on his brow as he did so. Hermione continued to weep, pleading with the man to stop.

He finished with a grunt, and stood up. "If I had known that you were just going to lay I wouldn't have even bothered," the man told her with a sneer and he rightened himself and swept out of the chamber without a backwards glance, leaving Hermione to pick herself up from the floor, crying, and broken inside.

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