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Hermione sat in class staring out the window. It was such a lovely day. There were owls every where. She sighed. It had been a month since that day by the lake with Draco. A beautiful month filled with love and healing. She had never imagined Draco could be such a great person.

She glanced down at their linked journal and saw that Draco had written something….or so she thought. On the page was nothing but a large irregular blot of… something. She didn't know what it was.

? She wrote back. Clearly confused by the strange shape on the paper. She touched it. It was sticky! What is this Draco? She asked him.

Oh… I was just thinking about you. ;) He replied. She smiled to herself. What a sweet gesture, she thought.

Were you thinking about that time you took me for a ride on your broomstick down by the forest? She asked him remembering how terrified she had been of flying for the first time.

Yeah. Something like that….. Sex kitten.

She was taken aback! What did he mean "sex kitten"? She was a witch! Not a cat! She shook her head, appalled. She would have to consult Professor Dumbledore about this matter after class.

Oh. Thanks. She replied.

~~~~~~~~LATER THAT DAY~~~~~~~~~

"Thanks for meeting me up here Professor." Hermione said while looking at all the owls flying around the Forbidden Forest.

"Anything for a student such as yourself Miss Granger." He replied. "What was it you had wanted to ask me? Is it something to do with your homework?"

"No, no. Nothing like that. I wanted to ask you….. About…. THIS!" She finally spat out, holding out the diary page with a blacklight over it. "It was sticky earlier. But it's all dried up now. What is it Professor? I need to know!"

Dumbledore leaned closer to the spot, rearranging his spectacles as to get a better look. "Well, Hermione. It appears to be a cum-shot. Right smack-dab on a page of your notebook. Where did you acquire such a thing?"

"Draco sent it to me." She replied, still uncertain what the spot was. "Umm.. Professor? I was wondering… Where do cum-shots come from?"

Dumbledore looked a bit uncomfortable, glancing around the tower top, looking for an escape. "Well you see, Hermione… Cum-shots…. They come from…"

"Yes?" She asked earnestly, always willing to learn.

"THEY COME FROM PENISES!" He shouted just before throwing himself from the top of the tower to his ultimate demise.

Hermione looked around, tears in her eyes. "But then… What are penises?" She asked to no one in particular. She moved to the tower's edge, looking down in horror at the scene below. Professor Dumbledore was dead. His small intestines leaking out onto poor Harry Potter, whom he had dropped upon. Harry looked down at Dumbledore's "wand" poking him in the butt, then looked up at her and mouthed "why?" Just before dying himself.

She started bawling like a little baby then. Her best friend was dead. Dumbledore was dead. Her boyfriend had sent her a cum-shot from a penis and she didn't even know what that meant. Her life was over. She glanced down once more at the scene below.

Quickly grabbing her diary she wrote, Thanks for the cum-shot Draco. I loved it! I don't know what a penis is, but thanks for sending me one from it. I love you. I'm killing myself now. Goodbye my dear.

Then she jumped off the tower and everything went black….. and blue.

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