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A huge bang on the side of the door woke me. I did not know how many hours I had been sleeping, but I silently prayed that we were not there yet. Slowly, I raised my head from the dirty planks in the wagon to see sunlight streaming through the cracks. Why did I have to go through this again? Being auctioned off for the first three times was barely endurable, but a fourth? Slimy, dirty men grinning at me, handling me roughly was overly degrading. I sighed. I was already desecrated though; being a slave had no real room for respect. Property… I was just meaningless property now. I shuddered.

" Open the godamn doors!" I heard an old man roar from outside. The clattering of hooves and people shouting indicated we had arrived. I shrunk into the corner, fearing whoever was prying open the doors.

"Damn filthy slaves! Open the door for Christ's sake!" he shouted again. I heard him curse again and ask for someone named John to get something to open the door with. I silently prayed for mercy. Maybe this time I would have a decent master, one that let me go about my work undisturbed, unbeaten. Then I heard some huge thuds, and I quickly jerked upward in anxious anticipation. I looked around; there were a few other slaves with me. I did not know their names, nor did I care to find out. We were all going our separate ways now; there was never any use for forming friendships. Being sold from household to household was enough; the destruction of bonds of friendship would just make the transition harder.

" Git up off your lazy Asses! The auction starts in 10 minutes!" I could smell his stale breath from feet away. He yanked my wrists and hauled me off towards the back of a barn. My eyes darted back and fourth searching for the rest of the slaves. They were all being dragged the opposite direction. My heart took off in a rapid speed as my breathing hitched. Where was he taking me?!

"Stop! The auction is the other way!" I whispered, frightened. Tears stung my eyes, as his grip on me tightened. I had lost the fight in me. He just snickered.

" Move your pretty little ass we only have five minutes" He grinned, his teeth a sickening rotten yellow. I obeyed until we got to a secluded alley behind the barn. He pinched my rear. I whimpered.

"He he, come' ere we're gonna have a little fun sweet heart." Oh no. Oh no no no. He suddenly shoved me roughly up against the wall and crushed himself to me. I winced in pain, I felt a throbbing pain at the back of my head. He grunted, and started grinding himself to me, while pushing up my dress.

"No! Stop, please, stop! Get your hands off of me!" I cried. He kept going, groping me.

" It's a shame you aren't my little slave, eh? We could have fun like this every day sweetie." He breathed. I cringed as his sweaty hand made its way lower, underneath my undergarments. Just then, I heard a bell ring.

" Shit. He grumbled, as he reluctantly pulled his hands out of my dress and pinched my bottom again. 'Hallelujah', a word I never though I would use to describe a slave auction. He grabbed my wrist again when I tried to touch the back of my head to see if it was bleeding.

" Faster, bitch." He demanded. He glared at me and tugged me harder. I'm sure I looked like even more of a mess now, I felt my pieces of my grimy hair plastered to my face. We soon reached the beginning of the platform and another older, but gentler man brought me off in another direction, quickly pinning a number to my ragged frock leading me towards the dwindling line.

"Go you're the last one." I watched as a beaten young boy of 14 years made his way to the middle of the platform.

"$100"a gruff voice shouted from the back.

"$300" called a woman.


"Sold! Shouted the auctioneer, as guards brought the sad child off to the other side of the stage.

My heart thudded in haste. It was my turn.

"Go!" snarled the older man, who I previously thought was gentle. He shoved me abruptly as I stumbled onto the stage, scraping my knee. The announcer smirked wickedly and announced the 'item'

"Young women of 18 years of age! Healthy, competent worker, good for field and household work! Start the bidding at $100!"

"250" exclaimed a stocky small man from the front. He seemed okay enough, I silently hoped that no one else would bid…

"450!" I squinted in the sunlight to see who would bid that much on me. A factory man, greasy and disgusting with a look of lust in his eyes grinned at me. I closed my eyes, quivering.

"650!" came the minute voice of same woman from before. She had platinum blonde hair and droopy eyes.

"700!" shouted the greasy man again. Oh no. Please no. I looked towards the women with pleading eyes. My knees gave out slightly, I felt faintly weak.

"1,000!" called the woman in a clear, authoritative voice.

"Sold to the woman in front! Thank you Madame!" He roughly guided me to the side of the stage where I was to meet my new master. I slumped onto the ground and covered my eyes with the palms of my hands and waited for my new master to come. A few minutes passed. I heard a cough and looked up.

" Get up." I quickly scrambled to my feet.

" What's your name girl?" she asked sharply. It had been so long since someone asked my name.

"Isabella, Bella for sh--" short. She cut me off.

" I do not know from what households you came from Isabella, but in the one I have bought you for there is no tolerance granted to slaves. You will behave accordingly, and obey the masters in all circumstances. Master Edward does not put up with insolence; you will do as you are told. Do you understand?" So she wasn't my real master. At least not on a higher scale.

"Actually, if you please, my name is Bella" her hand swung and slapped me on the cheek. I felt tears well up in my eyes as I touched the burning sting from her hand.

"You only speak if spoken to! I am your superior girl, you best start obeying what I say or you'll soon find yourself gittin' into trouble." She turned on her heel and I assume she wanted me to follow.

" Come they will be waiting." I quickly trailed after her, looking directly at the ground. While kicking my newfound pebble, I pondered if my new master would really be so cruel.

After hours of staring numbly out the hole in the back of the carriage I saw we were entering a moderately urbane town. We left the edges of the forest and rode up a long driveway to an area of estates. My eyes widened in awe, these were most definitely the most exquisite estates I had seen in all my life. But the carriage kept going, passing by the beautiful mansions. My heart sunk, at least if I was going to be a slave I would have loved to work in a beautiful home. I closed my eyes and began humming. Only minutes passed until we came to a halt. I peeked out the hole and saw the most fantastic manor, more stunning that all of the other mansions combined. The droopy blonde opened the back door for me and ordered me to get out.

"Hurry up, we're late." She whispered sharply. I nodded and hopped out and stood still, nervous of my new prison.

"Sandra! We needed you back 60 minutes ago, my Lord can you not do anything as directed! I asked for a male slave" shrieked the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her beautiful dress, and her bright, but cold gold eyes were accentuated with long blonde hair and beautiful features. I felt myself gasp, it was not fair, she looked like an angel! I suddenly felt very self-conscious. I had not seen my appearance in a very long while, and I knew my plain features could never compare.

"Get inside, and clean up that slave! We are in a hurry." She shrieked again. Just then, a vastly muscular man came outside, wrapped his arm around her waist, gently whispered something into her ear and led her back into the house. My heart ached. If only I could ever experience that kind of love. I snapped out of it, I was a slave with a cruel master. I could never find love, or friendship, or a happy life.

" I must attend to the animals, but go behind the house the back way into the servant corridors, an older woman named Rosemary will help you." She told me. I nodded, but felt myself frozen in place, staring at where the woman had been.

"Go!" she gave me a quick shove until my feet had begun to move again. I hurriedly scurried to where she pointed. I saw the most beautiful pond behind the house, but I knew I would not have enough time to relax and see it up close. I walked inside.

"You must be the new servant! Hello! I'm Rosemary, who might you be?" She boomed. I liked her; she was very friendly.

"Bella, M'am" I quietly responded with a slight smile. I glanced around the room, men and women slaves were rushing around cooking and cleaning, and moving chairs and flowers.

"Well Bella! You're first night here will be a busy one! There's no time for you to change yet, I need you to go around back and help clean the chairs. The masters will be gone tonight for a charity ball, and today is our one full evening we have to do an overhaul on the whole house." I nodded in understanding and found my way outside to where the chairs were being cleaned. Who were my masters anyways? And who were those people I saw outside? I was lost in thought until a shy brunette girl, much taller than I interrupted my thoughts.

"Excuse me are you new?" She asked politely.

"Yes I am, hi, my name is Bella." I smiled.

"Hello, I'm Angela I usually work outside here." She said softly. She was nice, I liked her, so I decided to ask her my questions.

" I'm curious…do you know who the masters of this estate are? So far I have not seen any of them." I hoped I was not being too forward.

" Oh of course! Master Edward is the heir to this estate, and I believe your new owner. Master Emmett and Rosalie were recently wed and living here for now. We have two more masters, Alice and Jasper. Alice is very kind; I do not know much about Jasper though, we never see much of him. We obey all of them." She smiled half-heartedly and began scrubbing the chairs.

" Thank you very much, I was quite curious."

" Anytime. So where are you from? Before you came here I mean." She inquired. I felt myself sadden. I never had anyone to talk to before while doing my work, was it okay to make friends this time?

" I'm originally from Southeast of here, my parents were killed on a raid of my village. When I returned home the invaders captured me and I ended up in the network of slavery. It's been very hard, it happened when I was 11 years old." I ended quietly. Oh how I missed a life of freedom and my parents… My eyes began to water, as I wiped them with my dirty hand and kept scrubbing.

" Oh, I'm so sorry." She whispered. I could tell it was genuine sympathy. But I didn't feel like talking anymore and I think she understood. We carried out our work in silence. It grew to be dusk and we carried the chairs back inside where Rosemary was waiting.

"Bring them to the dining hall and hurry back, we have to do the dusting!" She boomed loudly. On my return she handed me a feather duster and broom.

" Dusk and sweep the main hall and the corridors upstairs, do not enter any of the rooms." I headed outside into the main house, searching for the main hall. I spotted a grand staircase and the enormous front door. This must be the main foyer…. I began sweeping the rings on the staircase as I worked my way upstairs. This wasn't too bad. I rounded the corner into the corridor, dusting the edges of picture frames and candles. Then I heard voices.

" You know exactly why Alice! Go attend to Jasper, we are leaving soon." I heard a cold and powerful voice demand. My eyes widened and my swished my duster mindlessly. The vase I was dusting fell, crashing loudly on the tile, shattering into millions of pieces. Before I could even register what happened, the door swung open revealing a man. A breathtakingly gorgeous man, pale, but with the most striking features I had ever see. His golden eyes pierced mine as he took in the scene in front of him. I nervously scrambled to pick up the broken shards.

" I-I'm so sorry sir. I was clumsy and I—it was an accident." I whispered, terrified. I looked up to where he was standing but he was not there. What had happened? I surely did not imagine him.

"hello? I do not know where to.." I called out softly into the dark hall. Just then a girl, much more petite than I bounced out of the bedroom. She too was inexplicably beautiful, with short black hair and golden eyes.

"Hello! I'm Alice, you must be Bella the new servant." She grinned at me, and I couldn't help but return it with a sad smile.

" I'm so sorry Miss about the vase, it was so careless of me, and I willingly except punishment." I let my eyes drop to the ground. Another whipping to add to the scars of my back.

"Nonsense, there will be no punishment, it was an accident. But look at you! you're a mess! We need to get you cleaned up before I go, you might dirty up the house or something." She winked and laughed and pulled me along to a bathroom. Was I really that dirty? I lightly touched my face and felt the dirty remnants of my tears.

"You can get ready in here, I'll leave some clothes for you outside the door. Welcome Bella!" She chimed as she danced down the stairwell calling for Jasper.