All references to she/her are Bella.

All references to he/him are Edward.

All references to they/them/their are Edward and Bella as a couple.

England, 1597

She didn't remember much of her slavery, and for that he was grateful. All that mattered to him was her memory of their love.

It saw funny how the memory was affected once the venom entered a human system. It was as if a black cloth was placed over all your memories, but the most important ones always seemed to shine through with newly vibrant colors. He worried about it for three days while she thrashed on their bed. What if she didn't remember him?

He knew it was foolish, but in comparison, he thought, they hadn't been together very long. In her eighteen years, she had only spent a few months with him. She had only loved him a short time. He knew their love would shine through her memories, but he could still worry. It seemed to be what he did best.

He did his best not to think about the pain she was in, holding her hand for the transformation and whispering words of love to her the whole time. And when three days were up, she remembered him.

She had been thinking about him the whole time her body was burning.

England, 1600

The bloodlust hadn't lasted three years, but he had waited until now to marry her. She wanted an outdoor wedding, and he didn't want to risk a human getting to close and ruining the ceremony.

She could handle herself around humans now. She had even gone to the mansion several times to speak with Alice or Esme. Even Rosalie was speaking to her now. He was impressed with her restraint. His heart swelled every time he saw her interact with his family.

With their family, he mentally corrected himself. Granted, they weren't married yet, but by tomorrow evening, she would be his. Completely.

He had run with her to the mansion, where Alice insisted she stay the night and next day. She didn't like being away from him, but she knew the traditions, and what was one night when they had an eternity?

As soon as he had parted, Alice began the preparations for the wedding the next day. She laughed as Alice began with her hair, which would fall apart within the next few hours anyway.

They were married the next night, after the sun had moved behind the tree line, giving their skin just a slight glimmer. Anyone who might have seen would only think they were glowing. If anyone knew how much they were in love, they would have found it quite possible that they were glowing.

The simple after-wedding ceremonies were all carried out. The throwing of the bouquet, with the small modification that it was thrown the three married women. They all danced to the music of a rented harp, her favorite. He removed her garter, just like he had seen in Alice's vision.

And that night was the same kind of perfect. She had never known anything like this could have existed. Neither had he.

America, 1644

It was hard to believe that they had been married over forty years; they honestly had a hard time convincing anyone they were married.

They had moved several times over the past forty years, they lived in England a while more before they eventually moved to Boston. Carlisle attended a new medical school, excited to learn more about how to heal.

They both decided to go to a new school in the area too. They both wanted to learn as much as they could. When the primary education ran out, they decided to try college, and while it was unusual for a girl to go to college, she wanted to stay by her husband, and she wanted to analyze Shakespeare. She had, after all, seen one of his plays in The Globe.

Alaska, 1777

When the revolutionary war came, they moved to a state that wasn't a part of America yet.

It was too hard to live in a town with bloodshed.

Alaska was where they met another family. She was weary of the one named Tanya, she seemed to have too much of an interest in him. He laughed at her jealousy, and she resented him for it. He had no idea how jealous he would be someday.

They stayed in Alaska for almost fifty years, moving all around the state, visiting the Denali's every now and again. They enjoyed Alaska, but it was not their favorite of places.

America, 1837

When Michigan was founded, they moved there, buying three houses along the edge of the Great Lakes. Rose and Emmett lived in one, and they both found seclusion in a small home down the path from the main house, where the rest lived.

It was a quiet life in Michigan. They had all gone to school by now, all graduated, and their wasn't much more to learn.

They always found ways to occupy their time. It was nice to be able to surpass boredom.

Canada, 1860

When Alice saw another war coming, she told the family, and they all moved to Canada, where slavery was already prohibited and peace was guaranteed. She enjoyed living in an area that didn't think they were odd for not having slaves.

In fact, they hadn't owned any slaves since they moved from England. Shortly after their wedding, they freed everyone that served in the home, giving them all large enough amounts of money that they could all start lives for themselves.

America, 1900

Chicago was their next home. It was a large enough town that they moved around within the city for several years and didn't need to worry about suspicion.

Carlisle worked at several different hospitals the years they spent in Chicago, always under a new surname.

They were so proud of their father. Carlisle helped save many from the Spanish influenza.

He even picked up a few of his father's medical textbooks to read, hoping someday he might be able to cure something.

America, 1940

They moved to Seattle, and other cities in Washington for the next few decades or so, enjoying dances in the rain and hunting in the daytime.

And although this was a time that would some day be called "old-fashioned," people thought that about them already. They were old-fashioned, and they both loved it. It made them who they were.

Washington was home to more wildlife, allowing them to hunt as often as they needed, allowing them to interact with humans more. She felt a little odd having human friends at her new big city high school, but it was something she found herself enjoying.

The one thing she hated about her 1970's high school was that she couldn't be married to her husband. Not publicly at least.

He hated it just as much as she did; pretending to be a boyfriend instead of being her husband killed him sometimes. Her could hear the way the boys thought of her, hoping that what she had with him was just a fling.

The worst of it was in Forks, Washington.

Forks, Present Day

"Bella," he called softly, making her roll her naked body over to look at his. They were in the privacy of their cottage, but he felt the need for formalities anyway. He got off the bed and sunk to the ground on one knee. He held her hands as he asked her. "Will you marry me?"

"Again?" She asked, confused by why he wanted to marry her again. Did he not remember every detail of their wedding like she did?

He nodded, hopeful of her answer. She looked in to his eyes and realized why he was asking.

"This is about Mike Newton isn't it?" She squealed in disbelief. "You know I told him I wouldn't go to that dance with him. We don't have to get married just so he'll back off."

He smirked at her realization. She could always see right though him.

"It's not only Mike Newton, my love. It seems like every boy in that school is just waiting for you. They think we only have a fling, and it kills me to hear them think that."

"You know what they'll be thinking if we get married?" She asked. He looked at her with confusion, shaking his head no. "They'll think that we're young and stupid." She laughed. "They'll think I'm pregnant or something."

Edward thought about it for a moment. "Well we're only juniors, they'll have plenty of time to see that isn't true." He said with a smirk. "Please Bella?" He asked, giving her the eyes he knew she couldn't turn down. "For the last dozen high schools, I've had to be your boyfriend. Can't I be your husband again?"

"Oh fine." She agreed reluctantly. She hated to bring attention to herself, but if this would make him happy, she would do it. "Tell Alice to send out the invitations. I'm not doing any planning, got it?"

He laughed and kissed her, glad she had agreed to his request. He snatched her wedding ring off the table, the one she didn't get to wear in public, and slid it on her finger. "Congratulations." He whispered. "You're engaged."

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