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I was mad at Charlie. I mean, what did I do to be sent to an all-girls boarding school? I know it was my decision to leave Renee and Phil, but it still hurt to be such a nuisance to Charlie.

I guess it's understandable when your seventeen-year- old daughter suddenly calls one day and says that she's moving in with you. But I've tried to help out as much as I could... I fixed all the school papers, paid for my plane ticket to Forks, and barely brought anything with me; four suitcases, only two filled with clothes. The other two were stuffed with pictures, books, and music.

Even if we hadn't talked in five years, I think I've proved myself pretty well in the past three months.

It's not so much the kicking me out, speaking brutally; it was the groundless excuses he gave me for doing so:

"Bells." Charlie spoke for the first time since he'd gotten home; I was reading the complex recipe for Grandma Swan's potato-stuffed chicken breasts.

"Yeah?" I answered distractedly. After a minute of silence, Charlie cleared his throat nervously and said, "Do you remember Sue?"

I laughed at that. "Of course I do, Dad. She was here yesterday."

I turned around to look at Charlie at the kitchen table, crossing my arms in front of me.

"Oh- well. Yeah," he grimaced. I rolled my eyes. "Spit it out, Dad. Don't give yourself a brain hemorrhage," I laughed. Charlie didn't look like he was in the mood for laughing.

He opened his mouth, but closed it again. I waited. When he opened it again, he said, "Sue and I are getting married."

I stood there, shocked.

"You're getting married?"

Charlie shifted uncomfortably in his seat. I just stared at him.

When had they started dating, for Christ's sake? I mean, I knew Charlie really liked Sue, but I thought Sue was only here as his friend! What about Leah and Seth? How would they take this? Poor Leah. Especially Leah; she'd taken her father's death even worse than Seth did. How would she feel once she found out her mother would re-marry? Just another reason to hate me. Seth would most likely take it better than anyone, including myself. I already saw him as my baby brother; he's grown so much on me in these past few months... And he likes me already-

I was brought out of my reverie by Charlie, who had cleared his throat again.

"Bells?" I realized I had yet to give my silently asked opinion.

"Umm-" I wasn't sure what to say. Why hadn't he warned me about them dating? Is he sure?

"I really happy for you, Dad," I said lamely. He looked almost hopeful.

"Yeah," I said, "Shocked, but happy. If Sue makes you happy, than that makes me happy." I was impressed with myself. I wasn't a girl of many words. Ths was a feat for me, especially with Charlie, where I got those traits.

He sighed in relief, but he wasn't done, I saw.

"There's more, right?" I asked knowingly.

He gave me the look of a kid waiting to be punished... I felt so bad for him at the time, because I knew that whatever it was, it wasn't good for me.

"Well," he began, "with Sue and the kids moving in here after the wedding, we're gonna need some room, kid." He looked down at the table miserably.

"And?" I asked, confused as to why this would make him so. So I had to share the room. Big deal. It was big enough.

"The thing is," he paused, trying to organize his thoughts, most likely, "Leah and Seth would be in your room and, well, considering how they'd have to bring their things in and how you still haven't adapted completely here..." He looked up at me and I could see fear and pain in his eyes.

And that's all I needed to understand. He wanted me out. Took him long enough. Any other normal father would have told me to go to hell and stay with whom I chose in the beginning.

"You want me to go back to Mom, Dad?" I asked, tears threatening to fall.

He seemed taken aback by that. "Not at all, Bella. Sue and I actually wanted to make things easier for you. We want to pay for your school tuition at Braeline's Academy for Girls. It's an all-girls boarding school in Seattle, so you're not too far away from home." He smiled awkwardly, attempting to make this situation better.

I thought about that. In Seattle? But I knew I´d heard of another boarding school just outside of Forks.

"OK," I said, "but isn't there a closer boarding school just outside of Forks?" I was pretty sure he knew of it, too.

"Yes, but that´s for both boys and girls. Braeline's is and all-girls school," he answered, almost pleased with himself, I saw.

I was confused. "So? What does that have to do with anything?"

"I´m not going to have you share days AND nights with other guys who only want nothing good from you, Bells." So, now he's gone into dad-mode, hasn't he?

"I can take care of myself, Dad! I spend six hours a day, five days a week with guys in the same classroom as me. I see no difference," I complained.

"You would be spending the night with them. That's the difference," he retorted

I was annoyed, going towards angry.

"And why can't I share room with Leah and Seth?" I demanded. Though sharing a room with Leah , whether sleeping or not, was most likely not the safest thing for me.

He was getting irritated. "Bells, you know how the situation with Leah is. You two can't be in the same room and Leah would most likely tear the room apart with you in there."

So this was about Leah? She was the cause of me having to move out of my own house? Unbelievable!

I was infuriated.

"So, I have to leave because Leah can't have it any other way, now, can't she? But, you know what? She can have her way. At least now I know not to expect any more out of what I don't have. When do I leave?" I had raised my voice, but wasn't screaming. Though I should start to get out of there before I do.

Charlie looked at me wearily, and I could see how old he really was, both inside and out. But that didn't break my resolve.

"They will have orientation on Monday, but classes officially start on Wednesday. You can go to school tomorrow to say good-bye to your classmates and take Thursday and Friday off." He sounded calm, but I knew that there was a turmoil inside of him.

"That's perfect." I tried not to be too sarcastic about it.

He got up from his chair and left the kitchen to go watch whatever football match was on. And I stayed making the chicken breasts, silently crying my rage out.

I looked at Charlie next to me as he drove. We hadn't ended on a happy note, and I was regretting it the nearer we got to the academy. I turned to look out the window again, grateful that Sue hadn't insisted much on coming. That was something I liked about her. She just knew when to push, and when not to.

Too bad I wouldn't be able to enjoy much of her for a very long time.

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