Hey, it's me LeannaQua. I thought it would be fun to have a little fanfiction about the Cullen kids going to the movies.

They are seeing "Dusk" as those of you that have read my "A New Vampire on the Block" story know is my version of Twilight.

I don't own Twilight or the Cullens. And No I don't own Dusk, I just remixed the name. Hope ya like!

"Why are we going to the movies?" Edward asked, for the billionth time. I sighed, turning around to face him.

"Because, this is a movie worth seeing," I said. I was trying to keep my anger under control.

"And we came why?" Emmett asked. I turned to face the other Cullen. I looked toward Rose and Alice hopping they would help.

"I wanted to see it too," Alice said, her innocent voice kicking in. A puppy dog pout came on her face and both Rose and I smiled.

"Fine, but what's it about Bella?" Jasper asked. I smiled, high fiveing Alice and Rose. I turned back around and headed back toward the theater.

"A vampire who falls in love with a human," I couldn't help but smile, when I heard Edward stop. Alice and Rose came up beside me, smiling.

"Bella," Edward growled. I knew that voice, I was in trouble. Alice and Rose stood as bodyguards. I turned around and saw Edward, anger. "What did you just say?"

"It's about a human who falls in love with a vampire," I answered, smiling. Jasper and Emmett looked at one another, then Edward.

"Did you two know about this?" Edward growled. Alice smiled and nodded. Rose crossed her arms over her chest and smirked. "Why did you agree?"

"We thought you could get a new point of view." Rose answered, smirking even bigger. "Besides, if it's as close as it seems, I wanna see it."

"Yeah, Rose was a real," Alice started, but stopped when Rose glared at her. I intervened.

"Rose, you have to admit that you didn't like me," I said, looking at her. Rose nodded. "At all." Rose smiled. We had gotten even closer over the years. I had gotten used to Alice playing Bella Barbie. It did help that Edward was always there to bust me out.

"She's right Rose," Emmett said. He came over to her and hugged her. "And I agree with the girls dude." Edward narrowed his eyes. Emmett just smiled.

"I agree too," Jasper said. He was by Alice's side with in a split second. Edward wasn't too pleased. I mouthed "go" to the others. They went into the movie theater.

"Please Edward," I said, lowering my voice, so no human ears could hear it. Edward turned around and punched a street sign. Poor sign, it fell.

"Bella, I don't want to see what happened to you again," Edward said, safe from any human ears. I looked quickly toward the theater, this was why I came early.

"It's only up until prom," I answered. "The whole 'leave me' and 'werewolf' thing doesn't comme until later, in different movies." He looked toward me. I smiled, and he sighed. I knew I won him over.

"Fine, but," he said, standing in front of me. "I'm not promising, I'm going to like it." I smiled, leaning up and kissed him on the lips.

"I'm okay with that," I answered. He smiled and we entered the theater. The others had our tickets, and popcorn, we wouldn't be eating. We entered the movie area. First here, so we sat in the back. We would hear and see anything, no matter how far away.

"So who plays who?" Emmett asked. "I hope I'm in there. And someone cool plays me." I smiled.

"Only Bella knows," Alice answered. They all turned to me. I kept quiet having the other five vampires glare at me.

"Okay fine. I'll tell," I said, Alice and Rose giggled. "Rosanne or Rosey is played by Nikki Reed. Alyson is Ashley Greene. Jason is played by Jackson Rathbone. Carter is Kellan Lutz. Robert Pattinson plays Masen and Kristen Stewart plays Leanna or Lea." They looked at one another.

"Who's who?" Rose asked. I raised an eyebrow. They all made an 'Oh' face. Well all except Emmett, he still didn't get it.

"Rosanne is Rosalie," I said. Rosalie flipped her hair, smiling. "Alyson or Aly is Alice," she giggled. "Jason is Jasper." Jasper nodded in approval. "Carter is you." Emmett grinned even bigger than usual. "Masen is Edward." Edward smiled at this. "And Lea is me." I smiled bigger.

"SWEET!" Emmett shouted. The people who had arrived "shushed" us. "Sorry," Emmett muttered. We all laughed, keeping it quiet. The movie finally started. I looked over at Edward and he was tense. I grabbed his hand and relaxed him. I smiled at him and he smiled back. The previews were done, and the movie finally started. I was glad they all came, I just hoped that none of them would end up hating me for it. I was hoping this was as good as my real life was, even if James almost killed me. As well as Edward taking me to prom.

Alice-I liked it!

Rosalie-Me too! And I can't believe you almost said that.

Alice-It was true.

Bella-I don't blame her though, and besides, we're great friends now.

Emmett-You said it little sis.

Jasper- Emmett, Alice is your little sister too. Besides, as undercover Bella is Rosalie and my sister.

Edward- He's right. But then again Bella is also known as Destiny's sister when she's with us.

Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, Bella- EDWARD!

Edward- What? Opps, did I just spill something?

LeannaQua- Maybe*innocent voice*

Edward- Oh, well Chapter Two, in my point of view, on the movie.

LeannaQua-Which is coming THIS Friday! YEAH! I'm going to see it at least 3 times.