Well here you go. Edward's piont of view on the movie. I did it as best as I could.

I don't own Twilight or the movie. All those who have read my "A Vampire on the Block" story, will understand the ending. Hope ya like it.

I was a little worried. I had to admit, the movie wasn't as bad as I thought. I did hate myself again for putting Bella in such danger. Robert Pattinson, was pretty convincing, but he wasn't as bad as me. I was also glad that it didn't have everything in there. I was disappointed Lea didn't fall down more. We were walking out discussing it.

"Wow," Emmett said. "I thought Bella fell down more." I nodded. "And didn't you laugh before the game at her." Again I nodded. I wasn't going to say anything until I had to.

"He also took her to a meadow, remember," Alice said. "As well as she fainted at the smell of blood, and Edward carried her." I smiled while Bella rolled her eyes.

"I forgot how sour I was," Rosalie smiled. Bella nodded. I hated the way Rose had treated Bella. "Although, we never cooked for you." I nodded at that. My family didn't cook for her when she came.

"I forgot how I always tried to avoid you," Jasper answered. Bella smiled. Looks like both of us were keeping quite.

"What did you two think?" Alice asked, walking backwards. I looked at Bella. She shrugged, causing Alice to glare at her.

"Okay, well Emmett was a little bit funnier in the real life. And not everything happened as fast. Like Tyler's van, it happened in the morning," Bella answered. I flinched, remembering. "And there was also the ladies' choice dance."

"Right, Mike asked you out more too," I answered. Bella nodded, everyone turned toward me.

"It was okay, I was glad it wasn't exactly like what happened. I don't think I would have survived," I said. They took that. Bella stopped me.

"You really liked it?" she asked. I was wondering what she was getting at.

"It wasn't as good, and bad as the real thing, but yeah, I enjoyed it," I answered. Bella smiled, she rose up and kissed me. I was glad I didn't have to be as careful as I had to in the beginning.

"Hey," Emmett yelled. We looked up and walked toward our family. "Bella was that actually how you knew Eddie was a vampire?" I growled at my nickname. Bella shook her head.

"Jacob told me, trying to scare me," Bella said. I nodded, remembering the rest rant. I thought of something.

"Well, Jessica didn't interrogate you in the movie," I said, smiling. Bella nodded. "But I must ask."

"Yes?" Bella said. I felt my brothers and sisters staring at me, but I didn't care.

"Was that how the actual waitress looked like, or was she prettier?" I asked, smiling my crooked grin. Bella pushed me, rolling my eyes.

"Much prettier, and more annoying," Bella answered. The rest of us laughed. "Well, if you're done, could we please go."

"Of course," I said, opening her door. I got in, waiting for the others to get in.

"Why don't you open me and Rose's door?" Alice asked. I looked at her in the mirror.

"Easy, Bella's a lady," I answered, earning a hit in the head from all three girls, and snickering from the boys.

"I realized that when you were gone that first week," Bella started. We quieted down to hear her. "That in the movie Rose and Emmett's car was driven."

"Yeah, I wonder why?" I said. I was confused. "And sis you noticed that none of the boys crowded around her car." Everyone nodded.

"I noticed they put the author in the movie." We all looked back at Destiny, who was sitting in the seat next to Jasper, who had Alice in his lap. We stared, shocked. "Hi." was all she said, before turning her music up loud enough. Figures, it's the soundtrack.

Well, what did you think? A lot of these thoughts, are my own or my friends, so, like I said hope you liked it.