Lily grabbed her suitcase and ran down the stairs to the grand foyer. She had overslept, missed breakfast and forgotten almost everything the first time she had packed. Her lungs and arms ached as she raced towards the coach that would whisk her away to a snowy white paradise. She saw the coach in the distance along with her best friend Jamie-lee, who at the moment was looking anxiously at her watch and skimming the snow for any sign of Lily. The rest of Hogwarts' cloaked 7th years piled into the already crowded coach and Lily watched in dismay as Jamie-lee was also ushered inside its warm and spacious seating area.

A tall dark haired figure was shoving suitcases into the back of the coach and Lily groaned when she realized who it was…


Oh how she loathed him, how she wished he would just go away and stop being such an arrogant, pig headed, pratt. He turned to see her rosy cheeked and breathing heavily.

Oh how he adoredher, how he wished she'd just say yes…just the once…She looked so beautiful in the snow; the white canvas really brought out her fiery red hair, the rosiness of her cheeks on her pale skin, her luscious English-rose lips, how much of a vibrant green her eyes were…

"All right there Evans?" He smirked at her fly away appearance, ruffling his already messy hair.

"Not now that you're here," She snapped, shoving the suitcase into his chest. That was the only downfall about leaving for the Snowy Hill Inn. Despite the snow and the log cabins and the initial fun she would have…Potter would be there…ruining everything with his pig-headedness.

She sighed and walked around the edge of the coach, making her way to the entrance. Professor Slughorn was standing at the coach door with enormous checklist, ticking off students as they passed through.

"…And that just leaves…Evans and Potter…well it looks like we've found our two…" he said beaming at Lily.

"…Our two?" Lily asked, slightly confused.

"Well yes Evans, we did say on the consent form that there would be two students without seat on the coach…"

"Well then…how will we get there?"

"Potter will drive of course!"

Lily froze as the whole coach began to snigger. Herself and Potter…alone…for four/five hours in one car!?

"But sir…!"

"Evans all the seats are taken. I am sorry Lily but you should have gotten here earlier…"

Lily looked up at the coach window to find Jamie-lee in a nearby window seat.

"Sorry…" She saw her mouth apologetically. She could have punched almost every kid in sight in the face by the way they were looking at her. Everyone knew how much she hated Potter and everyone knew how much Potter adored her whilst at the same time, irritate her…they could never get along. Everyone somehow had got it into their heads that they were destined for each other, that Lily had a deep and unsung passion for James that ate away at her every second of the day. How wrong they were. This was going to be her worst nightmare.

Lily cringed as she heard a few wolf whistles emerge from the coach, undoubtedly aided by Sirius Black. She stomped towards a grinning James and yanked open the car door.

"Don't you dare say one single-"

"Relax Evans," James smiled, "Don't get any hotter than you already are"

He winked as Lily pulled a face of disgust.

"Do you realize how truly awful that joke was Potter?"

"Preposterous! True jokes are always funny!"

Lily groaned and slumped into the car, folding her arms.

"Ready when you are guys!" James yelled to the coach in front before taking his seat next to Evans. The coach started up and James turned the key. They rolled out of Hogwarts grounds and made their way towards the Snowy Hill Inn.

James chuckled to himself as Lily still sat slumped and sulking, staring out of the window.

"Aw come on am I really that bad Evans?" He grinned, reaching out for her ribs.

"Touch me and die Potter…" She snarled, eyeing his hands with mistrust.

"Why? Are you ticklish?" James smiled mischievously.

"No…I'm just allergic to big headed, arrogant, obnoxious toe rags"

"Aw Evans that hit me right here…" James said wobbling his bottom lip and indicating his heart.

"I'll hit something else in a minute if you don't watch the road"

"Seriously though Evans what is your problem?"

"MY problem?" Lily shrieked incredulously, "Lets see, you're a complete idiot that picks on absolutely everyone, you're an utter show off thinking that it's actually a skill to catch that little golden kidney stone with wings, you mess up you hair thinking that it makes you more attractive when really it makes you look even more like an idiot and you think that you're such a catch and honestly I don't see how everyone can like you at all or think you're in anyway attractive because your just…just a…ARGH!"

Lily slammed her back into the seat and violently rotated her head so tat she stared out of the window and not at James.

"Geez and there was me thinking you didn't like me…"

They sat in silence for a while, Lily gazing out of the window, James following the coach in front. James chuckled as he saw Sirius making face at the back of the bus. Lily pulled an irritable face at Sirius.




"I left your suitcase under the tree…"

"You…please tell me you're joking Potter…"

"I…when you gave it to me I put it aside so I could fit the ones I already had…I guess I forgot about it…"

"Oh this just proves how much of an idiot you really are Potter!"

"Should I turn back?"

"Well I'm not going to stay in the same clothes every day!"

"We're going to lose the coach…"

"So? We'll just get a map from Hogwarts and make our own way there…it can't be that difficult!"

"Cant you just...?"

"Potter…we are going back for it…end of story"

"Fine…" James sighed, "Women…"

"Ha! Says the one who left it there!"

James turned the car back towards Hogwarts.

"Cant we just use a summoning spell?"

"If you paid any attention in lessons you would no that Hogwarts has a protective charm around it that won't let anything come in or out of it via magic..."

"Ok…fine…we're turning back…"

They drove back through the large iron gate to where the coach had been previously parked. There, underneath a large fir tree was Lily's red suitcase. She rushed out and grabbed it, shoving it into the boot of the car.

"Accio road map!" James called. Suddenly, at least six or seven maps flew out of the school and into James' open arms.

"Ready?" He asked Lily.

"Yea…" She mumbled, getting back into the car.

"Right you take the map, dictate and I'll drive…"

"Right…" Lily said feeling slightly uncertain.

They pulled out of Hogwarts once more and began to head back in the direction in which they came from.

"Left or right?" James asked when the came to a split in the road.

"Erm...err…left?" Lily said uncertainly, opening every map in sight, looking extremely confused.

"Don't ask me tell me!"

"Well I don't know!"

"What do you mean you don't know? You've got the map!"

"All the maps are wrong!"

"How can a map be wrong?"

"You just asked for road maps not maps of this area or Snowy Hill inn or anything!"

"Oh well I am sorry miss perfect! You're the one who got me to turn back!"

"You're the one who left my stuff there!"

"Yea well-"

"James look out!"

James swerved and dodged the railing separating the two roads, turning to the left side of the division. The two slammed into the back of their seats, rigid and shocked.

"James you're going to get us killed!"

"Why couldn't you just tell me where we're supposed to be going?"

"I told you the maps are of random places! Some look ancient!"

"Well…let's hope this is the right way…maybe we'll find a service station on the way. They'll have a map right?"


"So…we keep driving?"

"Yea…until we find a service station…"