Jaylee tied the pendant around her neck in front of the mirror, clutching the beautiful silver heart once she had done it. She couldn't have been any more happier than she was at that moment, but…she still had one problem, what about James? She suddenly felt guilty; she shouldn't feel this happy about leaving someone for their best friend. Sadness suddenly filled Jaylee's heart; she didn't want to hurt James, he had been so good to her and he was so sweet.

Suddenly, the phone inside her pocket beeped and shook, pulling her out of her gloomy thoughts. Quickly she reached for the phone and she flipped it open to cease the loud beeping noise.


Oh God Lily…did she know? What would she think about all of this? Would she be angry? Hurt? Lost?

With her hand shaking slightly she pressed the middle button and opened the message.

Jaylee don't panic, it's me Sirius

I've stolen Lily's phone :P

She knew already, James knows too and he's ok about it.

Remus and Lily planned it all to win you guys over; they never liked each other.

It's all going to be ok

Merry Xmas! xxxx

Jaylee read the text over and over again until it finally sunk in. With a relieved sigh she broke into a smile.

"I knew it…" She muttered, "I knew Lily liked James…"

Jaylee had told her to tell her if she felt weird about her being with James, but nooooooooooooo. Lily was far too proud for that…or maybe she was just too shy; instead she had to go and make things complicated.

Giggling, Jaylee pulled on her coat and gloves before rushing out into the snow, straight into a slightly shocked Remus Lupin just outside the door. He was just the man she wanted to see. The impact of their bodies knocked Remus to the ground, throwing Jaylee on top of him.

"Well…good morning…" Remus smiled, slightly dazed and a little bashful.

"Hi…" Jaylee giggled shyly, brushing the flecks of snow out of his hair.

Remus blushed and his smile widened.

Oh god she loved his smile. She really did.

Remus cleared his throat.

"Erm…are…are you planning on getting off me anytime soon?" He laughed nervously.

"Oh…right…yea…" Jaylee blushed; the truth was she didn't want to. He pushed herself off his body and rolled onto her back in the snow, next to him.

She opened and closed her legs and arms creating the silhouette of an angel in the snow, giggling as she did.

Remus sat up and watched her do it smiling.

"You really are special do you know that?" He laughed. She stopped, positively beaming and sat up, their lips inches apart.

"How long?" She said excitedly, her heart pounding, her words rushed.

"How long for? How long did you like me?"
"Oh…" Remus said, averting his eyes, hiding behind a curtain of hair.

"You're so shy Remus," Jaylee giggled.

"I'm sorry…" Remus said, his face turning a deeper pink

"Don't be…its cute…" She said resting her head on his shoulder, gazing lovingly up at his eyes. He was so warm…

She loved the way his hair fell into his eyes…his deep, chocolaty brown eyes. She had got lost in them with every sidewards glance in potions, every time he spoke to her, every time she saw him.
Her dazzling smile brought confidence to Remus and so he stared straight back into her own icy blue eyes as he answered.

"An eternity…" He whispered, gently pressing his forehead against hers. His hair falling into his eyes again, just how she liked it. She raised herself up a little, pushing herself up with her arms behind her, her head no longer on his shoulder.

Their lips were gently touching, soft and warm against each other, both of them slightly apart, both too shy to make the next move. Not yet kissing…but touching.

Gently Remus moved closer and pressed his lips even firmer to hers, unable to take the suspense. He placed his hand on the back of her neck and slowly moved them up towards her thick, dark hair, entangling his fingers in them as he gained a fistful. She pressed the tip of her tongue to his bottom lip, coaxing them open, hungry for more. He opened his with ease, screwing his eyes tighter as their tongues wound together. He lowered one arm to her waist and one to her cheek, pulling her into a sitting embrace, her hands on his shoulders. It was gentle and perfect and warm against the snow. She raised her arms higher, wrapping them around his neck until their bodies were pressed against each other, so that she was almost sitting on his lap. He pulled her up onto it so that he could wrap his arms around her, cradling her in his arms. Gently he lowered her onto the snow, and she lay there on her back his arms on her waist, leaning over her.

The snow was cold but she barely noticed as she kissed his soft yet firm lips that pinned her to the ground. It must have been such a sight; two people lying in the snow on Christmas day…kissing…it was simply magical.

Slowly they pulled away from each other, Remus still leaning over her, their noses touching. Jaylee panted beneath him in the snow. Damn he was a good kisser!

Remus moved in once more and pressed his lips to hers again, slightly faster than before, slightly more vigorously. She let him kiss her, just laying there, only her lips moving, fast and furious with his. Eventually they stopped and Jaylee sat up next to Remus in the snow. He looked like he wanted to say something but was debating on saying it; his mouth opened and closed as his eyes flickered from hers to the floor.

"What is it?" she whispered, desperately wishing for him to kiss her again.

"I…I want to tell you how much I…but…I'm afraid it will…I don't know if you'll…"
Jaylee leaned closer to him, their shoulders touching, their faces inches apart again.

"Please tell me…" She said, her eyes smouldering.

Remus swallowed hard and swivelled round to face her. His voice became frantic and his facial expressions changed to worry.

"Ever since I saw you I've wanted you. I...I love you. I have dreams about you, I can't stop thinking about you and when you went out with James…it…it tore my world apart…" Remus' face became increasingly pinker as he hid behind the hair that fell into his eyes, "It…it hurt Lily too because she's always been in love with James and we made a plan to win you over, to break you apart. I'm so sorry but I didn't know what to do. The moment I saw you kiss I just-"

"Shh!" Jaylee said, pressing an index finger to his lips, "I know…I know…Sirius told me everything."
"Really?" Remus said gobsmacked, "This is why you shouldn't tell Sirius anything-!"
"No! No he made it work! He told me everything, including how you felt about me and how long for. If it weren't for him I'd never have known…I probably would have just thought the pendant was some…peace offering between us after I admitted that…that I loved you…"

"You ran off before I could say anything…I would have…right there and then if you hadn't run away…"
"I was scared…"
"I know…" Remus smiled, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and quickly pressing his lips to her eyebrow, holding it for few a seconds, "I love you…"

"I love you too…" Jaylee said softly, staring back into those dark brown eyes.


The journey back from Hogwarts was a great one, the five of them crammed in to James' car, James and Lily at the front, Remus, Jaylee and Sirius in the back, everyone with who they should be.

It was New Years Eve and everything was perfect. With a few days left of the Christmas holidays, Jaylee had decided to host a last minute New years party at her house and everyone was there helping her set up.

Sirius laughed at Lily's feeble attempt at hanging the homemade paper chains with James spinning her round in circles every few seconds, his arms around her waist. Remus and Jaylee giggled quietly as they hung up the mistletoe, stealing kisses every few minutes.

"You know, I feel sorry for you Sirius…" Remus said, a sly smile upon his face, "Me and James go out and pull and you just sit there and do nothing all day…why don't you get in the action too?"
"How dare you turn my own words against me to teach me a lesson!" Sirius chuckled, "You should know by now that I never learn, and anyway...who said I haven't?"

Everyone turned to look at Sirius sitting smugly in an armchair. He sipped his firewhisky, relishing their shocked expressions.

"Blimey! You kept that quiet!" James said, obviously impressed.

"Like I said before James…good looks…you have to be born with them," Sirius winked.

It was eight in the evening and everyone was there, the party was well underway. Couples danced and mingled as Jaylee's parents dished out yet more food, slightly worried that teenagers of magical blood ate differently than they did. Sirius black sat in the corner watching the couples twist and turn throughout the room, quite at ease even though his date was an hour late.

"Where is this girl then?" Remus asked, taking a seat beside him, "I'm curious now…"

"They'll be here," Sirius smiled, stealing a sausage roll from the table, "They're coming from…quite a bit away…"

"What's her name?"
"Oh come on…you don't even know her name?"
"Well it's not that exactly…"
Suddenly the doorbell rang and a smile spread across his face.

"They're here…" Sirius said, standing.
"I am not missing this…" Remus said with a wide grin, standing next to him, beckoning James over. Who was good enough for Sirius Black?
The three made their way to the door accompanied by Lily and Jaylee.

Jaylee made her way to the door and wrenched it open, the others unable to see what was behind it. Suddenly Jaylee's eyes widened and she pressed her lips together trying desperately not to laugh. Eventually she couldn't take it any more and the laughter erupted throughout the hallway. The others crammed themselves in the hallway craning their necks to see who it was that had caused such a strange reaction.

There in the doorway were seven girls, all of whom James recognised from that fateful night when he and Jaylee had met properly for the first time.

"Evening ladies," Sirius said, wrapping his arms around the shoulders of the two in front.

Remus shook his head incredulously at Sirius.

"Well I didn't say it was one person…I just said I was getting in on the action…"

Laughter erupted from James, causing Lily to break into hysterics. A wide smile crept across Remus'' face before he finally gave into the hilarity of the situation.

"Happy new year boys…ladies…" Sirius said nodding to each of them, parading into the front room surrounded by a gaggle of girls.

"Come on Evans…Lily…" James corrected, he was going to have to get used to that now, "Let's dance…"

James took Lily's hand and led her onto the dance floor, dancing as they had during those complicated times, enchanted by each other.

Remus took Jaylee's hand and also led her onwards, pressing his lips to hers as he purposely pulled her under the mistletoe on their way to the dance floor.
Everything was how it was meant to be, everything was perfect and it was…without a doubt…going to be a very happy new year.

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