Pull the trigger

By Angel Of Noctem

To take a life isn't so hard actually, not physically at least. It's rather easy if you think of it. Just aim the gun and then pull the trigger. Or stabb a knife into a body, not so much energy is necessary. Bind something heavy to the feet, and then let the body sink to the bottom of a lake.

The best way commit suicide is to take poison. But not any poison, it has to be the right one. And I really can't recall the name. Drown would be a peaceful way to die. At first you would panic because you're not getting enough oxygen, but then you can't panic anymore because the lack of oxygen, so you will peacfully dose off.

To strangel someone is hard, or so I've heard. You have to be really strong. And kill yourself with a train often just makes you loose your leggs.

As I said, physically it's not hard to take a life.

Remus stood there, ready to pull the trigger. But he couldn't, he just couldn't. Even though he had no one left he cared about he just couldn't. James and Lily were killed and so was Peter. It hurt, a lot. But what hurt the most was that Sirius was the cause to it all. His best friend and lover.

The pain and grief he was feeling was beyond anything he ever felt before. He had lost the ones he loved most. He felt he had nothing left to live for. Sirius had betrayed them. That's why he stood there, with a gun in his hand.

But he couldn't pull the trigger.

He couldn't put an end to his suffering, he couldn't even cry anymore. He was just a thin shell of what ones was Remus. Just a dark, thin shell.

And he didn't even have the curage to end the suffering by pulling the trigger.

So therefore he lived, knowing he could never be whole again. Living his life like a shadow of his old self.

Living like a shadow because he wasn't brave enough...