Bella Swan is oblivious to her surroundings while crossing the crowded parking lot.

She was listening to one of the many depressing rock songs on her ipod. It went with her mood. Depressed. Having to move away from your home and go to a new school where you know absolutely no one can do that to you.

Poor Mike was so hung over from that awesome party he went to last night he could barely keep his eyes open while driving his '92 toyota.

Maybe it was a coincidence. Maybe it was fate. Or maybe it was god wanting to have a good laugh at Bella's and Mike's expence. Either way,no one saw what was coming next. Well,no one except a certain vampire.

Alice Cullen was standing across the parking lot. She was having a conversation with her brother's,Emmett and Edward when her scences were awakened by an intoxicating aroma. Before she had enough time to find out where the smell was coming from her scences were distrupted by the sound of screaming teenagers. Alice looks up and see's poor Mike's car heading straight for an oblivious Bella.

With the strength,speed,and grace of a 100 year old vampire Alice ran towards Bella,landed in front of her,wrapped one arm around her waist and stretched the other arm out in front of them protectivly,crushing poor Mike's car in the process.

Bella see's the people around her running. She turns her head,wondering what was going on and see's a car speeding towards her. Her legs wouldn't budge. She was standing there,like a deer caught in headlights just waiting for that thunderous blow. The only thought that crossed her mind.

"Oh shit."

Her eyes snap shut and she waits. And waits. And waits.

It took her about a minute to open her eyes again. She found herself starring into oceans of gold. Bella was in a trance. She almost didn't notice the destroyed car. Almost. Once she realized what had occured she gasps. She looks back at the petite,pixie-like girl who had just saved her life. She was beautiful. More than beautiful. Bella was sure there wasn't a word to describe just how amazing the girl was.

Alice is hit with that amazing aroma as if it were a speeding car. It was coming from the incredible human she was holding. This girl looked just like she smelled. Delicious. Her chocolate brown hair in waves that were perfect. Her deep,brown eyes. Her pale,creamy skin. Alice was looking at an angel. Her angel.

They were both hypnotized.

A car honks and they blink. Alice realized what she had just done. Her mom was going to kill her. She slowly lets go of the girl and spares one more glance at her before jumping over the wrecked car and dissapearing.

Bella was in shock. She looks at the car in front of her.

She just had a near death experiance but all she could think about was the amazing girl that had just been standing next to her five seconds ago.

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