Alice was late.

She was supposed to take Bella to school fifteen minutes ago but there was no sign of her.

Bella decided to wait outside,on the porch.

She was attempting to read about "The study of life" when she saw movement from the corner of her eye.

She looks up and see's a boy about her age with long black hair and tanned skin walking towards her.

She figured he was a neighbor.

She stands up and starts walking towards him aswell with a friendly smile spread across her face. He smiles back,revealing white teeth. Once they are with in two feet of distance from eachother they reach out their hands to shake.

A gesture Alice say's is "extremely weird".

"Hi,i'm Jacob Black. I live across the street. My dad's a friend of Charlie's so I thought i'd come by and welcome you to the neighborhood." Jacob say's,politely.

"Oh. Well it's nice to meet you,i'm Isabella Swan,call me Bella."

There is an awkward pause before Bella starts to speak again.

"I like your name,it's..mysterious. Cool." Bella say's,trying to make conversation.

Where was Alice?

"Thank's,I like your name too." Jacob notices Bella searching for something with her eyes.

"Are you looking for someone?" Jacob asks,glancing over his shoulder.

His voice snaps Bella out of her thoughts.

"Oh! Yea my uhh..friend is supposed to pick me up soon. She's taking me to school." Alice and Bella decided not to tell anyone outside from the Cullen's about their relationship.

Atleast not yet.

Alice said it was to protect Bella.

She made a pouty face and everything.

In the end Bella chose to humor her girlfriend and agreed.

The power of the "Alice pout".

"Well I better get going. I guess i'll see you later?" Jacob say's,backing up to start walking away.

"Yea. It was nice meeting you." Bella say's.

"The pleasure was all mine." Jacob say's with a flirtatious tone.

Before Bella could think about it,however,the mysterious Jacob Black was gone and the beautiful Alice Cullen was pulling up to her driveway in her car.

Bella smile's and walks up to the driver side door.

Alice get's out of the car,speaking rapidly at the same time.

"I'm so sorry i'm late. It's all Emmett's fault. He hid all of my clothes. His stupid pranks. I finally found them in Edward's closet,go fig-"

Alice stops talking suddenly.

She leans closer to Bella and places her face near her neck,sniffing.

She tenses up immediately and hisses,jumping back out of Bella's reach.

Bella's eyebrows shoot up.

She grabs her shirt collar,pulling it up to her nose to sniff herself.

She didn't smell anything.

"What? Do I smell bad or something?" Bella asks,slightly offended.

Alice alway's loved the way she smelled.

Alice back's away further,hissing louder.

"You smell terrible." She say's turning her face away.

"Hey! I just took a shower. I even used that shampoo you like." Bella say's,remembering the time her and Alice were sitting in their tree,Alice sniffing her and telling her she smelled like apples and flowers.

Alice hesitates before inching closer to Bella,smelling the air around her.

She stands up straight.

"You smell like a canine." Alice states,obviously unhappy.

"Canine?..Like a dog?" Bella say's,shocked and disturbed at the fact that her girlfriend thought she smelled like an animal.

"No...a werewolf." Alice say's,growling a little.

"A-a-a werewolf? You mean they exist too? I think you forgot to mention that." Bella stutters out.

"Have you been in contact with anyone besides me and Charlie?" Alice asks,hating the thought of her pure angel being near one of "those" creatures.

"Well...I did talk to one of my neighbor's,Jacob Bl-"

"Black?!? Jacob Black talked to you?" Alice cries out,recognizing the name of one of the boy's that hangs out at La Push.

"Yea. Oh..he's a werewolf?" Bella asks,expecting a werewolf to look like they did in the horror movies she used to watch with Renee.

"Yes,he is. Bella i'm sorry I didn't tell you about them,I just never thought you would encounter one. Then again,you are a magnet for trouble." Alice say's,resisting the urge to run away as quickly as her vampire speed would allow.

The scent radiating off of Bella was disgusting her.

"Hey! I'm not that bad." Bella say's,knowing it wasn't true.

"Yes you are. Anyways..can you..take another shower before we leave?" Alice asks.

Bella wouldn't be able to go near her or her brother's and sister smelling like she did.

"Is it really that horrible?" Bella asks,worried.

"Yes. Werewolves and Vampires don't get along well Bella. Those animals hate us,and the feeling is mutual." Alice explains before continuing.

"The scent is absolutely disgusting. If Emmett or Jasper were to smell you they would be halfway across Pheonix by now." Alice say's,thinking she wasn't far from doing the same.

"Wow..ok i'll go take a quick shower. I'll use alot of that shampoo,just for you." Bella say's,smiling before leaning in to kiss her girlfriend.

Alice pull's away quickly.

"Alright,alright i'm going." Bella say's,walking back to her house,mumbling something about silly vampires and smelly dogs under her breath.

Alice smiles at her antics and leans against her car,breathing in the fresh,canine-free air.

Fifteen minutes pass by the time Bella comes walking back out of her house door and towards Alice with wet hair and new clothes.

Alice is instantly hit with her amazing aroma. She prances up to Bella and pull's her into an embrace,nuzzling her neck and sniffing her.

Apples and flowers.

She purrs and drops a sweet kiss on Bella's neck.

Bella smiles and strokes Alice's soft hair. They part once they realize they were still in the driveway and climb into Alice's mustang.

Yep,dating a vampire was intresting.

Hoped you liked it. I wanted to get the introduction of Jacob out of the way so that I could continue with the rest of the plot which will become clearer in the next couple pf chapters. This is twilight after all,so I have to have some bad guys.