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When I opened my eyes, Alice was there, and it was five in the morning. She was sorting through my wardrobe, again. I was not in the mood for shopping that early in the morning. I rolled over, mumbling something like 'stupid vampire'. Alice pretended to ignore me and continued sorting, although loudly now that she knew I was slightly awake.

"Esme!" I complained. She instantly came to my aid.

"Alice! Bella does actually need more than six hours of sleep you know. Now either quiet down or leave her alone." Alice mumbled something in response but I barely caught it. I was fast asleep again. The next time I opened my eyes, the clock on my ceiling said it was nine o'clock. I loved Alice for that idea; I didn't have to get up or make a conscious effort to check the time, I just had to focus on the clock directly above me. It wasn't hard, the hands were brightly coloured and they stood out against the black background of the clock. As I got up I saw a post-it on the door. That meant that both of them were somewhere or another. Esme was probably at work and Alice was either hunting or shopping. I was willing to bet on the last one.

I stumbled out of my bedroom, sliding into the shower to try to wake up. The cool water did wake me up and soon after, I was downstairs eating breakfast. I was only wrapped in a towel when they walked in. I was also reading, and eating, so not paying much attention to them. Alice squealed and immediately pulled me up, ripping off my towel and holding up various items of clothing to my bare body. I was too tired to protest, and too used to her behaviour to do anything but wait until she was finished. Alice had been dressing me since I was five, when she found me. We lived in areas with no neighbours, so despite the large wall of windows, I was not in fear of being seen naked in the kitchen.

Colours and fabrics were pressed up against my body at such speeds that it seemed like a blur. That was the great thing about Alice being a vampire; she didn't have the patience to let me try any of the stuff on, so she would literally go through hundreds of items in minutes, until she found the one she wanted. It took two minutes, but I was handed a black tank top with a see through black jacket to go over it. She passed me dark jeans that had the faintest hints of sparkle in them, and eventually black silk ballerina slippers. They had learned to keep me away from heels.

"Esme?" Alice asked. Esme nodded and smiled.

"Bella, you'll look fantastic."

"For what?"

"Can't tell you. I'm not supposed to technically know." Alice smiled. It was her birthday, or so she told me, but it seemed to move around in the year, to coincide with events she wanted to fall on her birthday. Esme's was Christmas, so she was easy to remember. My birthday was in late August, so I'd recently turned seventeen. It was early October, and something had Alice excited.

"Esme? What, hypothetically speaking, would we do for Alice's birthday?"

"Hypothetically speaking? Well, there happens to be a very special band of musicians playing in a concert hall tomorrow, who Alice wants to see."

"The Cullens?" I asked, trying to keep my voice calm. Ever since I was old enough to understand that my adopted sister and mother weren't human, I had learned of Alice's visions. They were useful when it came to saving my life, or catching me before I fell, or even predicting the weather, but not so much when someone is trying to keep a secret or run away. I had tried that once, when I was nine. I wanted to run away, because Esme was angry with me. I wasn't eating and sleeping, I was trying to be like my family. So I decided to run away. Alice caught me before I'd reached the end of the street, and she wasn't even home for the argument.

Alice had been having visions, ever since she was changed into a vampire, about meeting the Cullens. Carlisle was the leader, Jasper was the second oldest, then Edward, then Rosalie and finally Emmett. Although Alice wouldn't tell us much about them, the way she said 'Jasper' and the many sketches she drew of him, told us that they were soul mates. Alice had been waiting for nearly twenty years for them to finally arrive. Esme was the leader of our small family, she was the one who found Alice, or rather, the one Alice found.

Alice had told us stories about silly pranks Emmett would play on Rosalie, tens of years into the future. She wouldn't go into relationships; she thought that was cheating, so I assumed Esme would either end up with Carlisle or Edward, since Rosalie and Emmet were already joined at the hip. We knew every aspect of their personalities, simply because Alice had seen them all. She knew that Esme and herself would one day join their coven, creating a strong, happy family.

I knew I wasn't any part of their future though. I was human, and living with two vampires was strange enough. They had taken care of me simply because Esme had strong mothering instincts and Alice wanted a sister. None of us could possibly try and force me onto five random vampires, even if they were vegetarians. It was taxing enough on Esme and Alice, taking care of me, they had to hunt twice as frequently as regular vampires, though they hunted animals, not humans. Asking an entire coven, especially one as large as the Cullen's, to do this would be too much of an invasive action.

I was old enough to move into my own place, an apartment or something. I could find work easily, especially in a city such as this, and when I finished high school, I would have a little more experience before moving on to college.

"Yes Bella, the Cullens. We have third row tickets." Alice smiled. "Um, hypothetically speaking of course." It was impossible to surprise Alice, but she was a good sport about it.

"You couldn't get first row? Still hypothetical."

"Well, hypothetically, we could, but it would ruin some poor human's fun. We could see them clearly from the back, still, they'll see us, but we won't be right in front, so they won't feel threatened or anything."

"I like this hypothetical situation."

"Well, not hypothetically, you would look awesome in this outfit anyway, so you are putting it on now." Alice ended. I walked off upstairs, wrapping the towel around my hair instead. I slipped into a black underwear combo and then the jeans and shirt. Not surprisingly it all fit perfectly, and I looked damn good, or so Alice said in the shirt. The jeans were just the right fit too; not too long, not too low.

So I slid it all back off, grabbing a regular shirt and some ripped jeans. I then spent most of the day and evening working on my homework. Trigonometry, an English essay and an entire book to translate for Spanish. It stole my Saturday. That night I slept, with a pounding headache, from all of the work and had an odd dream about Shakespeare explaining formulas to me in Spanish. I have no idea what could've possibly put that into my head. Heavy on the sarcasm.


My hands flew swiftly over the imaginary keys on my imaginary keyboard/Grand Piano. I hadn't decided which of the two magnificent instruments I was playing yet. We were rehearsing, simply for the sake of doing something. None of us needed practice, we all knew the chords and notes perfectly. Jasper sat, air-guitaring, Rosalie was getting changed, again. Carlisle was driving, he had just relieved Emmett of that duty. Emmett had nothing to do and so was watching a random television show.

It didn't have to be like this. We had enough money to get our own jet to take us wherever we wanted. We had enough reason to stay out of the public eye, but we were bored, and as long as we kept the concerts small, the Volturi saw no problem in us performing. We needed a little stimulation, so for once, Carlisle had decided not to be a doctor for a few years. We had all stopped pretending to be high school students for a few years. We were a travelling music group. It was fun, I had to admit, but the limitations were annoying. If we needed extra instruments to be playing during a song, we had to send the music sheets to the humans, well in advance, so they could practice. My brethren and I merely had to glance at the sheet and we could play the song. It made writing new songs harder, because they had to look like it had taken time, and needed ironing over, though they didn't. Jasper and I could write at least a song per hour if we set our minds to it. Emmett and Rosalie had provided most of the ideas for songs, Jasper and I wrote the lyrics and music, Carlisle managed, booked, drove, kept an eye on us, and sang and played with us at the concerts.

"Edward?" I glanced up at Rosalie. She was holding a broken mask. "It broke and I have no clue how to sew." I stopped playing my imaginary keyboard. (I had decided against the grand piano, simply because the acoustics were lousy in the RV)

"You should really learn Rosalie. You've only had fifty-odd years to." Rosalie threw me the mask with a small pleading smile. I found the needle and thread, as she began singing. I winced. The song was Rosalie's take on my last 'life'. I had been...friendly...with many girls. It never got to any important stage, nothing but kissing, but considering I had had thirteen girlfriends for one year, she had decided to write it into a song.

"Whose bed have your boots been under?

And whose heart did you steal I wonder?

This time did it feel like thunder, baby?

Whose bed have your boots been under?

Don't look so lonely

Don't act so blue

I know I'm not the only

Girl you run to

I know about Lolita

Your little Spanish flame

I've seen you around with Rita

The redhead down the lane

Whose bed have your boots been under?

And whose heart did you steal I wonder?

This time did it feel like thunder, baby?

And who did you run to?

And whose lips have you been kissin'?

And whose ear did you make a wish in?

Is she the one that you've been missin', baby?

Well whose bed have your boots been under?

I heard you've been sneakin'

Around with Jill

And what about that weekend

With Beverly Hill

And I've seen you walkin'

With long legs Louise

And you weren't just talkin'

Last night with Denise..."

She continued on as the others sang with her and I sighed, stitching quickly and neatly. It was Carlisle's idea to wear masks. He had once been confronted with a photograph of himself, taken fifty years before. Carlisle had had to steal it and destroy it before others could make the connection. Vampires had to stay hidden, so we weren't very photogenic. Carlisle had mentioned that many pictures and videos would be taken, so we were each required to wear masks.

Rosalie's was red silk. Jasper had a traditional bandana always tied around his nose and mouth, so he looked like a rogue cowboy of some sort. Emmet chose green velvet and, like Rose's, it went across the eyes. Carlisle and myself had kept it simple. He had chosen a black silk mask that covered his eyes and nose, and I had chosen identically to him, only in faded silver. It seemed more comfortable than the other styles.

I threw the mask back to her and she blew a small kiss, in appreciation. I rolled my eyes and tried to imagine my keyboard again, when a faint buzzing started up in the back of my mind.

"Carlisle." I stood, walking towards him. I leant on the railing beside the stairs that made the awkward exit. "There are two of our kind in this area. They're just on the edge of my range, though they seem to be getting clearer. This is either their territory, or perhaps they are merely passing through, like ourselves."

"Can you get a clear fix yet?" he asked simply, voicing the real question in his mind; Are they a threat?

"It's too early, I can't get a clear enough grasp yet." I shrugged. He considered it.

"We will continue. If anything comes up that proves harmful, we'll leave."

I wonder if they're female... Jasper thought, before he could stop himself. He grinned apologetically at me and I smiled back.

"It's alright. I know you and Carlisle have been alone for quite a while."

"And what about you Edward?" Carlisle asked. Although he was monitoring his thoughts, he wasn't monitoring his emotions, and Jasper and I stuck together.

He's nervous. He's worried that you're lonely. He's hoping you'll find a mate. Jasper informed me quietly.

"I'm waiting for the right girl." I shrugged casually and went to lie on the small sofa I had been occupying before. I didn't envy what Emmett and Rosalie had; they were well suited to each other. I was complete, I didn't need 'another half'. Jasper and Carlisle desperately did though. They had both loved before they had been changed and had been searching for that experience again. Perhaps Carlisle had changed me too young. Physically I was younger than everyone here. Rosalie came next at twenty three, but she was still six years older than myself. Technically I was the third oldest. Carlisle had changed me first, almost five hundred years after his creation, due to loneliness.

I desperately hoped that the two I were sensing were matches for Carlisle and Jasper. It would make me happier being around a content family. I waited, trying to focus on their minds as we moved slowly closer towards them.