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Something tickled his nose that was fuzzy and smelled faintly of strawberries. Raito's eyelids twitched as he was slowly pulled out of the deep sleep he normally fell in.

"Nng…" He mumbled lowly, and was suddenly aware of something heavy sitting on his stomach. Honey eyes fluttered open, and widened in shock.

Owlish grey eyes met shocked honey; Raito had to clench his jaw shut so as to not let it drop open.

An extremely pale, extremely skinny and naked (may he stress the word 'naked') raven haired male sat leisurely on his stomach. Black cat ears sat on top of the male's head, and a black tail swished from one side to the other as if he was thinking whether or not he wanted to pounce on the youth.

"What the FUCK?!" Raito yelled, and sat up to turn on his bed-side lamp (which only resulted in the neko male being pulled closer to him). The male gave him a small smile.

"Master shouldn't yell." Raito wanted (and was about to) punch the man away from him, but the strange statement caused him to still.

"'Master'? What are you talking about? Who are you?"

The neko pouted slightly, "Raito-sama doesn't even know who I am…" He sighed and wrapped his skinny arms around the youth's waist in a loose hug. "I am L, Raito-sama's servant. I arrived merely an hour ago."

Raito tried to pry the naked neko's arms from his waist, but stopped once again and narrowed his eyes. 'Arrived', as in…shipped here? The auburn haired youth thought, and he felt an angry blush over-take his cheeks.

Oh Sayu was going to pay.

Of course Raito instantly recognized the cat ears and tail as trademarks of the Sakura Love-Love Android Company (they advertised on television), and the only one who knew of his attraction to males was his little sister Sayu.

"L…" The neko-bot's ears perked up at the sound of his name. Raito blushed, and looked away. He cleared his throat awkwardly. "Why are you…erm, naked?" The neko slowly unwrapped his arms from the youth's waist and looked down at his exposed self. A light pink dusted over his pale face.

"All servants arrive in the nude incase their master turns out to be a pervert," L tilted his head to one side and gazed at Raito with wide eyes. One of the cat ears twitched slightly. "Raito-sama seems affected by my appearance; perhaps he is a pervert?" Raito blushed angrily, and shoved the neko off of his lap. The android toppled to the floor, and looked wounded as the youth stood and walked towards the door.

"Do you have any clothing?" Raito snapped, averting his eyes from the neko.

"Raito-sama isn't very kind,' L mumbled and wrapped the twisted sheet around his skinny body. "I do. I have a pair of pants, a shirt, and underwear, thank you very much." If his master could snap at him, then he was going to snap back. The neko's ears drooped, and his tail swished slightly in hurt.

Raito inaudibly sighed and ran a hand through his sweaty hair. "W-where are they?" He managed to squeak out. L walked closer to the youth, stood on his tip-toes and gave Raito a small peck on the cheek.

"They are down-stairs. I forgive Raito-sama for snapping at me. It was my fault for calling him a pervert when he obviously isn't one." Raito gulped, nodded and turned to walk out of the room.

Poor neko L…if only he knew.


"So…what do you like to eat?" They were looking over menus at one of Raito's favorite café's three hours after the whole 'You're my master' fiasco.

The neko's ears perked up, and a tiny delighted smile came to his pink lips. "Cake!" He said cutely. Raito smiled kindly in return; so Sayu decided to give him an android with a sweet tooth?

People glanced at the youth who had a very expensive android (five hundred-thousand yen to be precise). Mostly, they were used to seeing elderly business men with fluffy little girl neko-bots, or celebrity women with handsome male neko-bots. Never had they seen a relatively handsome young man in his early twenties (he was a law student) with a cutely uke neko-bot.

Somehow it was…kind of pathetic really.

Their waitress arrived at their table; her fake 'I wish to serve you food!' smile was properly in place. "May I take your orders er, gentlemen?"

Raito glanced boredly at her, "Once black coffee please." His honey eyes swiveled to the neko. "Do you want anything, L?" He asked, a little more kindly.

"Strawberry cheese cake, please." The waitress felt a general smile spread over her lips and she walked away.

Raito sighed inaudibly when his cell phone began to vibrate in his pocket. L watched silently as his master answered the small contraption. He tilted his head slightly, and pulled a thumb up to his pink lips. Raito grumbled angrily into the phone. "Sayu, what the hell did you do?"

The law student heard giggling come from the other end of the line. "Don't 'cha just love him nii-san?"

"…" Raito glanced at L through a fringe of auburn colored bangs. More giggling came from the other end.

"You two look so cute together!" Sayu burst out laughing, "Matt says you can have a little maid dress he bought for your neko!"

"Sayu…get your ass over here. I know that you can see me." Raito seethed into the phone. He heard his sister sigh, and a small 'click' indicated that their phone conversation was over.

"Nii-san isn't very nice!" Sayu sighed, plopping next to the quiet neko. She grinned and gave L a tight hug. "My name is Sayu, you're new sister-in-law, L-kun!"

The neko blushed and glanced quickly at Raito. "Raito-sama looks angry." He squeaked.

Raito sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, "No, I'm not angry L." Sayu snickered.

"More along the lines of sexually frustrated." The law student's left eye began to twitch.



They were sitting quietly in the law student's tiny living room; L's spidery fingers were wrapped around a small tea cup filled to the brim with over sugared tea. He watched his master with hooded eyes as the youth poured over a book discussing how governments became corrupted, and what types of laws they would pass.

All in all, the neko was very bored.

He took a small sip of the tea; his tail swished from one side to the other. A small sigh left his mouth. "Raito-sama," The law student looked up from his book. The neko yawned. "I am very bored."

Raito puffed a strand of hair away from his eyes, "What am I supposed to do about that?"

L sipped his tea, "Well…Raito-sama could get me more sugar."

Raito looked back at his book. "You already put eight spoon fulls of sugar in your tea. Do you really need anymore?"

"But it's still too bitter…" At this moment, the law student was saved from getting any more sugar for the neko because the phone began to ring.

Raito glanced at the neko and gestured for him to be quiet. "Hello?"

"Raito!" His mother's voice chirped happily from the small plastic contraption. He smiled easily, and glanced at the neko. One ear was perked up as if he was curious as to what his master was smiling at.

"Hello mother, how are you?"

"I'm fine, just fine. Sayu had just finished telling me that you're dating again?" Raito felt his stomach drop. " She says you two are quite serious already."

Oh god…he was going to murder his little sister, and then dig her up and clone her. Then, he would kill all her clones. Then, he'd never talk to her again! "…yes mother, I am…er dating again." His mother squealed happily.

"You both have to come for dinner tonight!" He heard Sayu agreeing full heartedly in the back ground. He felt his brain being to fuzz in and out of rational thinking.

"A-alright. Sure." Raito instantly wanted to give himself a concussion with the heavy phone. WHAT DID HE JUST DO?!

His mother said her goodbyes and that she'd see them in an hour. Raito agreed almost robotically. His hand instantly hung up the phone, and he turned to his staring neko-bot.

"It…looks like we're going to see my parents."



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