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Holy hell... was Raito's thoughts when the stepped in front of Misa's holiday home., castle, whatever. His neko also looked up, studying the large house as if he was a buyer, and let a thoughtful frown tilt his lips. "This is...quite extravagant." L said, cat ears pointed upwards. Raito snorted, gathering up his jaw and smiled slightly.

"Well, you've met Misa."

"Indeed." Raito reached into his pocket, pulling out the card that had a seven digit pin number just so they could get into the damn place! 7-8-9-9-5-4-2; the high pitched beeping noise as he pressed in the buttons was slightly irritating, but Raito supposed that he would just have to get used to it. For a week at least.

The door was opened by a snooty woman that reminded him Raito far too much of Taka--what was her name again? The law shuddered when she eyed both he and L up and down before resting her eyes on him. "Amane-san said that you would be coming Yagami-san," Her beady eyes dropped to L. "And...friend." Raito scowled darkly at her when her fat head was turned to let them in the house.

A cheerful woman followed the bitchy one. She had almost blinding bubble-gum pink hair, and she was dressed head to toe in a classic maid dress. She skipped toward them, nodding once to the Taka-something look alike. The bitch sniffed in her direction. "Miki-chan will show you two to your rooms." The other woman, Miki, rolled her eyes at the woman's stiff voice.

The house was large and had a European style to it (typical of Misa's own tastes). Some of the furniture that Raito saw were both classic Victorian pieces and Japanese. Miki was babbling how it was so nice for Amane-san's friends to come to the house! She so so so knew that they would just ADORE Okinawa! Raito mentally sighed while L slumped beside him.

Miki bounced all the way to the door; she regarded them with a large smile, and a strange glint in her eye. Raito gulped because he knew that look: the dreaded look of a spastic YAOI FANGIRL. "Amane-san didn't really specify if you two wanted separate rooms or I just assumed that..." She giggled into her hand, handing Raito the key to the room.

The law student sighed softly, but gave her a small smile in thanks. "Um, thank you Miki-san, but L and I are kinda tired so..."

Miki's eyes went wide, and an even larger smile stretched her lips. She began to bounce away, giving Raito a small wink before she left. "Oookay, I get it!" When she was down the hall, the maid yelled "You get 'em tiger!" L blushed lightly as Raito groaned and sweat dropped.

"Why are they everywhere?" Raito murmured to himself as he unlocked the room door.

L peeked from around Raito's stilled form; a small snort left his mouth when he saw exactly why Raito had stopped. The large king-sized bed was covered by a dark red satin sheet. Over the plush comforter, pink and red rose petals were scattered decoratively. On the large comfortable looking pillows, a neatly folded cream coloured envelope was perched innocently.

The neko moved past the frozen law student and picked up the note. He glanced up at Raito and began reading the neatly scrawled kanji. "Dear Rai-chan and Boyfriend-chan, Misa-Misa hopes you like your room! Rai-chan, please get it on with Boyfriend-chan before you explode. Okinawa is out of the way so Matt-kun can't interrupt the love-fest. If by some weird turn of fate and the authoress decides to throw Matt-kun and his own Boyfriend-chan into the melding pot (way to break the fourth wall, Misa-chan), Misa will make sure to personally throw them into a closet with no food. Love, Misa-Misa!" L blinked and frowned lightly at the end of the note, and as innocently as he could muster, he said, "What do you think Misa-chan meant by 'getting it on'?"

Raito's left eye twitch. That little tease.

For once, I agree with you.

"...L..." Raito slowly moved toward the neko, kicking the door shut in the process. "Do you want me to show you?"



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