Hello! Thanks for checking out my story. :) I'd really like to add that the inspiration for this story came from another fanfic called Identity by a brilliant writer; thegreatwhitewolf. This story has a very similar concept, though obviously I used different characters (besides Axel and Roxas) and a completely different plot. The terms 'Breeder' 'Bearer' and 'Heat' come from thegreatwhitewolf's original story.

So check her story out! It's really good! (it's in my favourites if you want to check it).

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts.

And before we start, here's the character list incase you're interested;

mainly revolves around; Roxas, Axel, Sora, and Ventus. Riku, Xemnas, Demyx, Terra, Hayner and Marluxia also make appearances though they are not as main.

I might also include Aqua, Zexion, Cloud, and Reno.

And couples include; AxelxRoxas RikuxSora VentusxTerra and yeah... the rest are not supposed to be taken seriously. XD



I woke up late that night, as if I'd just awoken from a traumatizing nightmare. Except when I felt out my forehead, the sweat wasn't a cool, chilly fluid that one woke up with after having a nightmare; I was burning hot.

I sat up in my bed, pulling away at the blankets that covered my body. I didn't need any unnecessary material that only added to my almost unbearable body heat. I was panting lightly as I withdrew back onto my pillow gently. I wanted to ignore this unfamiliar feeling. I wanted nothing to do with it; especially at such a young age… But I knew what had to be done to end this suffering, no matter how I felt about the situation. As soon as the scientists here found out about my current state, I would be rushed away and taken into a quarantined room; my mate waiting for me.

Tears that'd been forming in my blue eyes felt cold against my burning skin as they began to fall silently down my face. This was all too overwhelming. I hadn't expected to go through this until I was older. I couldn't… I didn't want to deal with this now! I wasn't ready yet!

But that's not what my body told me. No… the state that it was in would begin to grab the attention of all the Breeders in the facility, attracting them here.

I could either wake one of my roommates up and tell them to get an employee in here, or I could say nothing. I could hide it from them, but leave myself to be taken by whichever Breeder got to me first. Neither of those options appealed to me. In the end, it all meant the same thing; I would have to engage in intercourse.

And I had to make a decision quickly… For I was undergoing my first heat.