I sat on my bed crying. I couldn't believe what he did to me.

He didn't want me back.

It was over.

All that, on top of the fact that my favorite teacher knew I had a crush on him, due to that stupid cunt librarian telling him.

I drank another sip of Smirnoff, and fell into a deep sleep…

I was in a boiler room, alone. How scary it was to be alone. I missed everything so much. I missed a loving relationship. But I didn't have that, and never would again…

Suddenly, a man in a fedora approached me. He gave a sharp-toothed smile, and hissed, "Well, well, what do you know, fresh meat."

Oh, shit. Getting drunk was NOT a good idea tonight. Smirnoff was known to make you trip, but DAMN! I was having visions of some burnt freak in a hat wanting to kill me or eat me. Or both.

"Can I help you?" I said obnoxiously. "No." He said grinning, "Just stay still." Okay. What the hell was going on? Normally, at this point, I would have woken up. It just felt so…real.

"I'm Freddy Krueger, bitch." The man whispered, "And I'm your worst nightmare." My heart started pounding at a rapid pace. Come on, girl, I told myself, wake up.

He didn't SEEM to want to kill me, from the way he was swaggering over to the corner I was curled up in. Maybe he wanted something…

"Okay," I said in a somewhat threatening way, "You want to play, I'll play." I said, planting a kiss on his burnt cheek. Maybe this would make him go away.

"Ooh, so you do like this?" Freddy said, wrapping his clawed hand around my waist, tickling my hips a little with the blades, but not enough to cut. A chill ran down my spine. I didn't like this, no, I LOVED it. Those addicting nightmares that you don't want to leave; this was one of them. I stood up on my tiptoes, and closed my eyes.

My lips were puckered, and my body was tingling. My hands found their way to Freddy's shoulders, and I kissed him square on the lips. Surprisingly, he kissed back, nibbling on my lower lip. The sharp teeth hurt, but I didn't care. Blood dribbled down my chin as I kissed his neck.

I pulled him in for another kiss when I woke up in a drunken stupor.

I never wanted that dream to end. Ever.