AN-So. Lately, I've been into, ok maybe I should say obsess with because my friends reading over my shoulder correcting every little thing I say, obsessed with Twilight. And as many of you know it comes out at midnight on the 21st. In attempt to get rid of some of the anxious waiting for tomorrow night, I decided to write a Harry Potter fic about all the girls in Hogwarts going a little crazy about the movie, because who doesn't love a good Harry Potter/Twilight fic, right?

Disclaimer-I do not own Harry Potter. Or Twilight, that belongs to Stephanie Meyer. But oh god, I wish I had the Cullen boys.

Thursday .Be there.

Thursday Night. Midnight. Be there. That's what the red flyer said that was all over Hogwarts. The boys had no idea what was going on. But ever since term started, the girls have been all squeals and saying odd phrases to each other. But now, November 21st it got crazy. The girls had been anxiously talking about vampires and werewolves and some Edward guy biting them anytime he wanted to.

Hermione came rushing down to the end of table for breakfast sitting next to Ginny. "Oh my god Ginny. Is it midnight yet? I can't wait any longer. I'm so excited. Look! Mum sent me a new sweatshirt."

She pulled out a sweatshirt with the Twilight logo on it. Harry and Ron who were still confused as to the odd behavior of all the girls and school looked at it oddly. And then Ron asked the stupidest question ever. "What is Twilight?"

The entire female population in the Great Hall stopped and gave him an evil glare. Hermione rolled her eyes. "Twilight is this amazing series of books about vampires. And this really, really, amazingly hot vampire, Edward falls for a human named Bella. And… and….You would just have to see the movie. Oh say you guys will come to the showing tonight in the Room of Requirement."

Not sure of what to say, Harry and Ron agreed to go to the movie out of fear of being killed by the girls.


Harry and Ron walked to the Room of Requirement, pacing passed the door three times thinking "I need to see Twilight." Smells of popcorn hit them as they walked through the door. Couches and chairs were everywhere as well as the entire female student body.

"Harry, I think we're in a very dangerous place," Ron said.

As the lights darkened they took a seat by Hermione and Ginny. The previews were long and stupid and then finally, the opening credits started, met by the frantic screams of everyone. Screams again came as the camera came across the Cullens. Soon enough they were at the fight scene with James. Everyone in the room cheering Edward on as he battled the evil vampire. Applause sounded at the end of the movie and the lights came up. Hermione and Ginny were going crazy.

Harry just sat there in shock. "That was the coolest movie! Ever!"

"Am I the only one who thinks that the actor who played Edward looked a lot like Cedric Diggory?" Asked Ron.

AN-Yea it wasn't my best work. But damn it! I'm excited for tomorrow night! Review please.