Hey, this is more stuff for Fried Green Tomatoes! Again, this stuff was what I worked on for school; I got an 89 percent on my novel study!

This will be my FGT poem thing.

Again, I do not own Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café.

. Warning.


Love is like oxygen,

But whenever I'm near her,

I just can't breathe.

This love is what's keeping me strong in this dark part of my life.

I'm glad I'm not near her right now,

…I need to breathe.

If I couldn't,

I know I would die.

But I sure as hell won't let him be the one to kill me.

I need to be strong.

But I need to be near her to be strong.

I want to stop breathing,

In that good way.

I need to show her I've always cared.

I need to show her that I loved her,

That I still love her.

I need to show her I still love my beecharmer.


And this would be Ruth, hope you liked it!