This one is the last one I'm going to have out for a bit, as it's the last this I have written from school.



All these plans,

I dare say that I'm a genius.

I was the one to think of this plan after all.

Best of all I'll get away with it,

'Cause nobody will know it's me under that costume,

Dressing up as a coloured boy.

Grady already gave me some of the train times.

So all I have to do is make sure that Stump doesn't find out.

He'd want to go with me, he'd tell all of his little friends.

The first part I wouldn't mind,

But Ruth she'd have my hide if I let him come along with me.

I've been wondering what they're gonna call me…

I've got all these awesome names floating around in my head,

But I don't have the paper to write them all down.

I just hope it isn't something stupid like,

RailRoad Bill.


This was for another assignment but I though 'What the heck' and I typed it out, sorry for not getting to the other stuff I've been saying I'd get to. Leave a Review if you have time!