This will be a series of one-shot with a common theme. Yes, I know Avaric wasn't in the musical, but he's just so much fun to write. Hope you enjoy.

1. Dream Kiss

"You can't be serious."

Next to her, Glinda let out a huff and glanced over at her roommate. "Oh, Elphie. Don't be such a killjoy. It's just for fun!"

Elphaba shook her head. "Forgive me, Glinda. I simply can't see how twirling an empty glass container on the floor and having to exchange saliva with whomever it points to as a result can be classified as 'fun'."

With an impressively quick reflex, the blonde's hand shot out and latched on to the green girl's arm as she stood to leave. "Come on, Elphie. Stay. Besides, everyone plays Spin the Bottle at least once in their lifetime."

Her reply was clipped. "Not everyone."

"You mean you've never…" Elphaba couldn't help but wonder how long her best friend's mouth could stay in that position before something flew in. "Well, Miss Elphaba, this changes everything. Now you simply have to play!"

"I'll pass, thanks"

"Elphie!" Glinda was on her feet in a heartbeat, strategically placing herself between the green girl and the door. "Don't even think about going back to the room. You spend all your time there as it is."

She wouldn't easily be dissuaded. "It prevents a great deal of bodily harm brought on by the outright stupidity of the student body as a whole."

'Sarcasm isn't going to get you out of something this time. Sorry." Glinda seized her hand and began to drag her back to where their small group of friends sat on the opposite end of the room. "Bu I am not letting you go through your entire school experience without playing at least once."

Lucky me. Yanking her arm free from the blonde's grasp, Elphaba moved her gaze from her friend to the door and back again. I could take her

Planting her hands on her hips, the Gilikin heiress leveled such a convincing glare on her friend that if Elphaba had been easily intimidated, she might have actually felt the smallest bit of fear for the woman in front of her. "Elphaba Thropp, don't you dare. I can see the wheels turning in that green head of yours and of think for even a moment that I'm going to let you walk out that door and miss out on a perfectly good time, then you've got another thing coming. Now quit your sulking and at least try to have fun!"

Elphaba was running out of excuses. In all honesty, she didn't want to just walk out on everyone. She enjoyed spending time with her friends (although that was a term she used loosely). Casting quick glance toward the said group, she grimaced slightly. Who in the right mind would….Slowly her grimace turned into a sly smirk. Maybe there was still a way out of this yet..

"Glinda." She leant down so she was whispering in the shorter girl's ear. "Even if for some bizarre reason I was interested in taking part in this small-minded ritual, look at what we have to work with? Why would you want to subject yourself to the humiliation?"

Glinda followed her gaze to where the males in the group-the whole three of them- sat. Fiyero and Avaric were engrossed in an intense game of paper football and Boq was sulking in the corner as Nessa tried gallantly to enchant him with her feminine whiles.

The green girl snorted. "Are you sure we want to put ourselves through this?"

Glinda shrugged. "Fiyero's here. That far makes up for the other two."

"But he's already yours, Glinda! You don't need to use a childish party game as an excuse to kiss him!

"No." A smile lit her features. "But it makes it so much more fun!"

Before she had the chance to protest, the blonde grabbed her roommate by the elbow and steered her back to the group. "Alright, everyone!" Glinda slipped into her role as hostess without a second thought. Taking a seat between Elphaba and Fiyero, she quickly arranged everyone into a small circle and placed an empty bottle in the middle. "I'm sure we've all played this at one point in our lives, but in case there are some among us who have forgotten, let me go over the rules once more."

Even thought she knew Glinda was trying to spare her the embarrassment brought on by her inexperience, Elphaba still couldn't help but feel a bit out of place.

Glinda briefly met her gaze before continuing. "It's quite simple, really. We all take a turn spinning the bottle and whomever it lands on, that is who you must kiss."

"What if it lands on someone of the same gender?" This from Nessa. She glanced from her sister to Glinda. "No offense to the two of you, but that is not how I roll."

Elphaba couldn't help but smirk at her sister's inadvertent pun, but it was forgotten when Avaric offered his usual chauvinist comment of "That'd be kinda hot."

Choruses of "Pervert!" echoed from all three females while Fiyero and Boq exchanged a nervous glance, not quite sure what to do.

"As I was saying." Glinda continued after shooting a malicious glare in Avaric's direction. "If that does happen, we'll just spin again. That being said, I'll go first." She shot a wink to her boyfriend. "May the best man win."

Taking hold of the bottle, she gracefully sent it spinning in a perfectly circular motion. The whole group waited to see where it would land and when it did stop, not a word was uttered. Not until Glinda suddenly stated, half-horrified, half-humiliated.


The Munchkin looked extremely pleased with himself as he nearly leaped from his position across from the blonde and ran to her side. Glinda was beginning to rival Elphaba for color and Nessarose wore an expression to rival any storm cloud.

Elphaba herself had to work hard to suppress her smirk. Ah, the irony

Glinda, always the proper hostess, refused to let her detestation show. Squaring her shoulders, she stepped forward, grasped Boq's shoulders and quickly pecked him on the lips. It was only when she turned around the Elphaba noticed the slight contortion of the blonde's face. Boq returned to his seat, positively glowing and completely oblivious to the daggers that Nessa was currently throwing his way.

"Dearest, why don't you go next?" Glinad said to Fiyero as she handed him the bottle.

He shrugged as if he did this every day. "Sure."

The Prince sent the bottle spinning and casually watched it as it made its circle, aided by the enthusiastic cheers of Avaric and Boq. Elphaba shook her head. Men.

The cheering ceased as the bottle began to slow in its pursuit. Everyone waited with baited breath to see who the lucky girl would be and a slight gasp went up when it landed in front of none other than…

"Elphie?" Glinda's shriek clearly conveyed the overall impression of the results

She felt her cheek's flush. "Me?"

Fiyero seemed unfazed. "Cool."

Elphaba still wasn't warming to the idea. "But…but..maybe it hit a rough spot. I'm sure it wasn't supposed to be me.."

"Come on, Elphaba." Fiyero's voice next to her caused her to start. "It's all in fun. I promise I don't bite." he smirked as he leaned in close. "Hard."

Resisting the urge to slap the smirk of his handsome face, Elphaba turned to her friend for support. "Glinda, I can't. He's your…"

"Oh, stop Elphie." Glinda was not helping. "It's just a game."

Seeing she had lost, Elphaba said nothing as Fiyero approached. Leaning down slightly, he placed a hand alongside her face and softly brushed her lips with his. Though it was a chaste one, the sensation of his kiss sent her heart racing. If Fiyero felt the same, he hid it well as he pulled away, winked at her, and returned to his place beside his girlfriend.

Around her, the game continued, but Elphaba's mind was a million miles away. That kiss was all she could think of and a small part of her couldn't help but envy Glinda…


The clap of thunder echoed across the sky and caused Elphaba to sit upright in bed. Taking a moment to compose herself, she placed a hand to her heart and listened to the sound of the rain against the window. The sound of Glinda's soft snoring drew her back to the present and that was when she realized.

The game. Fiyero. The kiss…

"It was all a dream" she murmured. Thank Oz…

Yet as she curled back up on he bed and closed her eyes, she couldn't help but feel the slightest bit disappointed.

And she didn't have the faintest idea why.

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