I really, truly despised her. One would think that she could at least somewhat control her thoughts, try not to make it so obvious that she was staring almost constantly. I play the piano; there she is, watching me endlessly. It can seriously hinder one's creativity.

Since Carlisle had told me to treat her as if she were my younger sibling, was I to say no when she asked me for a favor? Of course not, though I'm sure she would have done her task with or without me. It was classic revenge, nothing more and nothing less. I knew that if I hadn't accompanied her she would have done something stupid – as she was very prone to doing – or she would have been exposed, and the Volturi would have had to pay us a visit.

Carlisle didn't have anything bad to say about the Volturi, in fact he praised them every chance he had, but one could tell by his tone that he wouldn't want them to come down and pay any of the vampires he knew a visit. It would only mean one thing: a law was broken and the vampire who broke that law had to be killed. Savage, but necessary, as Carlisle said many times.

So she came to me, and didn't have to say a word. Really, her rambling, mindless thoughts said enough.

I mean, he deserves it after what he did. He and his friends. They'd all be in the bank, working extra hours, making sure figures added up, or whatever it was that they did, it'd be easy to do. In and out. They wouldn't know what hit them, I'm sure of it, and there are no security cameras in the offices, I wouldn't even be caught on camera by walking in the front door to his office.

"I suppose you haven't told anyone else about these thoughts?" I asked her quietly. She had been looking at her feet, and she only glanced up for a moment to look at me, and then looked back down at her feet, nodding. I sighed. Carlisle wouldn't approve in the least bit, and I knew I'd get in trouble for helping her, but what was I to do? She was going to do it no matter what, and the least I could do was be there to tell her what to do, what not to do. So I told Carlisle we were going to have a night out on the town. He let us borrow his car, and we set out.

It was quite a long drive, and I wasn't much for driving – something a future sister would have been able to tell me would change after this trip – but she wanted to do this, and I was destined to help her, somehow get on her good side. She already found me attractive, so it really couldn't be that hard.

I also wasn't much for conversation. I never started any of them back at home; Carlisle or Esme showed desire to speak with me, and usually said the first words. With them, I didn't mind because it was intelligent conversation, but with the few conversations I had had with Rosalie, I didn't like it much. She always wanted to know how her hair looked, or if this certain dress accentuated her figure or not. All trivial matters, and I didn't care much for them.

Thankfully she knew this, and I hadn't had to tell her. She caught onto my discomfort with speaking with her all on her own, something I found to be somewhat redeeming in her case. And so the lengthy drive to New York was a silent one, but what she was thinking in her mind was about to drive me to start a conversation of my own, and that usually never happened.

I could break his neck, but that would be too quick. I want him to suffer; I want him to know what's coming. I'll kill everyone in the building first. Make them scream so he knows something's coming, but not what. Yes, but how to torture them… I could always just drag sharp objects across their veins, listen to the screams, and revel in causing them the damage they caused me…

"You won't want to spill their blood," I said, keeping my eyes only on the road. I heard her head turn towards me, a question beginning in her mind. "You won't be able to control yourself if you do. You're still a newborn vampire, the smell of human blood, even a single drop, could throw you into a frenzy, and you'd most certainly get a taste, and not be able to control yourself. Its already highly dangerous, and you don't want to chance someone getting away. You'll want to stick to breaking bones. A nice, tight squeeze with your hand will break most of their bones, I can guarantee that." I looked over to see her reaction. What I saw somewhat amazed me, I must admit.

"You're giving me hints? Making sure I will not get caught?" she asked in disbelief. She looked like, if she could cry, she would simply because she was happy I was helping her out in some sort.

"I'm not doing it because I'm personally concerned for your existence, I'm doing it because Carlisle will be devastated if he found out that you gave into temptation. Yes, you're a newborn and he should accept it, but it would still hurt him deeply. So no, this is not for you, this is for Carlisle," I said. It was heartless, but it was also completely true. Sadly.

She was about to thank me, but realized that the conversation was over, and kept it to herself. The rest of the drive was silent, and she developed new plans, plans that didn't include blood, but had much pain and death. I must admit that I did feel sorry for the men she was about to see yet again.

She told me to stop at a certain store before we went to the bank, and I didn't quite understand her reasoning, it was all really for the show and spectacle, but as time would soon tell me, Rosalie was all about shows and spectacles. She changed in the car, and she kept worrying about my looking at her. I was still a gentleman, and frankly, I had no interest.

Even though I told her this, I don't think she understood. Either that or she was so desperate so that she wanted me to look, to notice her obvious beauty. I think it was the latter, but I wouldn't let her know that. She might become depressed. And how cliché would that be? A depressed vampire.

She stepped out of the car, and I followed. She turned to me quickly, and inhaled. I heard her thoughts before she could voice them.

"I'll stay here. If anyone comes out the doors, I'll stop them. Just remember to be careful not to break any skin," I said, putting my hands in my pockets and leaning against the hood of the car. Now all I had to do was wait for her. I watched as the train to her stolen dress followed her up the stairs and through the doors.

I hadn't expected any different, but when she came out she looked tortured. Like she was finally realizing what exactly she had just done. No one had run out any of the doors, and I could tell by her face that everyone in the building was dead. I turned on my heel and got in the driver's seat. She followed suit, settling into the passenger seat.

For a while all she did was look at her hands in disbelief. Her head would occasionally shake, like she truly couldn't believe what she did. She would go from this in her thoughts, to thoughts of, "they deserved it, and I had to do it, no one else could." She suddenly looked up at me, something brewing in her mind.

"Can you take me home?" she asked quickly. I looked at her as if she was crazy, and she looked genuine in her request. But that I could not let her do.

"No. Your family thinks you are dead, if you were to walk in the house now, or even go by and have the chance of them looking out and thinking they saw you, that could put our family in danger, and we do not want that to happen. You have to cut any ties you have to them. I know you love them, and they were nothing but loving and good to you, but for their sake and your own, I cannot let you do that," I told her. I knew she would have questions, so I covered them all as they popped up in her mind. She nodded, accepting what I had said.

"It just would have been nice to see them one more time, just to say goodbye to them, just for myself," she said, looking down into the darkness of the foot space in the car. I hadn't had the chance to say goodbye to my family, and I was not going to let her have that chance. It was unfair, and I didn't want her to experience it. It was selfish, it was rude, but I wouldn't be able to live with the fact that this girl would have had something that I hadn't had. I wouldn't be able to bear the thought of that, and I would never let her know that. I continued towards our house.

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