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'Inner Sakura'

(A feared author's note)

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Sakura sat awake in her bed looking up at the ceiling of her bedroom, contemplating why she couldn't fall asleep for the past few nights. She sighed and looked at the alarm clock next to her bed.

'4:30 am, might as well get ready for the first day at a new school.'

She rose out of bed and headed towards her closet and grabbed her school uniform from within. She then turned to the door that led to the bathroom and entered. The bathroom was quite large, there was a shower on one side and a whole wall that as just one giant mirror. A cabinet filled with towels was on the opposite side with a little table next to it. There was a sink with drawers underneath holding all her toiletries.

Sakura threw her uniform onto the little table by the cabinet and turned on the water to the shower, stripped her pajamas and jumped in, not caring if the water was hot yet. Quickly but efficiently washing her hair with her hair care products that smelled slightly like strawberries and washing herself, she stepped out of the shower. She slipped on her uniform and looked at herself with distain in the huge mirror.

The uniform consisted of a white button down collared shirt with a small light blue bird on the corner of the collar. The shirt had no sleeves because of the hot weather that was typical of Konoha. The skirt was black but the bottom was lined with a light blue stripe and went to about mid calf, which was much too short for Sakura's liking. Not that she liked skirts anyways but hey, that was part of the uniform, unfortunately.

She walked back to her bedroom and walked to her dresser and grabbed a light blue tie and tied it around her neck, reaching in and pulling out a pair of black arm warmers that also had a light blue stripe on the ends and slipped them on. She slipped on a pair of black leggings that went down to mid calf.

'That should compensate for the shortness of the skirt.'

'Ne Sakura, can't we just wear the skirt without the leggings? Please?'


'Meanie pants!'

Sighing at Inner Sakura's antics she walked out the door and down to the kitchen. The whole house was dark; no one else was in the house.

'They're never home and yet they insist that I move here…'

She grabbed a peach from the fruit bowl on the table and ate it. After washing her hands she glanced at the clock.

'5:30, might as well start walking just in case I get lost…'

She grabbed her grey messenger bag and slipped into her black flats. She began to walk to school quite leisurely.

'We had to move from Yuki to here….are you serious? It's. Freaking. Hot. As. Hell. Here. I want one good reason as to why we need to be here.'

Sakura gave her inner no answer, she found it better to ignore her. Twenty minutes later she arrived at the school. There was a large sign that read 'Hidden leaf high, home of the fiery phoenixes.'

'Wow, the fiery phoenixes…what a crea-'

Inner Sakura stopped short at the sight of the school grounds. Directly next to the sign was a large open gate, behind it was a driveway. The driveway was lined with cherry blossoms trees on either side. Next to the driveway was the greenest grass Sakura had ever seen and she could see a little pond. Sakura walked down the driveway looking at the sakura trees as she passed them.

'Holy shit, this is one hell of a school so far, I just hope it's not filled with a bunch of elitists pricks.'

As Sakura neared the end of the driveway she saw that it was connected to a large circle that was directly in from of a huge white building. There were stairs that led up to the front of the entrance. Above the pillars was a carving of some flying birds that Sakura assumed were phoenixes. She entered the building and sighed in relief that the office was right near the entrance and she didn't have to walk around this huge building to try and find it.

Entering the office, she went directly to the desk to her right, which was the only desk in the office. Behind it sat a young woman who looked in her late twenties maybe early thirties. She had shiny short black hair with jet black eyes. She wore a simple green dress that went very well with her hair. Sakura walked up to her,

"Ano, could I get my schedule? I'm the new student Sakura."

The woman smiled at the soft spoken girl,

"You're the new student? Let me just print your schedule from the computer."

She turned to the computer on her desk and after typing a few keys and hitting a few icons, the printer started to print out a schedule. Taking it the woman turned back to Sakura.

"Haruno Sakura, you're a sophomore correct?"

"Hai, that's correct."

"Alrighty then here's your schedule and I'll show you around since its quite early and you'll probably get lost without a guide."

"Eh? There's no reason for you to do that, I'm sure I can find my way and I don't want to trouble you."

The woman smiled at Sakura who was waving her hands in front of her face quiet cutely and resisted the urge to glomp her…..not. She glomped Sakura and in the process made her fall to the ground.

"So kawaii! It'll be no problem at all to show you around, don't worry about it!"

Sakura was currently not getting enough oxygen and was changing colors, she poked the woman who immediately got off her. Sakura got up and then turned back to the woman,

"Arigato, um….?"


"Right, arigato Shizune."

"Alright then just follow me then Sakura, I'll show you the cafeteria first."

They exited the office and began to walk down the hallway. While they walked Sakura looked at her schedule.

Name: Haruno Sakura Grade: 10 Student ID: 12157 Gender: F Locker number: 214 Locker combination: 10-24-43

Semester 1

Period 1: Homeroom

Hatake Kakashi

Room 214

Period 2: Gym

Maito Gai

Room 143

Period 3: AP Language, literature and, composition


Room 232

Period 4: AP Social Studies III

Sarutobi Asuma

Room 254

Period 5: Art III

Mitarashi Anko

Room 321

Period 6: AP Chemistry


Room 222

Period 7: Latin III

Umino Iruka

Room 332

Period 8: Film Making and Digital Editing


Room 312

Period 9: Chorus/Band

Yuuhi Kurenai

Room 101

Period 10: AP Calculus

Hatake Kakashi

Room 214

'Of course they signed me up for all the harder classes, most of these classes are for juniors…'

Sakura looked at Shizune quizzically,

"What is AP Language, literature and, composition?"

Sakura knew she would have a hard time saying that all the time. Shizune had to, yet again; resist the urge to glomp the small pinkette.

"Oh, it's just a very long name for AP English III; the teacher was very erm…insistent with the course name. Most people just call it APLLC."

"Ah, at least I don't have to say that absurdly long name again. Also why does it say chorus and band instead of just one or the other?"

"Well, there was a request that we had a course of both chorus and band in one period for kids who had quite a full schedule and wanted to take both but only had one period open and thusly unable to do so. The first half of the class is singing and the second half of the class is the instrumental part."

"That makes sense."

They walked in comfortable silence for a few moments before Shizune stopped before a set of double doors.

"And this is the cafeteria."

She pushed open the doors; behind the doors was a high ceilinged room with many wooden tables, not the plastic or other tables commonly seen in cafeterias. There was a large sliding glass door that lead out to the grassy area outside and there where picnic tables located under the random sakura tree. On the opposite side of the room was a door that presumably led to the food area.

"Through those doors is where you can get your food. Every student has an account that they can put money into, each register and vending machine has a num pad and you punch in your student ID to access your account."

They both walked away from the cafeteria and Shizune was still talking, clearly in tour guide mode now, complete with the obscene hand gestures.

"There are three floors in this school; the room number will indicate which floor the class is on. If the first number is a one then it is on the first floor, if it is a two then it is on the second floor and, if it is a three then it is on the third floor. All the core classes; English, Social Studies, Math and, Science, are on the second floor. The third floor houses the electives class rooms like art and interior design. The first floor has the offices, club rooms, gym, chorus, and band room. We have a pool, tennis court, soccer fields, football fields, and other athletic fields.

You'll get a book of all the clubs in homeroom since its only two months into the first semester and not everyone has signed up for a club yet, the deadline is next Thursday. If you want to sign up for a sport you'll have to get a permission form from the front office. You will have a gym uniform in your gym locker, which is the same number and has the same combination as your regular locker. You will be required to wear your uniform to all school hosted events short of dances and class trips."

She finally stopped for a second.

"Any questions?"

'Yeah why does this seem like a prissy rich kid school?'

"No thanks, you have answered all of my questions."

Shizune smiled at the young girl and pet the top of her head, then quickly glanced at her watch.

"Oh, it's almost time for the bell to ring; I'll walk you to your homeroom. "

"Arigato Shizune-san"

They quickly rushed up the stairs, but he bell rang right when they reached a door with the numbers 214 in gold plate on the top of the door. Shizune turned to Sakura.

"Don't worry just wait out here for a second Sakura."

She nodded in response and watched Shizune enter the classroom.

'Now we'll have to stand in front of the whole class and get asked a bunch of questions.'

'Cha! We'll show them how amazing we are and if any of them tries to make fun of you then we'll just kick their asses!'

'…What's an ass?'

Inner Sakura hit her forehead with her hand.

'Sakura, you truly scare me with your naietivity.'


'…Never mind. Look here comes Shizune and who is that hot man following her?'

'How do you know he's hot? Did you somehow touch him?'

'Sakura just pay attention please.'

Sakura looked up to see Shizune exiting the class room followed by a man who was wearing a mask that covered the lower half of his face and a bandana that covered his left eye. He wore black pants and a white button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. He had silver hair that was spiked in a way the defied the laws of gravity. (A/N: Which was invented by Newton and is F=Gm1m2/d2 just to show how much of a geek I am.)

'I wonder how much hair get he uses to keep his hair spiked like that….'

Shizune gestured to Sakura.

"Kakashi this is Sakura and Sakura this is Kakashi."

Sakura waved shyly and Kakashi gave her a friendly eye crinkle, which was his version of a smile. Shizune continued.

"I have to go back to the office or Tsunade will be pissed….and we all know that's a bad thing. Good luck Sakura, bye Kakashi."

With that she hurried off, not wanting to have to face a pissed Tsunade if she didn't get back fast enough. Kakashi turned back to the door,

"Well then, follow me Sakura."

He led her into the classroom that was in complete chaos until Kakashi came in with Sakura following closely behind him. He turned to address the now silent class.

"Everyone this is Sakura, Sakura everyone. Now why don't you introduce yourself and stuff like that, y'know likes and dislikes."

"Um, ok. Watashi wa namai wa Sakura desu, I moved from Yuki recently and umm…I like peaches, and don't dislike much."

"Any questions for Sakura?"

Many hands shot up.

' I swear if they all want to ask if this is our natural hair color then I'll just have to beat them across the room.'

Kakashi pointed to a blonde haired girl.

"Yes Ino, what do you want to ask Sakura?"

"Is that your natural hair color?"

Sakura ignored Inner Sakura who was yelling something about breaking bones and a painful death or something like that.

"Hai, this is my natural hair color."

Many hands went down, Kakashi pointed to a spiky blonde haired boy,

"Yes Naruto?"

"Does it snow in Yuki?"

There was silence…..


Wait for it….




Naruto whirled to face the dark haired boy.

"I'm not a dobe, teme! It's a legiteamaty question!"

The dark haired boy smirked.

"You mean legitimate?"

"Whatever! You think you're so smart teme."

Sakura softly cleared her throat, all attention turned back to her.

"Yes it does snow in Yuki, that's practically all the weather there."

Kakashi sighed.

"Alright then, Sakura you can sit next to Ino. Ino raise your hand."

The blonde haired girl raised her hand and Sakura quickly scurried to her seat, glad to not be the center of attention anymore. Kakashi handed out packets to everyone and then walked back to his desk he pulled out an orange book and started reading.

"That packet contains all the clubs and such at this school. Now you can do whatever you want as long as it isn't illegal."

Everyone put their packets away then, Ino turned to Sakura.

"Ohayo my name is Yamanaka Ino and please ignore the blonde behind you, he's an idiot."

Sakura nodded her head slowly, Naruto cried out in protest.

"Hey I'm not an idiot! I just don't get good grades, there's a difference!"

Ino rolled her eyes.

"Right Naruto….. Anyways why doesn't everyone else introduce themselves……actually that would take too long so I'll just do it. Alright so I'll just go around starting with Uzumaki Naruto behind you, then you have Uchiha Sasuke, Hyuuga Hinata, her cousin Hyuuga Neji, Tenten, Akimichi Chouji, Inuzuku Kiba and his puppy Akamaru."

There were some 'Hey's' 'Hn's' and one 'munch munch'. Sakura was staring at Akamaru who was staring at her, she held her arms open and Akamaru happily jumped into them.

"Awww…what a cute puppy!"

Sakura nuzzled Akamaru while he nuzzled her back and this continued for a while until Akamakru jumped right out of her arms right as another set of arms wrapped around her waist and a face was nuzzling her neck.


She turned around and saw Naruto's spiky blonde hair.

"I felt left out!"

The blonde whined.

"Gomen Naruto for making you feel left out but can you let me go it's time to leave…"

Indeed everyone else was exiting the classroom and the group quickly followed. Tenten questioned Sakura,

"What class do you have next?"

"I have gym with Maito Gai."

Tenten looked at her in surprise and then smiled.

"Seriously? Sweet! That's what we have along with the rest of our friends!"

The girls and Naruto happily walked down the hallway chatting up a storm while the guys followed behind them, keeping their manly pride unlike Naruto. When they got to the gym the group separated the boys and girls going into their respective locker rooms. Sakura quickly went to find her locker which as right next to the other girl's lockers, much to the joy of the others.

She examined the gym uniform which consisted of a white quarter length sleeve top and a little light blue bird embroidered on the bottom of the shirt. There was a pair of either light blue sweat pants that had 'Phoenix' embroidered down the left leg in white thread or a black pair of sweats that had 'Phoenix' embroidered down the left leg in red thread. There was a pair of very nice nike running shoes with shocks on the heel to reduce the impact with the ground.

Sakura quickly slipped on the shirt and black sweats and tied the shoes on. Throwing her hair into a messy pony tail she turned and looked at the other girls, they were talking to another girl who had her hair in four spiky pony tails, whom introduced herself as Sabaku no Temari. Hinata, Ino and, Temari were wearing the light blue sweats while Tenten chose to wear the black sweats.

They stepped out and quickly found the guys who were standing with some new boys that Sakura didn't know, they introduced themselves to be Aburame Shino, Nara Shikamaru, Sabaku no Gaara, and Sabaku no Kankuro. Gaara and Kankuro were Temari's brothers. Sakura found that the boy's uniforms were the same the only difference being that their shirt was a large white short sleeve. They had no time to talk though as a whistle was blown and they moved towards their teacher.

'What the hell is he wearing?'

Sakura's eyes widened as she took in the man's appearance. He wore a green spandex jumpsuit with orange leg warmers and his black hair was cut into a bowl shape and his guy's huge eyes had equally huge eyebrows over them.

"YOSH! We have a new youthful student with us today, now where is she?"

He began looking back and forth in a search for her.

'How the hell can he miss us, we have pink hair for crying out loud!'

In front of her she heard,

"I have found the youthful new student Gai-sensei!"

Searching for the source of the voice she identified it as belonging to a mini Gai.

'What. The. Hell. Is. That.'

"I knew you would find her youthful Lee!"

Gai beckoned her to come to the front of the group, Sakura complied.

"YOSH! Please introduce yourself youthful new student!"

"Um, watashi wa namai wa Sakura desu…and before any of you ask, yes this is my natural hair color."

All the hands that were raised went down.

"Ok I hope you enjoy my youthful gym class! You may go back to your friends!"

Before she could even move her hand was being held by Lee and he kissed it.

"My youthful cherry blossom of youthful youthfulness, will you go out with me?"

Sakura tilted her head in a cute manor; a confused expression occupied her face.

"What do you mean 'go out'?"

'You are an idiot but get him freaking away! I don't want him touching us!'

Lee was about to answer his "youthful" cherry blossom but she felt herself being pulled away from him and into a hard chest. She looked up with confusion still on her face.

"Eh? Neji-san?"

Neji looked down at her then promptly looked away.

'She's too cute for h- WAIT A MINUTE! I AM HYUUGA NEJI! AND HYUUGA NEJI DOESN'T SAY THE WORD CUTE!....Or think it either….'

He pulled her back to the group without a word. Lee went crying to Gai and the two were currently hugging each other with a sunset in the background.

'What complete brain cases'

'That's not very nice!'

'So? They are.'

Gai broke away from the hug and took out a bag of red play ground balls.

"Alright youthful class, we are going to play youthful dodge ball. If you get hit you go to the other side and stand at the very youthful end, that is the youthful jail. If you catch a ball that is thrown to you by your youthful teammate then you can go back to your youthful side! The first team to get the entire other youthful team out wins! Yosh! So everyone wearing black sweats get on this side and everyone wearing blue sweats go to the other side!"

They divided up and Sakura found that the only person she knew on her team was Tenten.

"Yosh! Begin in the youthful game of youthful dodge ball!"

He blew the whistle and balls flew everywhere. (A/N: Heehee, pun intended) Within a few minutes the only person left on Sakura's team was Tenten, the other people had gotten hit with the balls almost immediately. Suddenly a ball hit Tenten in the back while she had her back turned away from the other team. Now the only person left was Sakura and the other team had all the balls.


A barrage of balls came at Sakura but none of them hit her. She was weaving her way through them quickly, not throwing any of the balls back to the other team.

"Shoot she's like a freaking bird! I can't get her!"

Ino ground her teeth in frustration. Now that Sakura had all the balls she picked one up and threw it to Tenten. Said girl easily caught the ball and ran back to the other side. They both gave each other a smile and Tenten grabbed the rest of the balls and started to hurl them at the other team, while Sakura caught all the balls that were thrown at them.

10 minutes later

Tenten and Sakura were grinning victoriously, the entire other team was in jail. Gai blew his whistle,

"The youthful black team wins! Now everyone go change youthfully!"

Tenten and Sakura high fived each other and both walked to the locker room, followed closely by Ino, Hinata and, Temari. They got changed while Hinata asked Sakura a question.

"Sakura-chan, do you play any sports? You seem quite athletic."

"Yeah I play some sports."

'Not that I enjoy playing them but hey.'

Tenten grinned at her,

"You should do soccer with me, then we might actually win some games."

Temari stepped up to Sakura's other side,

"No way, she should do Cross Country with me, then we would never lose!"


"Cross Country!"


"Cross Country!!"



Sakura just stared at them with wide eyes while Hinata was starting to giggle slightly and Ino was full out laughing. Tenten and Temari whipped around to face Sakura, thinking she was the one who was laughing at them. All they saw was a pair of adorable green eyes. Neither of them could resist and promptly glomped her, while both screaming.


Hinata and Ino exchanged a look both thinking the same thing.

'Today is going to be one interesting day.'






watashi wa namai wa Sakura desu: My name is Sakura.

Dobe: Idiot

Teme: Bastard

Gomen: Sorry

Kawaii: Cute

Hai: Yes

Ohayo: Morning (As in the abbreviation for 'good morning')



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High Summoner Sakura