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Sakura walked into the cafeteria and didn't even have time to scope who had arrived at school. A yellow blur had aimed for her and she squeaked as her back made contact with the ground. Blinking her eyes, Naruto's face came into focus, about five inches away from her face.


He was abruptly yanked off and thrown several feet away. A hand was extended to Sakura and she took it and was hoisted into a pair of arms. Furrowing her brows, she saw that it was Sasori who helped her up and Deidara was the one who threw Naruto.

Naruto stood up and glared at Deidara, he had interrupted his moment with Sakura! The other people in the cafeteria ignored the commotion; it wasn't unusual for Naruto to get mixed up with the Akatsuki this early in the morning.

The long haired blonde snorted, Naruto's glare was nothing compared to an Uchiha glare. Deidara always seemed to be on the wrong end of Itachi's glares. He stuck his tongue in Naruto's direction, daring him to do something.

Being the act-before-thinking kind of person, he leapt at Deidara, with every intent of punching his face. Deidara crouched down in anticipation of Naruto's attack, smirking. This kid was so predictable.

Sakura tried to get out of Sasori's grasp to stop the fight but her efforts were in vain. If anything his grip on her tightened, firmly securing her form against his. He shushed her, blowing on her ear.

"I can't have my doll being injured. They'll be fine, just stay here."

Ignoring Sasori, Sakura tried to get out of his grip one last time—succeeding with a little bit of help from an Uchiha. He had her arm grasped gently and she looked up at him. Why was everyone so much taller than her?

"Arigato Itachi-san."

The said man's eyes narrowed at the way she addressed him. Was he the only one that was going to have a suffix at the end of his name? He wasn't going to stand for that.



"Itachi, no san."

Sakura nodded her head in understanding.

"Then you can call me Sakura."

Smirking he leaned in until his mouth was next to Sakura's ear and she could feel his breath.

"I had every intention of doing so, Sa-ku-ra."

He laid a chaste kiss on her cheek and disappeared from her sight.

The pinkette's eyes widened and she laid a hand where Itachi's lips had made contact with her cheek. Her astonishment didn't last long—Naruto came skidding to a halt at Sakura's feet.

He flipped onto his stomach and grabbed her legs, almost causing Sakura to fall for the second time that morning.

"Sakura-chan! Make him stop being mean to me!"

"Me? Mean? You're the one who's harassing Sakura-chan!"

Deidara yelled, infuriated that the blonde was running to Sakura. Naruto quickly stood up and took cover behind Sakura before he continued.

"Only I can call her Sakura-chan you Ino –copy!"

"Want to come over here and say that to my face moron?"

"Why? Are you deaf too?"

Inner Sakura rubbed her temples. The testosterone in the room was so thick, you could feel it.

'It's way too early to deal with this kind of stuff.'


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