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There was a shocked silence.

I stared dumbly down at the small thing, somewhat shocked.
Then the girl in front of me burst out laughing.

"Sh-Shut it Granger." I blushed, trying to hide it.
"I-I can't believe..." said girl continued to laugh, unable to speak, "That's…that's so ludicrous!"
And she continued to laugh her bloody ass off.
"I said shut it Granger!" I snapped, pushing the embarrassing thing away. This only caused said girl to laugh even more.
She managed to silence herself a bit then caught sight of my glare, which only succeeded in sending her into more hysterics.

I rolled my eyes but couldn't stop that feeling of humiliation edge into me uncomfortably.

"It doesn't help with you laughing!" she took notice of my hurt face, and finally calmed herself, if gasping for air and wiping her tearing eyes.
"I-I'm sorry Malfoy." She said sincerely and I believed her, even if her lips were twitching a bit.
"Eh," I dismissed, looking down at it, "It really isn't that bad."
"No, not at all." Granger agreed, voice oddly void of emotion, "in fact it's quite…ah…"
"Yes?" I asked, looking up at her expectantly.
I stared at her dumbly, "…cute?" I sneered.

She snorted and began to laugh hysterically again. I growled and turned to leave. She grabbed my wrist though, stopping me.
"I really am sorry Malfoy," I managed to decipher through her giggles, "but I just can't believe your patronus is a bloody ferret!"

well, she did teach him how to do it, didn't she? it might become useful oneday...if he ever wishes to humiliate himself. i would be a handy distraction. it shouldn't take long to read, so it shouldn't take long to reveiw! you see that magical new button below? i quite like it compared to what it used to click it, it's fun! thankyou for a brand new reveiw button! clicky clicky!