Hi, this is my first Nip/Tuck fanfic and it takes place during season three but in an alternate reality. Hope you guys like it.

Christian saunters into the waiting room, the smell of his sharp cologne reaching even the farthest row of shaped noses. Every female eye remains on him as he walks past. His swagger is one of the few habits that remains from his prior occupation, one that's become such a part of him he doesn't even notice it anymore. As he walks down the hall the only smell he notices is the familiar medicinal one lingering from the rooms he passes. Near the end of the line of doors is one that holds a certain significance to him.

He removes his dark shades and rolls up his sleeves, ignoring the fact that the silk fabric will be imprinted with wrinkles. His tanned forearms show only evidence from the scorching Mexican sun, his platinum Rolex concealing the rest. Seventeen years is a long time for a lot of things. Seventeen years is a hell of a long time to be away from home with no word, card, or phone call to anyone. Well, there was one phone call made to Sean telling him he was coming back. He hasn't been back, or stepped foot on American soil, for seventeen years. After med school he went straight into business with Sean, just as planned. But after only a year the prospect of spending the rest of his life working behind the same four walls, with the same people, in the same location, became smothering. Not to mention Julia and Sean had their time monopolized by a new member of the family; a fact that seemed to sting his supposed happy lifestyle of screwing anyone with two X-chromosomes.

So he packed up his stuff and recklessly fled to Mexico. The only thing he left was a note on Sean's door explaining he was leaving indefinitely. And when he thinks about it now he realizes there was another phone call. When Sean discovered the note he immediately called him while he was still close enough to Miami for cell service. Sean wasn't angry and he didn't try to stop him, he only told Christian that if he ever did come back he would have a job waiting for him. And during that second phone conversation Sean lived up to his promise, overjoyed to hear his friend's voice.

Friends, he hasn't had many of those in the past seventeen years. When he arrived in Mexico he assumed his M.D. title would get him work faster than he could pickup chicks. But he soon discovered that without Sean's brain, his brawn wasn't that effective. And he found himself dealing with sharp objects of a different nature than scalpels. While his looks did not receive attention by any of the hospitals they did strike some glances from the women. The combination of his connections with them along with his ability to speak fluent Spanish and his medical background gained the interest of Escobar Gallardo, a notorious heroin dealer. Escobar was immediately drawn to his charisma and ways of persuasion. But what drew Christian to Escobar was the lure of quick and easy cash.

From there it seemed like life couldn't get any better. This new level of excess seemed to shroud any form of wealth he had experienced before. Staying up all night passing through night clubs, beaches, hot tubs and beds, as the work and play environment often intermingled. He only sampled his merchandise occasionally and convinced himself it was no more threatening than his penchant for tanning. He had more women than he knew what to do with, all of them golden bronzed, their hair in varied mocha shades. Sometimes he missed blondes, blue eyed and fair skinned. Not that there weren't any of those in his new home; it just wasn't the same. But then again there was always Eva. Eva was the niece of Escobar and one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes, or anything else, on, in, or around. She was tall, dark, curvy, and her honey brown hair fell to the middle of her back. She was wise to his lifestyle and reveled in it as much as he did. He convinced himself he loved her to the point of proposal; deciding to check his former ways at the altar. He was serious and he thought she was too. That was until he came home from work on too many occasions to find her strung out and with company. It was hard for him not to rip the engagement ring from her finger right then and there. But he knew he had to restrain himself when dealing with Escobar's little princess. So he kept up the guise of their upcoming nuptials, all the while preparing himself for his escape.

Slowly and painfully, he began to wean himself from the narcotics. He also started to distance himself from Escobar. The months leading up to when he would leave for good were spent with minimal sleep. Tossing and turning, he'd mull over just how sour his life had turned and how little he had to show for it. The night of his escape he packed very little in his alligator skin suitcase. He left in the middle of the night, sure not to leave any tracks or visible sign of his departure. After a certain point he was forced to take up on foot and later hitch hike his way to the exact place he is now standing.

Without another second's thought he swings the door open, his name hanging on the its sturdy oak frame. Inside his office is a splash of the eighties; his desk, chairs, even the slightly dusty framed pictures on the walls. The only thing different is a striking blonde, staring intently at one of the photos; oblivious to his presence.

I knew Sean was fast. But a patient on my first day? He mulls over this just as his eyes scan her body. She looks young but with help could be hitting twenty nine for all he knew. She's wearing a pair of skinny jeans, the charcoal color making her bright red blouse and heels pop out even more. The rosy hue, however, isn't the only thing popping from her blouse.

"Oh, hi." She greets nervously.

"Dr. Christian Troy." He announces, firmly shaking her hand.

"Oh! I'm--" She begins with a flash of recognition.

"You are someone who has no need to be here. I don't see a flaw on you." He interrupts while stepping in closer.


"You should take your money and buy a mirror because your skin isn't going to get any smoother."

He lifts his hand to run it down her arm, the space between them only a few inches. This is not average conduct for him, at least not to this degree or speed. But there seems to be something drawing him to this glowing woman in front of him. There's something in her brown eyes that is grabbing him by the throat. Not to mention the fact that after such intense and secretive traveling he is in no mood for a formal consultation.


"Shh." He whispers as he aggressively closes the height difference with a kiss.

She slowly backs away to only reach the wall, which he uses to his advantage as he leans some of his weight against it. The logical part of her brain has apparently melted as her lips are in full consent. Trying to put up a small sign of reluctant resistance, she lifts her hands to give him a halfhearted push. But upon feeling his toned chest her own fingers seem to abandon her as well.

Christian on the other hand is guiltlessly enjoying himself. His euphoria almost has him missing the footsteps coming down the hall. But his honed street savvy hearing allows him to pull away before the room gains another person.

"Christian!" Sean exclaims, giving his friend a bear hug which he takes awkwardly. "I didn't even know you got in. It's so good to see you. Well, I see you've been catching up with Matilda."


"Yeah you know, my daughter." He says with a fatherly arm around her, unaware of the strange look on Christian's face.

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