Title: Never Ordinary

Summery: She was ordinary, so much so that she was invisible. No one saw her. No one knew her. Until, she stepped into center stage. Then, he had to have her. Reid/ OC

Author's Note: This is my very first fiction ever. Please be gentle when you reveiw:) lol. I added the soundtrack because I listen to these songs when I write and thought yall would enjoy it. Also, if anyone has any good songs (doesn't matter what genre) let me know. That way, when I am done with this fiction, I will get inspired for another. Please read and review!!!!!!


My Immortal-Evanescence

Almost Lover-A Fine Frinzy

I Hate Everything About You-Three Days Grace

Kyrptonite-3 Doors Down

The Girl All The Bad Guys Want-Bowling For Soup

Don't Think I Don't Think About It- Darius Rucker

Breathe You In- Stabbing Westward

Chasing Pavements-Adele

Giving In- Adema


Chapter One

The water was so hot that it turned my dark olive colored skin red. My dark auburn hair floated around the garden tub, covering me in a cocoon. Breathing in the steam, I relaxed even more into the scalding liquid. The physical relaxation allowed my brain to wonder.

In one week, I would be starting my last year at Spencer Academy in Ipswich, Mass. One more year in this boring rich kid town. Then, I could travel the world, study abroad, be someone else other than who I was. I would not have to be the super ordinary, invisible, Michaela Scot. I could be outgoing, adventurous, maybe eve beautiful. I would never have to be the shy, mousy, geek that no one even knew.

At Spenser, if someone asked who Mika Scot was, no one, not even the teachers, would be able to tell who she was. Their minds would be a blank, no face would link with such a name. Even though I had been going to Spencer for Three years now, I was still faceless and nameless. The only person who knew me was my one and only friend, Dana Blackson.

We had taken up with each other on the first day, because Dana was hated by all of the other girls. They hated the fact that she slept with all the guys, even the taken ones. We had a very easy friendship. I never had a boyfriend so no worry of friend/boyfriend sex.

"Mika," a voice said from the other side of my bathroom door. "Are you about done?"

"Yeah, Mom," I began as I jumped out of the warm, soapy water.

I dressed quickly into a purple sweat outfit and pulled my elbow length wet hair into a high ponytail. Quickly glancing into the oval mirror above the sink, my round hazel eyes seemed to peer back at me with a hint of blankness.

"So," my mother began as we climbed into the black BMW SUV," Are you going to ask Reid Garwin out this year?"

I groaned and covered my blushing face with my hand.

I had had a crush on the playboy Reid Garwin for my whole Spenser schooling. We had kind of met on my first day when said playboy accidentally knocked me down as he ran away from a rather pissed of Caleb.

"Sorry, girl," he muttered before he was off and running again.

"Mom, that won't happen," my voice was soft and airy. "I ain't delusional."

"Why?" She began as we pulled onto the busy highway that headed to Boston." I mean, you both have money, and you both are cute."

"Mom, I ain't no Miss Mass," I growled.

My mother, Amy-Lynne, was a former Miss Mass when she was 18. The year she won was the year that she met and married my dad, who was twenty years older than her. A year to the day of their marriage, I was born.

"Michaela Ann Scot," my mother growled as she pulled onto the exit for Boston's shopping area. "You don't realize how damned beautiful you are. If I had looked like you in my teens, I would have gone on to Miss World."

"Really, Mom" I stated in a whisper that held some sarcasm.

"Mika, you have natural wavy auburn hair the color of Cheerwine. Your beautiful skin is olive and glitters in the sun. With your full lips and high cheek bones, your hazel eyes pop. And that hour glass figure of yours...," She shook her light blond head before she finished. "I am so jealous."

"Thanks, Mom," I mumbled as I began to climb out of our SUV.

I sure didn't feel that way. And I doubted anyone at Spencer would agree with my mom.

We walked around the mall, moving from one store to another at a speed that turtles would call slows. The hours ticked by as my mom bought the latest in fashions for her beloved daughter. And, she had to embarrass me in Victoria's Secret.

"Mika," she sung in her northern drawl, "Look at what I've found."

Hanging from her well manicured index figure, a racy red bra and panty set swung to and fro. I felt as if the lacy undergarments were trying to hypnotize me.

"Mom," I gasped as I covered my eyes. "Stop!"

She giggled before she placed the too-hot number onto the massive pile that was building on her right arm.

After more shopping and embarrassment, we went to an I Italian restaurant for dinner. My mom, who is insanely talkative, became rather quiet.

"What's wrong, Mom," I asked as I toyed with my Alfredo.

She placed her fork down and sipped at her tea. Her almond shaped blue eyes glazed over for mere moments before she sighed and looked at me. Pure parental sadness peered into my eyes.

"I am going to miss having my baby at home with me," she whispered.

I nodded at her as I looked down to my plate. For my first three years at Spenser, I lived with my parents. However, I had chosen to live at the dorms for my senior year. I was hoping, in vain it appeared, that living apart from them would make it easier when I traveled after graduation.

I, suddenly, felt sick and pushed my plate away.