Just so you know, I got my copy of Paradise Lost in the mail today and read it all afternoon. If your wondering how I already got my copy, go back and read my post before this.

While it was pretty good, it wasn't Kate Brian's best. I enjoyed it, but it's not the best book out of the whole series like I was expecting it to be.

Most of all, I'm just mad at the major cliffhanger and the fact that JOSH WAS NOT IN IT! As a major Josh/Reed fan, this was very disappointing.

Reed does get a new man, and while that's interesting, he just isn't the Josh we know and love. I'm just hoping that Suspicion will bring Josh and Reed back together.

Now I'll have to wait until September, which is a bummer.

Lastly, anyone who wants me to finish this story, leave a review and say so, otherwise I'm not even going to bother.