Here is the first part of Christmas in Harlem, written for Dewey's Holiday Fan Fic contest!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Manhattan Newsies, I DO Own the Harlem newsies. Enjoy.

Christmas In Harlem

New York City-1898

December was a cold month in New York city and often a dreary month. Selling was cold, wet and miserable. Clothes got soaked through by wet heavy snow, boots and socks leaked. The lodging houses were usually not very well heated and drafted in places.

But there was one bright spot in the whole miserable business. One thing to look forward to. Christmas. Although it was a thread-bare affair, most Newsies across New York made the most of it and enjoyed their limited but fun festivities.

People all over the city were buying their trees that were brought in from Upper New York somewhere and decorating them. Bakery's were in their high season with pastries, cookies and other holiday goods. Holiday gowns and suits were brought out of closets and freshened up, carpets were taken and cleaned. But this sort of thing went on in the large, rich houses of the bankers, lawyers, merchantmen and so on.

Our story begins in the Manhattan Newsboys Lodging House, one dark snowy eve………