Well, here's another oneshot..a short one I might add but I wanted to capture this moment from someone's POV. Who might that person be? I guess you'll just have to read and find out.

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A burning conglomeration of tangled steels structures loom above, the mangled bodies tossed aside into piles of death. The broke down cars line the streets, dissolving into rusty heaps as they wait in vain for their owners to return.

The once magnificent skyscrapers have crumbled into those twisted frames of metal, their beauty washed away within a single moment. The silent cry of this city in peril cuts through the crisp night air, but goes unanswered, unheard-

Here they found many innocent lives destroyed, extinguished at the hands of a mighty villain. It was claimed that S.T.A.R.S. had been responsible but those that linger here know the truth. However, our lips are permanently sealed from conveying it to those who lived to remember the horror. Around my peaceful resting place billowing columns of smoke rise as a reminder to the heavens that even the strong perish in the hands of evil. I am a testament to this.

Once I ran along these sidewalks, beholding the panoramic view of Raccoon City drenched in the strokes of the sun's morning rays, as I panted heavily along the mountainous paths that overlooked the city. It is now veiled in darkness, devoid of the light that once consumed it, devoid of life.

Raccoon City is no more. Children will no longer run on its streets, stray dogs will no longer bark in the back alleyways. Birds will no longer roost in the bushy firs of the park; no cars will pass down its winding asphalt roads. No stoves shall be lit in the wintertime, no families will gather around their hearths at Christmas.

No one is here except us. We found those who had been infected, grieving at the tragic loss of so many people. I briefly pondered how anyone could purposefully instigate this massacre, but as I considered the source, reality soon set in.

To Umbrella, we were test subjects, pawns in their attempt at world domination. Nothing sickens me more than the gruesome affects the virus spread through this town but I am but one person in the world of billions soon to feel the effects of such tyranny. The end is coming soon for them. For those who have remained here, it has already passed.

My name is Leon and I am one of the dead.

I'll leave all of you to decide who Leon is....I hope it was an ok dose of RE..i didn't have a lot of time to write but I was able to pull this off. Hopefully next chappie will be a claire/leon.