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Can you tell me what stopped the rain?
Where is salvation?
Science? Saviours? Tragedy?
May I lead the way into temptation?

Blaqk Audio, "Bitter For Sweet"



Ichigo's response would have been almost comical in any other situation. He jumped nearly three feet into the air and his cheeks were as bright as his hair. Before he could escape, however, Shirosaki lifted a cool hand to cup the back of his neck and pull his face close again.

Shirosaki frowned. "Mmmm…guess I'm not surprised."

"What?" Ichigo asked incredulously. He'd surprised himself with his actions…

"Yer the King, so yeh have the advantage, and yeh can do whatever yeh want to yer Horse," the hollow explained. "Figures that yeh'd wanna try somethin' like this sooner or later…" Having those eyes so close to his face was disconcerting, and their weight combined with Shirosaki's sudden lewd grin made Ichigo very uncomfortable indeed. He tried to ignore his nerves, and asked:

"Why were you sleeping, hollow?"

"Eh?" Those eyes now moved over the King's face, the flush in his cheeks bringing the blood so close to the surface of the skin… "Why, 'cause I had nothin' else to do, right? No point killin' ya…yet." His grin widened, and he licked his lips. "And I'll tell ya now, fuckin' with yer head in yer sleep was awful fun."

A few seconds passed in silence.

Eventually, Shirosaki's hand tightened in his hair. "Well? Gonna kiss me yet? That's yer invitation, if yeh bloody need one." He yanked Ichigo's head forward, crushing their mouths together.

"Mmph!" Ichigo laid a hand on the hollow's chest to steady himself, and felt the silent chuckle there.

The kiss clacked their teeth together. Shirosaki sucked hard on Ichigo's lower lip, dragging his teeth along as well. Ichigo grunted. That hurt, but it was also kinda…nice. Shirosaki's other hand came up to bury itself in his hair, gently pulling at the orange strands. The contrast between the rough kiss and the tender touches distracted Ichigo. He was beginning to enjoy this, despite himself. He broke the kiss to pant heavily into Shirosaki's mouth. A tongue slipped lightly along his abused lower lip.

"C'mon," the hollow encouraged him, and rolled his hips so that Ichigo could feel the other's growing erection. His gasp was swallowed in another kiss. Shirosaki was obscene; Ichigo now knew it for certain. His tongue left no place inside his mouth unexplored, absolutely none. He rubbed his tongue against his King's, and Ichigo felt the rough velvet of the upper surface and the slippery silk of the underside. The contrast was amazing, and Ichigo thought Shirosaki was beginning to notice that he liked the sensation, because he suddenly slowed down the kiss, made it sweet and soft. Then he dragged his nails heavily down Ichigo's back.


Ichigo pulled away again and ducked his head into the crook between Shirosaki's neck and shoulder. Too much, too fast, had to slow down. He sucked at Shirosaki's neck; his hormones were getting the better of him. Did he really want to do this? Shirosaki groaned; Ichigo felt the vibration in the hollow's throat. The feeling went straight to his groin.

"Ah, Shiro, do you have to do that?"

The hollow's hands tightened in his hair once again and a tongue came out to lick along the curve of his ear. Shirosaki laughed; the hot breath in Ichigo's ear made the hairs on the back of his neck stand on end. "Hah…" Nails dug deeply into his sides, and his hips twitched forward. A hand found its way under Ichigo's t-shirt and rubbed circles on his stomach. It slid lower, and cool fingers slipped past his waistband to caress a hip. Shirosaki's other hand clenched in the collar of his t-shirt and pulled. Ichigo moved his arms and tug, tug, tug, the t-shirt was off. They rolled over so that Ichigo's back rested on the cold concrete. The chill on his back woke him up a little to what they were doing.

"Hey, stop th – " The hand not down Ichigo's pants covered his mouth.

"C'mon, King. Ya want this," Shirosaki purred. "And I sure wouldn't mind fuckin' yeh either. Although," he added with a smirk, "this is little more'n glorified masturbation, really…" He pulled Ichigo's pants down around his knees, freeing his erection. Ichigo froze, but so did the hollow.

Ichigo glowered. "What's wrong with you?" he asked. Shirosaki's golden eyes were fixed on his chest. Ichigo frowned down at his chest, trying to see what the hollow was looking at.

Shirosaki slowly turned his head to one side. It looked as though he was listening for something. "What – "

With a sudden unexpected movement, the hollow pressed his ear to Ichigo's chest. Ichigo watched him listen for a minute, no doubt to his heartbeat. He sighed, and Shirosaki looked up. His expression was determined.

"I will have yeh," he informed Ichigo seriously. A hand wrapped itself firmly around his erection and moved slowly, ah, too slowly.

"Yer mine."

Shirosaki shifted his head a little to lick at Ichigo's nipple with broad, flat strokes of his tongue. Ichigo was surprised briefly at its blueness. He had known it was blue before, but he had never had the chance to see it up close. It was funny – he hadn't really noticed while the hollow was kissing him.

The hollow opened his mouth a little wider, and teeth scraped over his nipple. Ichigo threw his head back and moaned; he couldn't help it. He sensed the hollow's grin. Fingers trailed lightly over his abdomen while Shirosaki's tongue did impossible things to his shoulders, throat and chest. The hand around his erection shifted, the thumb rubbing circles around the tip.

"Oh, come on," Ichigo pleaded breathlessly.

Shirosaki gave him a funny look. "You're goin' t' beg? Ohhhh," he moaned, and Ichigo's erection twitched. "And I didn't even have to ask ya, oh yes, that's nice." The hand was removed, and Ichigo groaned in frustration. The hollow ground his hips against Ichigo's and his hands rose to cup Ichigo's face. The hand that had been around his penis was damp against his cheek, and Ichigo blushed violently.

"I want ya t' take off my hakama," the hollow whispered into Ichigo's ear. "Go on, take it off." His tongue curled around Ichigo's earlobe and he sucked on it gently. Ichigo gasped, and moved to undress Shirosaki. He moved to accommodate Ichigo's hands when it was needed, and when he was as naked as Ichigo, he resumed playing with Ichigo's ear – it seemed to be a sensitive spot for him…

When Shirosaki slid his tongue into his ear, Ichigo had no idea why it turned him on so much – before this, he would have said that the idea of having someone else's tongue in your ear was disgusting. But – oh, that was good. How did he do that? Ichigo moved his hands to grip Shirosaki's shoulders tightly.

His King was panting and sweating and flushed beneath him, and the feeling of power was absolutely exhilarating. "Yeh stopped begging," he reminded Ichigo. He whispered in his ear, "Don't stop now."



"I want…" Ichigo turned his head blindly and moaned into Shirosaki's mouth as he moved his hand back to Ichigo's erection, and lord if that didn't feel just fine. Ichigo's clumsy, heavy licks and kisses to the corner of his mouth weren't bad either. "Oh, please, please, please, please, please…" Endless repetitions of the same word, oh yes, that was good. He wanted to keep hearing that voice, strained with pleasure and guilt, he wanted to hear his name being screamed to him, he wanted to hear whispers and shouts and heavy moans.

"Keep going, Ichigo," he groaned, and trailed kisses downward until his mouth replaced his hand on Ichigo's groin. He slid his tongue over the slit in the tip.


Ichigo's sharp cry encouraged one of his own. His King's fingers tightened in his hair, and the slight pain made him roll his eyes back in ecstasy. He took Ichigo's cock in his mouth and sucked. Ichigo thrust upward at the sensation and nearly choked him. Shirosaki released him with a soft, wet sound.

"Easy, now."

He pressed Ichigo's hips down against the ground and resumed licking and sucking and kissing. Next to him, he saw Ichigo's hands clench into fists against the desire to thrust. When he was reasonably confident that his King had sufficient control, he slid a hand slowly up away from Ichigo's hip, over his stomach and chest, all the while sucking and rubbing his tongue against the underside of Ichigo's erection.

Fingers tapped Ichigo's chin, and his eyes opened. The hand shifted so that the fingers were now resting against his lips. Shirosaki's mouth came away from his erection for a second.


Oh, right. Ichigo tried not to think too hard about what was going to happen, and took the fingers into his mouth. He licked and sucked, trying to make them as slippery and wet as possible. He may have been a virgin, but he wasn't stupid. This was going to hurt.

As Ichigo's tongue curled around his fingers, Shirosaki moaned. The way that Ichigo's mouth moved was incredibly suggestive, and the hollow made up his mind that if this ever happened again, he would happily accept being on the bottom if Ichigo would suck his cock the same way he was sucking his fingers.

It was a lucky thing that he had fallen asleep in this dream. Occasionally he explored Ichigo's dream-landscapes when he got tired of the rain. Because this was only a dream-picture of the city, only the emotions of those inside it affected its weather – however, when Shirosaki found himself here in an attempt to escape the rain, it rained anyway. Bloody King had more of an effect on his emotions than he liked. Perhaps he made the rain worse, himself, by being upset about it.

Well, it wasn't raining now.

He moved his head up to sink his teeth into Ichigo's neck and suck on the reddened skin. His now wet fingers nudged and rubbed against Ichigo's entrance, and the boy flinched. He gave Ichigo a look which was interpreted as, Relax and it won't hurt so much, baka. Ichigo took deep breaths and concentrated on the feel of the hollow's teeth and tongue on his neck. Shirosaki worked in a finger, and Ichigo gasped at the feeling and the slight pain that accompanied it. Oh, come on, he thought, you're tougher than this. He shifted against the finger inside him, and said hoarsely, "Just do it, Shirosaki."

The husky, slightly pained voice right next to Shirosaki's ear sent a shock of desire straight to his groin.

"Yes, sir…"

He introduced a second finger, rotated and scissored. He wasn't going to be able to hold back much longer if Kurosaki kept moaning and gasping like that.

"Fuck! Fuck!"

Shirosaki's fingers had found Ichigo's prostate, it seemed. The hollow grinned and brushed the spot again. "Ah! Shiro…ah…" Ichigo moaned weakly. "Come on, come on…please…please…" Huh. The kid had been vocal before, but now…Shirosaki had the feeling he was really going to enjoy himself.

He lined himself up. One thrust. Didn't want to stretch out the pain. Well. Not today, anyway.

"Ahhh-ah!" Shirosaki saw tears glimmer at the corners of Ichigo's eyes. Well, it was his first time. It was Shirosaki's first time too, but he doubted things were as painful for him as they were for Ichigo right now. He would wait as long as he could.

It took two attempts to find his voice. "Tell me…when…" He realised he was gasping. This feeling was incredible. He tried to regulate his breathing. Breathe, breathe, breathe…Come on, Ichigo…

The longer he waited, the more he could feel just how deeply Ichigo had sunk his fingernails (claws) into his back. He looked at Ichigo's face. His eyes were still shut, but his forehead wasn't as crumpled as it had been a few seconds ago. His mouth looked incredibly tempting. Shirosaki pulled and sucked at Ichigo's lower lip almost leisurely, as if he had all the time in the world and wasn't going to spontaneously combust any minute now if Ichigo didn't let him move.

When Shirosaki kissed him again Ichigo's eyelids jerked open. It was strange to see his Hollow up close like this, with his eyes lidded to the world, making himself vulnerable. Ichigo noticed a tiny crease in Shirosaki's brow. No doubt he was getting impatient.

God, he felt…full. He shifted his leg a bit, and felt movement inside him.

"Go on, Horse," he rasped. It felt like the right thing to say.

Slow slow keep it slow oh fuck I'm gonna lose it soon slow slow slow slow…It was so hard to go slowly and watch the expressions flit across Ichigo's face and listen to those moans and keep his mind together all at the same time.


Well, fuck, now he was allowed to gallop. "Yes!"

"Ah, Shiro, Shiro…" They were panting in sync now. Rocking in time with…something, fuck, his mind was not in top form right now. He licked a trail along Ichigo's collarbone and up his neck, and goddamn that was Ichigo's pulse under his tongue…

Their bodies were hot with friction and lust and growing hotter by the second. He could feel the pressure building in his groin and Ichigo was screaming, must've been hitting his prostate, thank god they weren't in the real world otherwise Ichigo would have woken the entire fucking neighbourhood, Ichigo was clenching around him and fuck if he wasn't tight enough already…fuck

Ichigo came over their stomachs with a long, throaty moan. Shirosaki followed after a few more thrusts. They panted and gasped while they recovered.


Ichigo raised a brow questioningly.

"Ya came to see…why I wasn't in yer…dreams anymore. Right?"

He nodded. He didn't really feel up to speaking at the moment.

Shirosaki grinned deviously. "'S okay. I'll come back, if yeh missed me."

The grin stretched impossibly wider.

"Now…yeh won't be able to get any rest…fer a…different reason."

Those last two words sounded threatening.



Ichigo's throat felt rusty. How loud had he been? It seemed like Shirosaki had liked it though…perhaps he would be more obedient if he yelled at him more often. He sighed.

Shirosaki was a Hollow.

He was made up of base desires.

He was bound to have a kink or three.

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