My new story ^___^. I was listening to one of my favourite bands, Fall Out Boy, and thought I'd write a story about Pete Wentz. Okay. Kelsey and Pete were childhood best friends. The story is pretty easy to pick up so enjoy!

[Chapter One : Were Goin Down Swinging]

"No... no... this is so not happening..." Kelsey said as she retreated out of the room she once had called her own. "I am not seeing this..."

"Baby... no, its not what you think..." Her 'boyfriend' Mason said, getting up out of the bed while carefully sliding his boxers back on.

"Its not what I think?!" Kelsey screamed at him. "Then tell me what the fuck it is!"

"Um... I think Im going to go..." said the girl still lying under the covers. Kelsey turned to face her.

"Oh! Youre not going ANYWHERE!" She said, glaring at the girl. She turned back to Mason. "You better start talking boy, 'cause I'm pretty fucking curious as to whats going on!"

"I... I'm sorry. I didnt think you'd be--" He started to say, but stopped when he saw the look on Kelseys face. She stared at him, jaw dropped.

"You didnt think I'd be home for another few days... well guess what buddy, you thought fucking wrong." Kelsey said through her gritted teeth. She turned to the girl in the bed. "Get the fuck outta my house... NOW.

With wide eyes, the girl quickly got out of bed and dressed. She hurried out of the room, giving Mason a dirty look and Kelsey a sympathetic one as the passed. When Kelsey heard the door shut downstairs, she started at Mason.

"Dude, what were you thinking?! That this would be ok because I wasnt here... because I wouldn't find out?!" Kelsey asked him with an eerie calm in her voice. Mason sat there quietly, knowing full well that she wasnt done yet. "Did the thought ever cross your mind that maybe... just maybe I'd find out? Huh? Noooo, of course not." Kelsey said, rolling her eyes. "You were probly too busy shoving your tongue down some poor girl's throat. Or maybe you did think of it... and you ignored it by topping off another bottle of JD. Do I even want to know how many empties I'm gonna find lying around this fucking house?!"

"I... No. It's not like that." Mason said, standing up and walking towards Kelsey. He reached out to touch her but she pushed his hand away. "Baby please. I said I was sorry."

"I am NOT your fucking baby... and sorry doesnt cut it here. I'm done. This is fucking over. I should have done this a while ago." Kelsey said, starting to feel tears forming in her eyes. She swallowed hard to keep them from spilling down her cheeks. "Pack your shit."

"Kelsey... please, no." Mason begged, trying to grab her hand as she turned away. She pulled her hand out of his and continued out her bed room door. Mason slowly turned and picked his pants up off the floor.

"How could I let this happen?!" Kelsey thought to herself as she closed the bathroom door. She quickly started digging through one of bath bathroom drawers. "Please be here! Please be here!" She muttered to herself. Finally, she found what she was looking for. She pulled it out and sat down on the bathroom floor. Kelsey held it in front of her. "How fucking clich is this?" She asked her self looking at the razor. "Everything goes to hell and the first thing I do is find the knife I hid." Sighing, she stood up and shoved it into her pocket.

As she walked down the hall, she saw Mason in the bedroom, packing his clothes into a trash bag. He looked up as she passed, but quickly continued what he was doing when she didnt look up at him. She stopped and looked at him, and walked back to lean on the doorframe.

"You know what?"

"What baby?" He asked her looking hopeful.

"You fucked yourself good, ya know? If I was ever so dumb as to believe you were always true to me... You have no idea how much I wish you were dead. So I would recommend leaving my house before I decided to go through with my greatest dream ever." She said with a smirk and walked down the hall to get a cup of coffee. She was oddly at peace.

"Maybe I never loved him. Maybe I was in love with the thoughts of being in love."

She heard the front door slam, meaning he was definitely out of her house. She had threatened his life. She would have left too if someone was threatening her life.

She walked to the bathroom with the razor in hand. But as she hit the tiled bathroom floor her phone rang. She set the razor on the counter and walked back to the living room to answer it.


"Hello Kelsey."


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