"I'm back. And its done. So lets forget about it. For real Pete, I know I fucked up..." I said quietly as we waited in line. He nodded. "We can talk about it later or something. Right now I just want to have fun, ok?"

"I know... sorry." He replied, smiling a little and putting his arm around my waist. We were next.

"Promise me one thing though...?"


"No more fake smiles. I can tell." I told him, a smile on my face. He smiled back, a real smile.

"What can I get for you two?" The girl behind the counter asked in a dull tone, not even looking up. Pete nudged me in front of him.

"I dont know what I want yet." He whispered.

"In that case... Can I get a green tea and a--"

"Holy shit! You're Pete Wentz!" The girl cried out.

"Hi. Yeah. I am." Pete said in a friendly tone.

"Oh my god! I love you!" The cashier said.

"Um thanks." Pete said. I glanced behind us. There was a pretty long line of people and some of them didnt look happy.

"Hey guys, do you think you could finish this fan moment later. There's a lot of people behind us." I offered. The girl behind the register gave me a death glare. "Orrrrrr maybe not." I turned to the people behind us. "Sorry."

"Oh my god! Can I have your autograph!?!" The girl asked Pete.

"Uh.. Um..." He looked at me.

"Do whatever." I told him.

"Sure." Pete said to the girl, still in a friendly tone. Thank god that kid had patience. "Lets just be kinda quick. There's lots of hungry people behind me."

The girl quickly pulled out some paper and a pen and handed them to Pete.

"What's your name?"


Pete quickly scribbled her name down and then signed his name. "There ya go." He said, handing it back. "Now... Do you think we could get a green tea for the girl and a chai tea for me? And um... Kels what do you want to eat?"

"Uh, I'll just have that fruit cup thing..." I said, looking up at the menu. I looked back down at Ashley. "I'm not too hungry anymore."

"Ok. A fruit cup thing and a uh... and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich." Pete told Ashley. He looked at me with a cute little smile on his face.

"What a dork." I said, shaking my head and laughing.

"That'll be $14.35..." Ashley said, obviously not happy that she wasnt getting attention anymore. Before I could even get money out of my pocket, Pete handed her a 20.

"You're not paying... Did you forget?"

"I must have..." I said, slipping five dollars into his pocket.

"Don't do that!" He fake yelled at me, pulling the money out of his pocket and stuffing it into my own.

"Why?" I asked laughing as the people gave us odd looks.

"You make me feel even more like a prostitute." He said putting his hands on his hips.

I couldn't take it. I doubled over with laughter. He lifted me up and held me so I wouldn't fall over.

"How do you not find yourself funny?" I asked as the laughter subsided.

"I dunno. I find my words way too cliche." He told me with a nervous shrug.

"Jokes and funny shit cannot be cliche." I told him, my hands on his hips.

"OH! But they can." He told me.

"Here is your food ." Ashley told us a few minutes later. She had a huge smile on her face.

"Um...do you think since we hit it off so well, I could like, have your phone number?" She said twirling her hair and blowing a bubble with her gum.

I don't know why, but it made me laugh harder than Pete being a prostitute. Pete's face showed nothing but pity for her.

"Sorry...I'm kind of in a relationship." He told her with a smile he should have patented and sold in bottles so that all men could make the girl of their dreams swoon.

"She will never know. I can be a side project." She said with an innocent face. I laughed even harder at that point. I was crying by now.

"Um, you see. I'm not one for cheaters. And, she would know because she is the girl laughing at you from the floor. Sorry." Pete took our tray of food, and my hand and pulled me along to a little booth in the corner.

"Sorry..." I said trying to contain my laughter. "It was just so freaking funny!" I said with a huge smile.

"Glad that my obsessive fans can make you laugh."

"They make me laugh and cry, at the same time. How the hell can you deal with them on a daily basis?" I asked him.

"I don't know. It's almost really easy. You just play the smile, sign their stuff and talk to the ones you know are really in it for the music." He said, stuffing the sandwich into his mouth.

"You... disgust me, greatly." I said taking a strawberry from the fruit cup and putting it in my mouth. I was almost afraid to eat it, Ashley probably poisoned it wanting my Pete for herself. I guess he saw me almost stop chewing. We are always on the same wave-length.

"She didn't poison it. She didn't have a clue we were even semi-'together' until after I had the tray, remember?" He asked with his mouth full. I just shook my head, muttering something about Pete being completely disgusting.