Author Note: Well, I've decided to make my triumphant return to . Been quite a while sinc eI wrote a story and put it here. However, I saw Teen Titans the other day, and it reminded me why I loved the show a lot, and then reminded me of my previous story, Abused and in Love. I always wanted to write a sequel, this time with a little more action, but with just as much drama and romance, and hopefully some of my old fans will come back and read this new story. I'm almost sure this story will tick off a few fans of my old story, but I promise to try and make it just as enjoyable as the first one was. The prologue will be short, but I'm going to try to extend my chapters as I go. So anyway...

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans, and now that it's over, defientely never will. :(


She sat upright in her bed. The things she saw in her dreams troubled her once again. It would be another sleepless night for Raven. She brushed her dark hair away from her forehead, the deep blue streaks now dyed in it fell back agains ther ears. She could feel the tears coming, just like they always did. She let out a whimper, and pulled the sheet to wipe away her tears and then tried to calm herself down.

He sat up next to her, and ran his hand down her back.

"What's the matter babe," he said softly, being completely sincere.

"It's nothing," she told him, "just a bad dream. Go back to bed."

He sat there for a second and watched her sob a little into the sheet, then laid back down and turned his back to her. Soon he was snoring loudly which managed to drown out the sound of her sobs. Raven fell back into bed and covered her face with the pillow. How had things changed so much in such a short time? Raven hated change more than most people. From the time she was little many people had tried to get her to change; teachers tried to persuade her to write light hearted fantasy instead of the dark poetry she liked writing, her extended family, who never once saw the horror her father put her through day in and day out for so many years, had tried to change how she dressed, caliming that she had become one of those "goth weirdos" and needed some color in her wardrobe and some sun on her skin once in a while, and then neighbors around town, who tried to convince her to act more cheery so that people wouldn't think she was a delinquent or some sort of freak. It had all soared past Raven who had been happy enough with how she was, even if she never showed. And Beast Boy loved her that way, the way she was when they first met, and certainly the way she had always been.


The morning came, and Raven awoke again. She had been dreaming something else when her alarm went off. She sat upright and looked at the time. The clock read 8:30 a.m.

She turned to him and said, "I was so scared. I had the most horrible dream that..."

But he was gone. He always was by that time. Raven wondered what had happened between them. She often began to wonder if there was another woman that he was seeing, or if he'd just simply fallen out of love with her. However, she could see his sincereity last night, and knew there had to be something genuine there. Then an even more startling revelation hit Raven: she was going insane. She wasn't bouncing off the walls, seeing things that weren't there insane, but she knew that the person who left this morning was not Beast Boy. The one last week was not him either, nor was the one two weeks before that before that. No matter how sincere they seemed, they had only acted nice and sincere to try and get one thing. She hadn't ever come close to what her and Beast Boy had, and now, not for the first time, she came to terms with the fact that Beast Boy was dead, and Raven knew he was never coming back.