Well it's official, I decided it was time to start writing again. I had forgotten about my old story, but really got some great ideas and wanted to finish it. So this will begin new updates again. Due to the time it's taken to do this, there may be some slight inconsistencies I have not caught. I would also like to make it clear that all though this is an alternate world where Raven and many other Titans characters are not heroes, there are still some heroes, as evidenced by Beast Boy himself, and the appearance of Superman in the final chapter of my previous story. I kind of envision it in a world where only a few heroes exist, like Superman, and Batman (which if he appears will be a The Dark Knight-inspired version). I hope my reader(s) is still around when I post these. Enjoy!

Chapter 4: Wedding Bells

Weeks passed and life went on as usual for Raven. During those weeks she began searching for a new job, as the money she had had was beginning to dry up. She also had begun frequenting different bars and drinking more than she used to. Whether she liked it or not, she still had continued on a very self- destructive path. But today was different. Today she wouldn't show the world the side of her that came out every night, the depressed young woman who cried so often and tried her hardest to fill the void left by the love that was lost to her not so long ago.

It was an odd feeling for Raven, dressed in a long black bride's maid dress amidst what seemed like a sea of white. She'd agreed to be in the wedding for Starfire, but she had made it clear her fashion sense wasn't changing now. People stood around and talked in the open air. Dick's parents had paid for everything, and held it outside their mansion. For former circus performers, they had made an amazing amount of money. Soon the priest showed up, and everyone took their seats, and Raven and some friends of Starfire's she didn't know took their places. Dick's friends took their places as well. That's when Raven saw him for the first time. He was only a little taller than her, with jet black hair, and piercing green eyes. His gaze was cold, and was very odd amongst all Dick's other friends, whom were happy and talking with each other until the ceremony began. Raven was sure that this was Damien Wayne, the son of billionaire Bruce Wayne, the one Star had been going on about not long ago. He was very interesting to her.

The ceremony lasted for an hour. Giving Starfire the option to write her own vows was a mistake made apparent after the first twenty minutes.

"And if I ever do choose to love another man, I will let you know first, my most loved Dick," was only one sentence in the twenty-five pages she had written.

Raven managed to not hear most of it. She was lost in thought. Damien seemed different to her, someone that might understand her.

"But he's still not B.B."Raven mourned.

After the ceremony, most of the guests rushed the tables on the patio, now filled with food and drinks for the reception. They were all mentally exhausted from the novel Starfire had just read.

"I'm not sure if I feel happier or dumber," one guest said.

"That doesn't even make sense," the female, assumingly his wife, said back.

"And that is the problem," the man said, and chuckled a little at what he considered a joke.

Raven sat alone, accepting the occasional comment on how pretty she looked, and despite her constantly pale complexion, how well the dress accented her features. Raven could care less. She stared off toward Dick and his friends who were conversing by the drink table. Damien was there too, though he seemed hesitant to show emotion towards anything. After a few minutes Dick pulled Damien away to talk. They were too far away from her to hear. Suddenly, Raven was assaulted from behind with a huge hug. It was Starfire, in extremely good spirits as always.

"Raven my friend!" she exclaimed, "Wasn't the ceremony just amazing!"

"It was…interesting," said Raven in her usual monotone.

"Raven, show some emotion once in a while," said Star, "I know you have been upset, I know things have been better. But be happy, at least today, for me."

Raven managed to crack a smile and gave Starfire a proper hug. She deserves what she wants, Raven thought to herself, and smiled just a little bigger.

"Oh!" cried Starfire, noticing Dick on the other side with his friends, "I forgot! We wanted you to meet Dick's friend. Dick!" Starfire screamed across the yard, startling many guests.

Dick realized what she was calling him for and turned with Damien. They walked over to the girls, and Starfire pulled Raven up from her chair.

"Raven, meet Damien Wayne," Dick said with a big grin on his face.

"H-h-hi," Raven said, realizing she was shaking with excitement.

"Hey," said Damien.

The two stared at each other for a few moments before they heard the DJ start to play some music.

"Our first dance!" shouted Star, knocking Raven into Damien and running to grab Dick.

Damien helped Raven up. She gave a half smirk, and said, "Well, everyone else is…you, um, want to dance."

Damien gave a similar half-smirk, and said, "Sure. For our friends."

And so they danced, moving slowly in rhythm with the music. Raven stared into his eyes, looking for something that would tell her more about him. He was so mysterious, and Raven began to realize she wanted to know everything about him. Soon the song was over, and the dance floor began to clear. Damien's phone rang.

"Uh," he said, "Yeah Dad, I'll be right there." He looked at Raven. "It was nice meeting you," he said, "But there's business I have to take care of…would you want to hang out, sometime…" he trailed off. His never left the same pitch, much like Raven's.

"Sure," Raven said, cracking her half smile once again.

Damien pulled some paper and a pen out of his jacket, and wrote down a number. He handed it to Raven, and before she knew it he had run off. She watched him quickly give his congratulations to Dick and Starfire, than he headed for the gates which lead to the driveway. Raven's emotions were swirling inside her. She hadn't felt like this in years, not since….

An hour or so later the reception was winding down. Star found Raven back at her table.

"Was it an amazing meeting?" Starfire inquired.

"It was…interesting," Raven said, repeating herself from earlier.

"Then that is cause for even more celebration!" Starfire cried out, more than a little drunk.

"You always mange to look at the bright side," Raven said, watching her slowly swaying back and forth in her chair.

"I know," she said with a huge grin on her face, "It is almost like I'm some upbeat alien!"

"You an alien," Raven managed to laugh, "You're strange enough already."

They both laughed, and Raven realized how good she was feeling. After talking with Star a little longer, Raven got up to leave. She said goodbye to everyone and headed out. The Grayson's mansion was on the outskirts of Gotham, so when Raven walked out to the driveway, she could see the whole city. In the sky there was projected a very large emblem of a Bat. It reminded Raven of the night she lost Beast Boy. It made Raven shiver.