[ author's note ]

i just wanted to say thank you to all the readers who have msg'd me and let me know that Mistress Jane and S & M Chair are missed. You're all correct, I stopped writing once I felt the writers on GG broke Chair. I just got fed up and lost my mojo, and when tried to resume, I didn't feel as inspired, and other life events and preoccupations took over.

HOWEVER, I have resumed the story, albeit with a bit of a jump from where we left off to catch us up to the present. We all need each other during this hiatus, and Lord only knows where the writers will resume Chair when they return. Who knows what Chuck and Blair will have done over the summer?

I have some ideas. I mean, Mistress Jane does.

Sorry if you were expecting an update with this alert, I didn't know a better way to let all Good Girl / Raw Bass's fans know that I'm not dead and that this story will continue, thanks to your inspiration and encouragement.

And let's hope Ed Westwick gets to play a lot of soccer and other athletic sports this summer, his bone structure lets him get away with a lot, but he's just a few cheeseburgers away from sliding into an Elvis bloat.

Update will be posted on Monday - a Memorial Day present for all the U.S. readers.

XOXO / MoarChair247!!

P.S. The ILY scene in the Chair finale was satisfying, but WEAK compared to the conflict and buildup. I wanted MOAR.