Starting With Alice


Song: 'Camisado by Panic! At The Disco'

The I.V. and your hospital bed

This was no accident

This was a therapeutic chain of events

It's been 3 years since my best friend had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Small cell lung carcinoma, she's never smocked in her life but it was genetic, her mother, Renee died from the same thing just after she was born. Charlie had tried chemotherapy and radiation treatments but nothing ever fixed her. That's why last week she had been given 6 weeks left to live. I don't think I ever cried so much in my life. The weird thing was that Bella didn't cry, maybe the odd tear, but not what I was expecting, she said she knew most her life that one day this could happen to her and she had been preparing herself for it ever since. Those were the words that made something burn inside of me, a memory I had forgotten arose once again, and now I am standing outside of the, 'Time Flies' Foundation's door in the hospital.


"Bellaaaaaaa," I whined at my best friend looking at depressing cancer stuff on my computer, "I want to look at clothes and you don't even have cancer so we don't have to look at this stuff."

My friend continued to click on random links before she asked, "What would you do if I died Alice?"

I froze, why was she asking me this, "Bella, you are not going to die," I stated looking at my friends welling eyes, "you're not," I whispered pulling her into a embrace letting her cry onto my shoulder.

"Alice?" I heard her croak through her tears, she pulled her face from my shoulder and looked me in my watering eyes, "if I do die I want you to organize my funeral." I pulled her back so I could look at her fully in the eyes and even though I felt like breaking down with my friend I had to be brave, "You are not going to die."

We stared at each other for a minute before she wiped her eyes and turned back to the computer and whispered, "Just in case." I sighed but turned back to the computer with my friend, I could never understand what she felt like I just had to try and get her through.

"Ooo, look at that one," I said pointing at an ad at the side of the screen for 'The Time Flies Foundation'. A website came up showing different famous people's faces, "Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Brendon Urie and... Oh my GOD!" I screamed at Bella whose face was frozen on the name, "CARLISLE CULLEN! Bella he's so HOT!" I screamed trying to get my friend to enjoy my little happy dance around her room with me, I may only be 10 but I know a good-looking guy when I see one!

"What else does it say?" I asked Bella jumping up and down behind her as she read from the computer, "Alice it's one of those things where celebrities meet you before you, you know, like a last goodbye thing," she shrugged looking at the other names on the list.

"Who knows, maybe even Edmund's signed up," I said, she was already on E obviously looking for his name, "It's Edward," she mumbled as she scanned through the E's. No Edward.

"Bella, he's only 11 he's probably going to sign up when he turns 18 or something," I sighed sitting back down. Bella had had a major crush on Edward Cullen ever since she saw his picture last year, she didn't obsess over him like most the girls in our school but I knew deep inside that knew just as much about him as Lauren and Jessica did.

"Alice, if I do get cancer, can you sign me up for this thing," she said pointing at the screen, I was about to go off on another one of my, 'You are not getting cancer' rants before she turned round and looked me straight in the eye, "If I do, not saying I will, but if I do, could you please try and get me on the list?"

I merely nodded hoping we would never have to talk about anything like this ever again

-End Flashback-

I knocked on the door and opened it when I heard the, 'Please, come in'. The office didn't look big but did fit what looked like hundreds of shelves full of files on them. I looked over to look desk and saw an elderly lady sitting behind with gray hair but her eyes were covered with huge framed glasses, "Hello, there dear what can I help you with today?" she asked as I sat down on the chair opposite her.

"I was wondering if you could do something for my friend?" I asked in a low voice trying not to break down in front of, I looked down to her name tag, Mrs. Cope.

"Is she in this hospital, dear?" she asked standing up to the shelves, "yes."

"Well, there are a few people who travel to this hospital because they are good friends of Dr. Cullen, so there is quite a bit of choice," I looked up when she dropped tons of files on the desk in front of me. Mrs. Cope sat back on her chair and took a piece of paper out of her left hand draw and gestured for me to start looking through the name's, I quickly turned to C, to look for any Cullen's.

"Do you want this meeting recorded and televised or private?" she started her questions and I quickly replied, private.

"What's your friend's name, love?" she asked with her pen hovering over to paper.

"Isabella Marie Swan," I said and a smile appeared on her face, "I know Bella, she used to come in here every week and look at the C section, she never seem to find what she was looking for but she is a lovely girl, what does she have?" Mrs. Cope said the smile fading slightly from her face.

"Terminal Small cell lung carcinoma," I said looking desperately through the C's for his name. How could I find it if Bella never had?

"Poor thing," I looked up and saw Mrs. Cope wiping a tear from her cheek, "Dear, there is a new folder I haven't yet added and a few are C's, would you like to see them?" She asked and a small smile played on her lips. "Yes, please, Mrs. Cope."

"Matilda, please call me Matilda," she handed me a file from one of her draws and opened it to a page before giving it to me.

Eddie Cahill

Eric Close

Edward Cullen

"HE'S HERE!" I shrieked jumping up and down pointing at his name so Mrs. Cope understood. She just laughed and sat down at her desk gesturing for me to sit down as well.

"I had a feeling Edward was the one she was looking for, he just turned 18 and Dr. Cullen said he had to sign up even if he only met one person for a life experience, I don't think he was into the idea much at first so I've been saving the file for Miss. Bella hoping he was the one she was looking for," she sighed and fished signing the sheet.

"You know she was looking for Edward?" I asked as I signed my name.

"Well, Miss. Bella would always go to the C's that when she saw Cullen her face would light up but go back down when she saw it was Carlisle so I just presumed it was Edward not Emmett. I've met that boy, very scary, especially when he started hugging me, my back still hurts," Mrs. Cope laughed rubbing her back. But before I could stop myself I ran around the table giving her a big hug, hopefully not hurting her back more, "I love you, Mrs. Cope," I screamed into the hug and when I let go I couldn't stop jumping.

"Will next Monday, 10 o'clock in the morning be fine?" she asked after getting over the shock, I screamed 'yes' before bombarding her with more, 'I love you' 's and then turning towards the door.

"Bye, Mrs. Cope," I waved before I closed the door with Bella's wig in my hand.

I ran through the halls of the hospital ready to see Bella.

I can't tell her. Surprise, I can't tell her. Surprise.

These words were spinning round my head and I couldn't stop thinking that I will have done something for my friend that I didn't have to shop for.

I turned into her room and saw her lying on the bed with her usual read, Wuthering Heights.

"Cathy's dies," I said as skipped into the room still on my high. Bella put the book down, took one look at me and sighed, "What have you done?" she asked giving me a stern look.

"I got you a wig!" I shrieked and ran over to her handing her the mahogany couloured wig.

"Alice it's exactly the same as my old hair," she took another look at it, "same colour AND same style, you could have at least made me a red head," she said but put the wig on anyway and she turned into old Bella again and my smile grew.

"I love you, Bells," I cried as I engulfed her in a hug which she tightly returned.

"So what have you done?" she asked into my hair.

"It's a surprise," she groaned, "a really, really good one, I promise you will love it."

"The last time you said that was my birthday," she groaned remembering.

"It was your 17th it needed to go off with a bang!" I laughed.

"That didn't mean you had to blow up my CAR!" she yelled waving her arms around looking like a manic.

"I bought you a new one," I said as I started playing with her new locks.

"I suppose you did," she sighed and looked down at her shoes before hopping off the bed.

"Let's go," she linked my arm through hers and headed for the door, "so what's this surprise?" she asked as we walked through the halls waving good bye to everyone we past. Being here every day for the past 3 years meant you started to get to know everybody.

"All I'm giving away is that on Monday I am dressing you and we are coming here early around 7," she moaned, "7?"

"Yes, we have to get all your tests done before 10," but before she could prey anymore she turned to me as we walked down the street, "Is my wig on right?" she asked fiddling around with it with her spare hand.

"Yeah, why?" I looked at her confused and a slight flush came to her cheeks, "because loads of people are staring," she whispered to me as her eyes fell to the floor.

"That's because they are all wondering how someone so beautiful could live in Forks," I said lightly giving her a nudge as I watched the blush creep up her neck.

"Alice, you're the beautiful one," she said her head now looking down at the ground, "I'm just normal."

I looked up at my slightly taller friend with a sad frown, "You are way past the realms of normal, Bella."

Her blush reddened as we continued down the street towards our house.


"Hello Edward," my father said as I sat down in the chair opposite him.

"Hi," I said wanting to get this over with, I had homework and essays to do.

"We agreed that you would enroll in the 'Time Flies Foundation' and that you didn't have to do more than one patient if you didn't want to," Carlisle had said if I signed up for this it would be more likely that I would get into an Ivy League Uni. So I complied, "well, you have already have a client," he said as he threw down a file in front of me with a smile.

I opened it up and the first thing I noticed was the gender; Female. Oh god, I mentally groaned. I don't know why it just seemed that every 'female' saw something in me that they liked and the continuous proposals just got worse and more boring each time.

Name: Isabella Marie Swan

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Illness: Terminal Small cell lung carcinoma

Smoker: No

Drinker: No

Day Of Visit: Monday 27th October

Time Of Visit: 10:00 am

Room: 3014

I nodded at the file. I felt a wave of sympathy pool over me. Isabella was younger than me and she most likely will die of a disease that she didn't cause, if this non-smoker allegation was true. I closed the door and waved quickly towards my father.

I walked down the hospital halls. 3008, 3009, 3010, 3011, 3012, 3013... 3014. I turned into the room hoping to catch a glimpse of Isabella Swan. But no-one was in there. I started towards the reception desk hoping that nothing had happened.

"I was wondering if you knew where patient in room 3014 was, David?" I asked the receptionist.

"You mean, Bella?" He asked and I just nodded my head. Bella. Bella, was such a beautiful name, "she just left with Alice she comes back everyday though at around 9 to start her tests. It's a real pity about her, everyone here loves her and Alice of course," David explained with a smile and I said my thanks before exiting the hospital. Everyone here loves her? Does that mean Carlisle knows her?

That would explain the smile when he handed me the file. But what was I to know? Maybe he was just in a good mood.

It's not so pleasant

And it's not so conventional

It sure as hell ain't normal

But we deal, we deal

-Camisado, Panic! At The Disco

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