Author: Sparta666

Title: Mae'n flin gyda fi

Pairings: Jack & Ianto

Rating: R

Crossovers: Torchwood/Buffy/Dr Who

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Het


Series: ???????????

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No


Summery: Jack returns to Torchwood after the year that never was to set a few things straight and rebuild bridges with is team but Ianto is about to get more then he bargained for.

Chapter Summery: Jack's back and Ianto get the surprise of his life.

Authors Note:

Right this is just a small apologise first, I am English not welsh. I've had a few welsh friends over the years and know a few words but not much, all the welsh I use in this has been picked up from other fanfics that use welsh. I'm sorry if it's wrong and if anyone knows a good Welsh translation site I'd be happy to know about it.


Welsh translations

Mae'n flin gyda fi - I'm sorry

Mae'n flin gyda fi

Hope for the future?

'There you go, I can taste it. Oestrogen, definitely oestrogen. You take the pill, flush it away, it enters the water cycle, feminises the fish. Goes all the way up into the sky then falls all the way back down on to me. Contraceptives in the rain! Love this planet! Still, at least I won't get pregnant, never doing that again.'

Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood pilot)

It was a quiet morning in the Torchwood Hub. The last few days had been uneventful, leaving the team plenty of time for their ongoing research. Jack had been gone for over a month now and the team had no idea where he'd gone, Ianto did on the other hand the appearance of the TARDIS spelled bad new for Ianto.

He'd heard Jack mention the Doctor and Rose Tyler many times; it didn't take a genius to know how Jack felt about them. After Jack had locked himself away for a week straight after hearing of Rose's death, it had cut Ianto deeply but like always he hid his feelings and got on with it.

They were just finishing off for the night when they got a call out, even Ianto had to laugh when Gwen reported in that their suspect was a 6ft Blowfish in a stolen sports car. Loading up they took off into the night arguing the whole way until they had to ask some old woman for direction, they laughed as she yelled something along the way of 'bloody Torchwood' as they passed.

Ianto groaned inwards as he watched Owen yet again attempt to pull that stunt he'd see in a movie, he was surprised it worked this time as the sports car screeched to a halt. They raced after it as it ducked into a house; their blood ran cold as shots wrung throughout the house. Keeping his cool Ianto followed the others and then muttering 'shit' he took up position gun trained on the fish.

Ianto's heart pounded as the ugly creature taunted him, Ianto leapt with fright as the fish's brains exploded over the curtains. Looking behind him Ianto saw the smug face of Jack as he lowered his gun.

"Hey kids, did ya miss me?" said Jack as he looked at Ianto

Growling to himself Ianto automatically lobed his gun and Jack's head, hitting Jack in the shoulder the gun went off and the bullet hit the wall. Ianto blushed as Gwen yelled at him for that stunt while Ianto looked sorry, he couldn't look Jack in the eyes as they cleaned up. He stayed with the ambulance as it took the injured man to the hospital, once the doctors had dealt with him Ianto took his statement and ret-coned him.

Ianto rocked back on his heals as waited for the SUV to pick him up, his heart pounded when the SUV turned up and Jack was driving it. Ianto wouldn't look Jack in the face as he got into it; the trip back to the Hub was tense and silent. Everyone was working with minimal banter echoing back and forth when Jack spoke up.

"Got pretty organized with out me?" said Jack as slight hint of jealousy in his voice

"Yeah well we had too" said Gwen as Ianto moved forward he knew this was about to explode.

"Hey did you decorate in here?"

"You left us Jack" yelled Gwen as she pushed Jack backwards into a medical supply cabinet.

Ianto cringed he hated when anyone got physical with Jack, just because he was mad at him didn't mean he didn't love him still. He also knew why Gwen was so mad, Jack's comment about redecorating was meant as a joke but Ianto had cleaned the place top to bottom. He'd even bleached the tiles which haven't been cleaned since Queen Victoria had visited, rather then deal with Jack's disappearance. Jack's face dropped as he realised that he couldn't joke his way out of this.

"I know I'm sorry"

"We knew nothing Jack" wined Gwen

"Where were you?" Tosh asked quietly

"I found my doctor" Jack with a smile, Ianto felt like his heart had been ripped out as he started to tear up.

"Did he fix you?" Owen asked knowing that this was tearing Ianto up inside.

"What's to fix? You don't mess with this level of perfection" laughed Jack as both Owen and Ianto caught the way Gwen looked at Jack. It was Ianto's time to ask the question he didn't want answering.

"Are you going back to him?" Ianto asked feeling like he was about to break. Jack looked him square in the face and Ianto noticed something he'd never seen before, he saw fear, pain and loneliness as Jack answered.

"I came back for you" he smiled at Ianto before remembering the other where there still.

"All of you" he added quickly but not too quickly for Ianto to get the true meaning of his words.

Everyone sighed a sigh of relief but just like Jack when they looked up he'd disappeared. Looking around for their mysterious boss the team quickly realised he was nowhere to be seen. Ianto panic but to their relief Jack was stood at his office door.

"Ianto can I talk to you please?" said Jack as Ianto pulled himself together.

"Yes Sir" said Ianto in his normal manner as he followed Jack.

Ianto wasn't surprised to see the glow from Jack room, climbing down the ladder Ianto found Jack hanging his clothing. His jacket was wrapped in a bundle on his bed, and then Ianto saw Jack's back and hissed. Jack's back was covered in bruised and scars, Ianto knew whatever reason Jack had for leaving must have been important because it would take serious torture for Jack not to have healed.

"It's not pretty is it? I've got quite the tale to tell Yan, not to the other not yet but you. I should have told you a few things years ago" said Jack as he gathered up his coast in his arms.

"knowing you Yan you've already started to put the pieces into place about who I am, or at least who you think I am after all no America by the name of Jack Harkness has been born in the last 50 years right?" asked Jack his back still turned to Ianto and his jacket in his arms.

"Yes sir"

"I'm over 150 years old Ianto but the fun thing is I haven't even been born yet. I was born in the 51st century on a human colony planet because Earth was dieing, the Boeshane Peninsula was where I grew up tiny little place. I live with my mother Lilly, my father Franklin, my twin sister Amaterasu and my baby brother Grey. My real name by the way is Dakara it means 'Mysterious one' fitting hey?

By the time I was born there had been much advancement in technology and evolution, because of the ever growing problem my time was facing. The fact that men out numbered women at least 50 to 1, actions had been taken, the men of my time by law had to have their DNA altered at birth so that they'd basically developed the ability to bare child.

If a man didn't want to bare child he was give a strong contraception that is injected directly into the body" said Jack as he held up his wrist revealing his wrist band.

"I've been on it since I tuned 16, give or take a few hundred years I was 29 when I died and was brought back for the first time. It altered my body chemistry so the contraceptive doesn't always work now" said Jack as he turned around to face Ianto.