Author: Sparta

Title: Mae'n flin gyda fi

Pairings: Jack & Ianto

Rating: R

Crossovers: N/A

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Het


Series: ???????????

Chapters: 3/?

Completed: No


Summery: Jack returns to Torchwood after the year that never was to set a few things straight and rebuild bridges with is team but Ianto is about to get more then he bargained for.

Chapter Summery: Jack heads to Ianto's to talk

Authors Note:

Unfinished business

As the others headed home for the night Jack returned to his office, Jack sighed now Jack felt guilty the last goodbye he'd given him had hurt the one person he loved.

Suddenly the Hub felt very claustrophobic and he needs to get out. Jack gathered up his sleeping son and headed out into the night air, as he'd done many a night as he found his way to Ianto's apartment. He liked to watch Ianto, His actions with the Doctor had put his future with the young Welshman in great danger and Jack didn't want that.

Despite his many lives lived, he'd never truly fall in love until he met Ianto. Stood outside Jack contemplated not knocking and just heading back to the Hub, but Ianto had been watching from his window and took pity on him.

Despite being, upset with Jack Ianto opened the door; he was surprised at the look of shock on Jack's face when he did.

"Come in Jack before I have to explain to the other that you and our son died of Hyperthermia on my doorstep." Said Ianto as Jack nodded and followed him inside.

Jack stood in the kitchen of Ianto's open plan living room and watched as he made coffee, Ianto put them down on his coffee table and motioned for Jack to sit. They both sat down in silence Ianto waited patently for Jack to speak, if there was one thing Ianto had learnt from Jack was to be patient.

Jack hid many secrets from them, many to protect them others that Ianto figured they shouldn't know. All added to the sense of mystery that was the man sat in front of him, but now Ianto wanted answers and he had a feeling he was going to get them whether he wanted them or not. Jack picked up his coffee, took a sip then played with it. He never looked up one as he began to speak.

"I've always had my secrets and that's for a reason Yan, too many people could be hurt because of what I've see or done. The 21st century is when it all changes right? All this is history to me it's also the human races most vulnerable time.

I was 13 when my father was murdered and my brother Grey kidnapped, you see our people were slaves to an unseen race. However, my people refused to stay slaves and fought back, a war erupted and in the wake of the war, an operation was set up similar to Torchwood. It was called the Time Agency, I was 17 and I was the first recruited to the Agency by my sister. I recruited my two best friends Ben Tionne and Dillon Sledge, we fought the tale end of the war Dillon was captured and I was made to watch him die.

It hurt but we carried on Dillon and I continued with the Agency, we travelled though time and space preparing the human race for the war. We coned our way though history but then I never though I'd be betrayed by someone I trusted, on my last mission Dillon travelled back to 1941 with me. The mission was simple go back, stay out of sight, pick up and deliver a stole Chula warship back the Agency without being caught.

It all was going fine until Dillon stabbed me in the back literally and damaged my Vortex manipulator; he left me for dead in the ship alone and without a way to get home. I could only travel between 1941 and Pompeii just before she blew. I figured since world war two was a popular site for Time Agents to visit I'd sit tight and wait, that where I borrowed my name from the lists of recently dead. Changed the paper and became him.

When I was finally rescued, I returned home to find the Time Agency had been tried as traitors to its masters, we'd lost the war. Those of us that had been captured had our minds wiped, those who resisted died.

It's taken me 150 years to piece back what was taken from me, but I'm still missing two years of my life. Those two years of my life would tell me where Dillon took my daughter when he left me for dead.

"Let me guess Dillon is John Hart now?" asked Ianto as Jack nodded.

Seeing him again made me realise that I've put you though shit and you've taken it all, I'm sorry Ianto I love you and I don't want to lose you please" pleaded Jack as tears rolled down his face.

Ianto sighed to himself Jack had some never but he wasn't a cruel man, Ianto could understand what it had taken to tell him what Jack had. To see Jack in tear before him the man that could stare down Death himself and laugh, hurt and in pain, unnerved Ianto more then he cared to admit.

Getting up Ianto sat next to Jack and pulled him into his arm before placing a kiss on his forehead.

"Jack Harkness you are an arrogant son of a bitch but your also the one man I'd go though hell to fight for, not to mention it also seems you are the mother of my son" sighed Ianto as he smiled at the sleeping bundle next to Jack.

"Come on Jack you need some sleep, I need some comfort and he needs a bed for the night," said Ianto as Jack sleepily nodded as he picked up his son.

"By the way Jack what is his name?" asked Ianto as Jack smiled at him.

"Luke" said Jack as Ianto nodded and watched as Jack and Luke settled for the night.