A/N - Hello, this is my first Rosario + Vampire fanfic. I was inspired to write this after seeing so many users on YouTube wonder when Tsukune would become a ghoul in the anime, not to mention how many on enjoy Tsukune/Inner Moka scenes, myself included. Thus, I came up with the following story. Major spoilers for many Castlevania games. Anyway, read and review, and above all, enjoy.

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In a dimension shrouded by a nigh impenetrable darkness, an ethereal being, as ancient as the Earth itself, watched the events unfold upon the world. Although it was somewhat pleased that many of the inhabitants worshiped the darkness, they seemed lost without a ruler. Ever since the supposedly final battle between humans and vampires, the spectral entity had felt itself growing weary of the world that had thwarted it yet again.

As the being watched the world with its empty sockets, it became apparent that a new ruler was needed to fill the void. However, it saw very little promise in the foreseeable future. Even though the spirit was eternal, the same couldn't be said of its patience, which had grown thin ever since the lord of darkness was forever vanquished from the earth.

Dissatisfied with the lack of results, the shrouded being turned its attention to other worlds. Very few knew the vastness of its presence within the Universe. The spirit couldn't help but snicker at the many times its enemies believed it had been destroyed. It knew there was no means for any mortal or immortal being to destroy it completely. It dared not think of the one exception to that, which unnerved the spirit to no end, even more so with the loss of its prized creation.

And then, one scene in particular caught its attention. It saw a young vampire holding the near lifeless form of a boy, horribly burned from unknown causes. The silver-haired woman bared her fangs and sank them into the boy's neck. What happened next intrigued the spectral watcher. Instead of draining blood, the vampire seemed to inject her own vitae into the boy. It silently admitted it had never seen such an infusion before, and could tell the woman was no ordinary vampire.

While that occurred, the spirit noticed four inhuman girls battling a fiery demonic fox. But as the fight continued, the ghastly being noticed they were clearly overmatched. And just when they thought they had defeated their opponent, he evolved into a even more powerful form. The spirit chuckled to itself at that, a scene it'd seen hundreds of times before. It foresaw an imminent demise at hand, and regretted it wasn't there to gather their souls personally.

And then, the female vampire rose to confront him. The boy laid lifeless by her feet, her resuscitation attempt an apparent failure. Driven by cold hatred, the silver-haired bloodsucker assailed her foe with a series of kicks. However, her attacks were seemingly ineffective against the twisted being before her. The spirit quickly deduced the transfusion had greatly weakened her. Soon, her opponent retaliated with a furious offensive that sent her flying back, and she landed near the apparently dead boy. However, the shrouded being knew better. The hybrid monster launched a final attack at them, which resulted in a fiery eruption. He claimed victory, but his elation was short-lived as he saw the boy standing fifty feet away, holding the woman in his arms. His eyes were the same as hers, and he'd actually grown in stature. The ghastly being would've smiled if it had lips and cheeks, for it saw the boy had awakened as a vampire. The spirit expected him to pummel his enemy with his newly found strength. However, the boy merely placed the silver-haired woman on her feet. She leaped into the air and sent her opponent through the roof with a powerful kick. The hybrid beast crashed down to the ground floor. The immense force of the attack burst all the windows in the buildings below. The spirit was almost surprised the building wasn't destroyed by the vampire's attack.

After that, the woman attached a rosary to her neck. Her aura diminished greatly, and her features changed. The very sky brightened after the act. Meanwhile, the boy rushed to her side. When he did, the spectral watcher noticed his vampirism was gone. Apparently, the change was only temporary. Though the spirit had no face, it was quite disappointed by what it saw.

"What a waste," the shrouded being spoke irritably in a horrific, sepulchral voice, "I would put such power to much better use." At that moment, a flash of inspiration came to the dark figure. "Maybe, I can. Yes, he might just be the one." It laughed eagerly, as it began to formulate a suitable course of action.