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Part I Finale
Death of a Dream

Haiji supported the badly wounded Gin as he led him down the corridor. The latter was horrified as he witnessed the carnage before him. Demolished classrooms and felled students lined the halls. The very sight brought him to the lowest ebb in his entire life.

"I can't believe this," he spoke weakly, "how could I have been so foolish?"

"Ah, get over yourself, Gin," the karate club captain replied in an offhand manner. "Save your strength, we still need to get to the hospital annex. Poor Yuji-san's gonna be more than overworked today. Can't say he wont be earning his keep today, that's for sure."

Suddenly, an immeasurable demonic aura filled the corridor. The lycan gulped nervously, as it more than transcended anything he'd encountered in his teenage life. Even Moka in her true form was as nothing compared to the vile energy Gin sensed at that moment.

"What on earth is that?" the less injured student inquired, his eyes wide in alarm.

The incognito werewolf tried to pinpoint the source of the aura. However, it was so massive it seemed to encompass the entire area. Around that time, he heard nervous shouting from the walkway that connected both branches of the academy. "Over there!"

"You can't be serious!" the karate master spoke incredulously. "You're in no condition to be walking, let alone fighting!"

"Who said anything about fighting," Gin insisted, as he pushed himself away and headed towards the walkway.

"Gin, get back here!" As he pursued him, the aura he felt grew even stronger, which began to impede with his movements. He never imagined such a powerful youkai existed, and knew Gin was way in over his head.

When he finally caught up to him, he saw several students in the walkway in various degrees of physical health. They all looked out the window towards the central part of the campus building, muttering to one another in fear. When he did, he saw a man hovering high above the ground, clad only in a pair of academy brown trousers and leather shoes, his back turned to the throng behind him. Haiji's body began to tremble, as he realized the aura he'd felt before came from the floating figure.

"What the hecht is that," he asked with a frightened look.

Gin also watched the figure, his face a mask of sheer terror. What frightened him the most was the figure seemed oddly familiar. "No!" he cried out. "It can't be!"

"Can't be what," Haiji asked. He then recalled how the Newspaper Club was silent earlier, and came to a possible explanation, one that frightened him more than he ever imagined. He looked back to the man in the distance. "Are you serious," he asked in disbelief. "Is that... Dracula?"

The hovering figure looked back to him, a contemptuous scowl on his lightly tanned face. His eyes glowed an ominous shade of red as they bore down on the fighter. The senior yelped in fear as he was unwillingly brought down to his knees by the seething aura the man exuded. Many of the other students also cried out in fear, and prostrated themselves against their will. None of them could've moved in the oppressive aura that bore down on the hallway.

"No!" Ginei cried out, as he strained to keep his eyes on the figure outside. "What are you doing, you'll kill us all!"

The demonic man stared at him for several seconds, and then turned away. As the Newspaper Club leader watched, he floated higher into the air, and aimed his right hand at the central part of the academy building. A sizable sphere of dark energy appeared before him, as tiny specks of darkness were drawn into it. Suddenly, a huge beam of black energy shot from his hand, and struck the highest level of the academy building. A tremendous explosion ensued, which Gin could've felt where he stood. Many of the other students in the hallway also felt it, and cringed at the amount of destructive power they witnessed. Haiji was positively thunderstruck, for the attack made his Empty Fist Hole Puncher look like nothing. His attack wasn't designed for such long range, or for punching holes in buildings. As he watched, the hovering figure floated towards the hole he made, and disappeared into the building.

"What the hecht was that," the karate fighter asked in disbelief.

"Oh no," another student asked fearfully, "is he going to kill the Chairman?"

"Why is Aono-senpai doing this," a freshman youth asked timidly.

Haiji immediately got in the underclassman's face. "Aono?" he demanded. "As in Tsukune Aono? Impossible, that can't be him."

The wounded boy was too terrified to respond.

The senior turned from him and back to his classmate. "Gin, what's going on here? Was that really Aono-san just now?"

The lycan shut his eyes tightly, and grit his teeth together.

"Gin, answer me!" the fighter demanded.

"Is this why you guys didn't say anything," the wounded club leader thought to himself. "Have they gotten to him?" As he thought about it, he realized how Tsukune acted after the previous night, when Moka was supposedly killed on false accusations. He wasn't surprised that his club member took it personally, but never imagined he would've become such an insidious monster. Ginei groaned in chagrin, as he realized if he hadn't cooperated with Kuyou, the whole series of events might've been avoided. A heavy wave of guilt came over him, as he collapsed onto his knees, both from the shame and his injuries. "It can't be," he said to himself, "it can't be."

The girls found themselves in a huge black void, which stretched in all directions. Miniature specks of light were strewn about the area. It almost seemed like they were in outer space, though they could've still breathed. The amount of evil they felt around them was overwhelming.

"What the hecht is this," Kurumu asked as she looked about in confusion, shivering as the immense evil bore down on her being.

"Some sort of, alternate dimension," Yukari explained, her lavender eyes wide in fear and alarm. "I guess it's no surprise Colton could've created this, but inside a barrier?""

"Definitely a lot more space," Mizore noted as she looked about impassively. Though she got the impression that they might've been over their heads, she didn't dare voice it as she knew Moka would've heatedly objected, and the last thing they needed at the moment was more infighting.

"But now we're trapped here," Ruby added with a concerned look, as she tightened the grip on her wand.

Moka looked about the area, and saw a small fissure of light amidst the darkness around them. With what Yukari had explained earlier about alternate dimensions, she surmised it was a passage back to their world, but it was far too narrow to enter. She wondered if Colton had possibly erred when he left it behind, or if he was simply taunting them with an inaccessible escape route. She doubted it was the latter, for his demeanor indicated he was about to fight more aggressively.

She then looked to her friends, and detected the smell of fear upon them. She scowled deeply, as she saw it as the worst possible time for such inhibiting emotions. With a thought, her youki flared out, which made her friends gasp in unison. "Enough of this simpering!" she snapped, her voice cracking like a whip. "If this is how you're going to fight him, you might as well quit! Fear is not an option!"

"Sheah right! And you're saying this," the cyan-haired girl shot back. "Give it a rest, you use fear all the time, and now you're telling is it's not an option? Call the kettle black some more, why don't you?"

"Oh crud," the blue-eyed girl commented in chagrin.

"Don't you talk back to me!" the vampire snapped as she got in the shorter girl's face. "I am the strongest among us, my will is absolute!"

"And then you wonder why people thought were in league with Dracula!"

"SILENCE!" Moka shouted, and instantly grasped the succubus' throat with both hands. In a split second, she felt Kurumu's hands around her own neck. Enraged, she squeezed even tighter, and gagging sounds came from the shorter girl.

"Moka-san, stop!" Yukari cried out as she ran to her side.

The livid demon snarled viciously and bared her fangs at the young witch, which made her jump involuntarily. As she turned back to her victim, she grimaced as she felt her grip had become weaker, despite her best efforts. Finally, she threw her head back and screamed in agony, which caused her to release the cyan-haired girl, who leaned over and coughed painfully as she held her throat.

An incensed Mizore stormed over and cuffed her in the back of the head. "Idiot, what were you thinking," she demanded. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?"

"Enough," Moka's stern voice interjected.

Everyone looked to the white-haired woman, whose eyes were closed and her head leaned back. The cyan-haired girl looked on warily as vampire opened her burning crimson irises and aimed them at her. "Kurumu," she began in a cold, yet kind voice, "this is not the time. If we fight amongst ourselves, we've already lost." She then reached up and gently placed her slender hands on the succubus' shoulders. "And if we don't defeat Colton, we'll never escape this darkness, and we'll never see Tsukune again. Is that what you want?"

The cyan-haired girl gasped in response, as her violet eyes began to well up. "No," she spoke softly, "I couldn't bear that." She tried hard not to sniffle, but failed.

"Then let's fight together," the usually brooding vampire replied with a soft smile, "and put an end to this. For Tsukune," she went on, as he wrapped her slender arms around her classmate, "for everyone."

The sophomore girl gasped lightly, taken off-guard by the embrace. A sigh escaped her as she returned her hold, a light blush on her cheeks. After a couple of moments, a troubled look appeared on her face. "Um, Moka?"


Kurumu looked away nervously for a moment, then turned her attention back to the taller student. "It's not that I'm ungrateful or anything, but, which Moka are you again?"

The vampire released her and looked fully into her face. "You mean you could tell," she asked with a surprised look, then looked away and frowned in disappointment. "Shoot, and I thought I was doing such a good job playing Ura-chan."

The cyan-haired girl gave her a confused look, but when she suddenly growled, the succubus jumped back and watched as her close friend spun around.

"Omote," Inner Moka thought to herself, "if you ever overrule me like that again, I'll make you experience agony like you've never known! This is my body, NO ONE commandeers it!"

"It's my body too in case you forgot!" the hidden persons shot back mentally. "You're starting to crack, Ura-chan, you'll never beat him like this. Let me help you."

"I don't need help, I am a royal vampire, unequaled and unparalleled in every sense of the word. Colton is nothing but trash before me, I'll dispose of him and end this horrible night."

"Or die trying," a third mental voice asked.

Both Mokas gasped at the intruder within their mind. They looked ahead towards their foe, who they knew was the one who'd just spoken.

"That's what I've always detested about you," Colton began with a sour look, "your unabashed arrogance. You cling so tightly to it, even when it's proven false. I think it's time to give you a good dose of reality." A vile dark aura surrounded him, and the girls braced themselves against their enemy's sudden display of power. As they watched, the man's form began to fragment, as two afterimages appeared on each side and separated themselves from him. Once the incident was finished, the group found themselves against five identical versions of their adversary.

"What the hecht," Kurumu asked warily, "are those supposed to be illusions?"

Yukari looked amongst the enemies before her as she tried to find any discrepancy that would've identified the real Colton. However, all five versions looked completely identical, with matching auras to boot. "Darn it, I can't tell desu!"

"This is too weird," Mizore noted, rather unnerved despite her stoic demeanor.

"Weird or not," Ruby spoke to the others, "he's coming! Prepare yourselves!"

No sooner than she'd warned her friends that the five evil images broke apart and rushed towards the girls, as miniature scythes appeared sporadically and rained down in random directions. Moka noted the enemy in the center was headed straight for her, and quickly ducked, which left an afterimage behind. The bald man had his blade brought back into a thrusting position. But just before he lunged forth, he paused in mid-strike. Moka was surprised that he didn't attack, so she withheld her counter. Suddenly, the European looked straight down at her, and raised his blade aloft, a dark scowl on his face. The white-haired woman quickly rolled away as her enemy's weapon crashed down on her previous location. The sophomore bared her fangs in frustration, incensed that her enemy had seen through her ploy. But before she could've thought or voiced her irritation, she saw Colton approaching her again, his blade raised overhead again. She quickly rolled to her opponent's left and got to her feet to avoid another overhand slash, which left him open for but a moment. Moka unloaded with a short roundhouse kick to the back of Colton's head, which caused him to lean forward slightly. The vampire then moved to the front and unloaded with a rising kick straight to her enemy's chin, which made him stagger back a few paces. She then moved in and drilled him with a fierce reverse back kick to the chest, which staggered him even more. But before the vampire could've pressed her advantage, the dark servant became incorporeal again, and aimed his right hand at her, as spectral blue energy gathered in his hand. She recognized the attack, and quickly leaped to the side as five columns of blue energy shot towards her. Once they had passed, she converged on her enemy again.

Kurumu waited as her opponent approached her. She knew his blade gave him a tremendous reach advantage, and getting close would've been quite difficult. Colton reared back and unleashed a powerful overhand slash. The cyan-haired girl dodged the wild attack and landed a side kick into his left side. She then spun around and unleashed a reverse roundhouse kick into her opponent's back. The man reared back, and thrust forth with his sword arm, aimed right at Kurumu's chest. The succubus managed to dodge it, but then yelped in pain as she felt a quick slash across her shoulder. She looked, and saw a sickle had managed to wound her, and then vanished. Her eyes darted back towards Colton, who'd already gotten into striking position again. She tried to jump back, but not quick enough to completely avoid a rising slash from her opponent. She looked down and saw a light gash that ran from near her left kidney, between her breasts, and up to her right shoulder. She cringed as she imagined how badly she would've been hurt of she'd taken the full force of the attack. The succubus then saw her opponent advancing on her again, his blade in a thrusting position. She quickly ducked as his deadly armament lunged towards her. The cyan-haired girl then nailed him in the gut with a knife hand strike, her claws already extended. She then raked up his torso with a rising slash of her own, which made him groan in obvious pain. The sinister man responded with a wild backhanded blow with his free hand that knocked Kurumu to the ground. She rolled onto her back, and saw Colton had closed in, his blade aimed at her throat. She quickly rolled out of the way as the blade struck the nonexistent ground.

Yukari engaged her own opponent, as her tarot cards surrounded her in a spinning shield. She knew how much of a nuisance the sickles would've been so she sought to neutralize at least one problem during their battle. She jumped away with a yelp as Colton slashed wildly with his blade. While in mid-leap, the child prodigy focused her magical energy, and aimed her wand at the European man. "LYRICAL MAGICAL HAPPY HEART!" A slew of iron tarot cards rained down on Colton, and slashed any sickles that neared Yukari. After a few seconds of the bombardment, the bald man slashed forcefully with his blade and the cards were scattered in all directions. The young witch quickly knelt on the ground to avoid being wounded by the backlash. As she got to her feet, she saw her opponent was visibly wounded, though it didn't seem to hamper him. Yukari grimaced, as she was uncertain if her attack wasn't strong enough, or her opponent was simply ignoring the pain of his injuries. Before she came to a conclusion, she saw was her opponent rushing towards her again, his blade raised overhead. She rolled on the ground and narrowly avoided the deadly weapon and it struck her last position. The witch quickly got to her feet and concentrated her youki into her wand. "BRONZE POTS!" she shouted, and a slew of hard washing basins slammed into her adversary's head. In the middle of the attack, Colton slashed upwards and cleaved an approaching basin in two. Yukari gulped in fear, and timidly leaped away as the bald man slashed towards her yet again.

Mizore braced herself as her enemy approached. She noted that what he lacked in speed, he compensated in precision and resilience. As he unleashed a wild overhand blow, she quickly got behind him and threw a slew of ice kunai at his unprotected back. He grunted slightly, but made no other indications that he'd been hurt. As he turned to face his opponent, the purple-haired girl concentrated her youki on his position, as frozen mists arose from the ground below him. "ICE GLACIERS!" she shouted as she rose her arms into the air. Frozen stalagmites shot up below the nefarious being and pierced into his midsection and underbelly. He retaliated by swinging his blade in a low arc, which smashed the deadly icicles to pieces. Once he was free, he closed in on his opponent, his weapon reared back in a striking position. As he thrust forward, Mizore sidestepped and focused her energy on his blade arm. Within two seconds, everything from the tip of his blade to his elbow was encased in thick ice. He looked to his frozen arm, somewhat perplexed by the predicament. The snow girl turned her right claw into a large sphere of ice, and thrust it straight into his wounded stomach. Before she could've followed up, a distinct whistling sound neared her position. She looked back, and saw a sickle headed her way. She quickly swatted it away with her claws, but as she turned back to Colton, she saw he had his frozen arm raised aloft, and several more sickles appeared overhead. He lashed out to the side, and the sickles spun and streaked towards Mizore. The yuki onna crated an ice shield, and the bladed implements stuck into the wall and disappeared. Once she dispelled her shield, she watched as her enemy whacked his frozen arm with a sharp karate-style blow, which instantly shattered the ice that once encased it. "Show off," the purple-haired girl grumbled, and then braced herself for her opponent's next attack.

Ruby immediately produced her wings as Colton converged on her. She extended her feathers until they formed a shield, and used it to block her opponent's opening attack. The bald man wasn't visibly deterred as his weapon bounced off her wings, and spun around for a reverse slash. The dark-haired woman quickly brought her wings into position and parried the blow. The foreigner then spun in the opposite direction, brought his sword into a thrusting position and lunged forth. Ruby quickly shielded herself with her six extended wings to block the attack. Suddenly, Colton disappeared from her sight, along with his menacing aura. The older witch quickly looked about, and then sensed a colossal killing intent from behind her. She then swung her three right wings behind her, and deflected an oncoming thrust from her opponent. The bald man unloaded with a vicious reverse slash, which the dark-haired woman drifted back to avoid. She then floated straight up out of her enemy's reach, and raised her staff aloft, as her wings glowed with a violet aura. She then raised down a torrent of deadly feathers, which mercilessly bombarded the dark servant below. Colton brought his blade up to deflect some of the feathers, but he was still visibly wounded from the attack. But before it subsided, the sinister man disappeared once more. She then felt a familiar malicious intent, and quickly dodged to the side as the dark servant streaked past her in midair, his blade extended. Ruby was quickly on the defensive, startled that her opponent could've fight in midair as well as on the ground. She dodged four menacing slashes, drifted back enough to get some space between them, and then raised her staff. "COME FORTH, MY SERVANTS!" she shouted. Once she did, a flock of crows appeared within the void and viciously attacked Colton with their beaks and talons. After a few seconds, the evil schemer became incorporeal and phased through the flock, who cawed in confusion that their target was no longer among them. The hovering man then charged his energy into his blade, then spun around and unloaded with a devastating slash that rent all the familiars asunder with a single blow. Ruby cried out in shock, mortified that her servants had been slain so easily.

Colton then turned back towards his opponent. "You're next," he spoke in an icy voice, and a murderous look in his gray eyes. He then streaked rapidly towards Ruby, his sword held low. The witch instinctively shielded herself with her wings, but before he got within striking range, he vanished. "SOUL CLEAVE!" the dark underling's voice shouted from behind, and the dark-haired woman screamed in pain as she was viciously slashed down her exposed back, and the force of the attack shot down into the core of her being. She felt very weak after the attack, as it seemed her life-force had been cut in half. Coupled with the other abilities he'd demonstrated, Ruby became very fearful about their prospects for the dreadful battle.

Yukari heard the pained cry of her fellow witch, and turned in her direction. "Ruby-san!" she called out. Suddenly she felt an immeasurable killing intent behind her, and dove to the ground as her opponent's blade swung overhead. She looked behind her, and saw her own adversary, a sinister smile on his pale face.

"You shouldn't take your eyes off your enemy," Colton remarked in a mocking, chiding voice, "that could be the death of you." He charged in and attacked with a merciless overhead slash, that the child prodigy barely avoided.

Kurumu backed away from her adversary's furious offensive. She could've sensed her friends were in serious trouble, but she was still preoccupied with her own opponent, who'd become more confident and aggressive. She ducked under a vicious reverse slash from the bald man, then raked up his torso with both claws. She then reared back and raked across his chest again with a reverse claw swipe, but then jumped aside as Colton stepped in and lunged forth, his blade aimed straight at her neck. As he was still extended from his attack, Kurumu kicked him in the back of the left leg, which made him stumble somewhat, but he quickly recovered and spun around for a merciless slash. The succubus tried to jump away, but was still partially caught by the attack, which cut just below her chest. Kurumu cried out in pain, decently wounded from the assault.

Mizore moved in on her opponent again, as her stoic demeanor concealed her mounting frustration. She knew a head-on assault was out of the question, especially in light of Colton's undeniable battle prowess. His increased aggression also made it nigh impossible for the yuki onna to unleash her stronger attacks which required time and concentration. She evaded a crushing overhead blow from the foreigner, got behind his right shoulder and hurled six ice kunai into his side, which made him growl in pain. Seizing the opportunity, she concentrated her youki and slammed both her claws onto the insubstantial ground, as frozen mists arose beneath Colton. As he turned to face her, a huge pillar of ice erupted below, which drove him high into the air. Mizore looked up at where the pillar ascended, disappointed there wasn't an actual ceiling above them. Suddenly, her blue eyes widened slightly as she realized she couldn't sense her enemy's aura. As she looked about the area, she soon felt an immense killing intent, which made Moka's seem tame in comparison. She turned and saw Colton charging towards her, his blade in a thrusting position. She backed up against the pillar, waited a few moments, and then dodged at the last second as her enemy's weapon plunged into the column of ice. The sinister man looked up at the huge pillar, which began to splinter from his botched attack. Within a few seconds, the entire column crumbled, as huge pieces of ice fell onto the ground where Colton stood. Soon all that remained was a large pile of frozen rubble.

Mizore paused to catch her breath, heavily exerted from the battle. Though it wasn't her original plan, she felt it had worked out regardless. "That had to have finished him," she spoke wearily. Suddenly, she felt a familiar aura behind her. She quickly dodged as he heard a steel weapon striking the ground. She turned and saw the dark servant behind her, his blade still on the ground and seemingly no damage to his person after what just occurred. "I am really starting to hate you," the yuki onna remarked.

Moka snarled viciously as she dodged another vicious slash and countered with a roundhouse kick to the back. She knew the tide of the battle was turning against them, and it began to wear on her already frayed nerves. She'd never fought against an enemy who was as powerful, resilient, or especially as resourceful as the vile servant of Dracula before her. She was on the verge of going completely ballistic, but quickly reined in her raging emotions, as she feared Colton was deliberately trying to push her over the edge so Dracula's power would've consumed her, just as it did the others. Though she'd managed to keep herself in check, she felt herself slowly being pushed to her mental limits by the diabolical man who'd turned her entire world upside down in the span of three days.

The white-haired woman waited as Colton moved in on her again. She planted her left foot firmly on the ground, and quickly ducked as her opponent unleashed a vicious backhanded slash. She then rose up and drove her foot right under the bald man's chin, which made him stumble back several paces, but didn't take him off his feet. But before Moka could've followed up, a strange crackling sound came from within the dimension, coupled with powerful demonic energy. The super vampire turned, and saw the small fissure within the artificial space crackling, as well as a pair of hands that gasped the sides of the gap. Her face went blank with shock, as a familiar longing came upon her. It wasn't nearly as compelling as before, but the sensation was impossible to deny. "Tsukune," she asked in surprise.

The others also noted the disturbance, broke away from their opponents, and turned towards the phenomenon. Kurumu was immediately frightened by what she'd witnessed. She hoped Moka was incorrect in her assessment, but the calling she felt within her proved otherwise. "No way!" the cyan-haired girl exclaimed, as her hand went to the middle of her chest. "What is he thinking?"

Yukari looked to her friends, and was immediately concerned by their reaction. She became even more so as she saw the rift gradually being widened. "That... that can't be!" she declared. "No one can open a tear in space in time with their bare hands!"

"Tsukune," the badly wounded Ruby asked, as she looked worriedly to her fellow witch.

Mizore mutely watched as the tear widened further. A frightened gasp escaped her lips as she saw a familiar figure on the other side of the fissure. Though it looked like the brown-haired youth, the seething red eyes and indescribably monstrous aura told a different tale. "No," she spoke in a quivering voice that betrayed her seemingly nonexistent emotions, "Tsukune."

Moka hissed as she narrowed her burning red eyes into deadly slits. She previously thought Colton had erred when he left the fissure behind, but only then did she realize it was no mistake. Her fingers bent dangerously by her sides as she bared her fangs in anger. "Idiot, get back!" she shouted towards the widening tear. "It's a trap!"

The fissure opened further, and a leg clothed by long brown trousers stepped into the dimension, followed by another. A split second later, the figure had completely entered the artificial space. Though it bore a similar appearance to Tsukune Aono, it was several inches taller, and much more muscular than the previously human student the girls once knew. The kindness that had been prevalent in his face was gone, replaced by a brooding countenance. His eyes were red slitted irises, framed by black sclera. What frightened them the most was his aura, which surpassed any of the girls, possibly all of them combined.

The five images of Colton turned towards the newcomer, looks of intrigue on their pale visages.

"So," the bald man in the middle remarked with a pleased expression, "you've decided to join us. I was wondering when you'd arrive, Tsukune Aono."

"But you are much too late," the man on the far left added, as he motioned with his left arm. "And now, all the pieces have fallen into place."

At that moment, the fissure sealed itself completely, which left no visible means back to the academy.

"Crap!" Mizore exclaimed, though her expression didn't reflect her feelings of dread.

"No!" Kurumu exclaimed with a horrified look. "You don't mean-"

"He had this planned all along," Moka replied with a brooding scowl. She gave a seething sidelong glance towards Tsukune, who didn't return her stare, which irritated her even further. She was certain the brown-haired youth had been subjugated by Dracula's power, and cursed herself for failing in its prevention.

"Oh my," the Colton second from the far right noted, "they don't seem overly enthused about your arrival. So much for the power of friendship, wouldn't you say, Aono-san?"

"Enough of your tiresome posturing," the formerly human student spoke coldly, "this farce ends now." Without another word, he rose slightly in the air, and aimed his right hand at the bald man on the far left, as he concentrated his unholy power. "SCATTER TO THE WINDS!" he shouted, as he turned towards his right. As he did, he released five large orbs of dark energy, with jagged streaks of seething crimson throughout the entire surface. Each orb was aimed at the five representations of his enemy. Once the far left sphere got within range, it immediately detonated with a thundering explosion of unholy energy. However, due to its proximity with the other orbs, a chain reaction ensued which caused the spheres to explode prematurely, though the results were extremely devastating.

All but Moka gasped in fear, as they recognized it as one of Dracula's attacks from when he possessed Moka's body. However, it seemed even stronger, which was a tremendous feat in itself, for they thought they knew the extent of Dracula's power, only to realize they were terribly wrong. Even Moka had trouble concealing her fright, as the attack she witnessed was greater than she ever imagined. Though she loathed to admit it, the amount of power she witnessed rivaled that of her father's full strength. But the most terrifying part was that the power was utilized not by Dracula, but by Tsukune.

"Tsukune," the vampire asked nervously, and then cursed herself for her weakness. "Tsukune, what have you done?"

"I crushed him," he spoke in a brooding voice, "the same way I crushed Kuyou. No one can challenge me now."

The cyan-haired girl couldn't stop trembling in the presence of the ominous man who she once deemed her Mate of Fate. The being before her acted nothing like the young man who saved her life early in their first year. She felt a pair of shaking arms around her waist. She looked beside her, and saw Yukari tightly clung to her side, also terrified of the sinister figure before them. "Kurumu-san," the witch spoke timidly.

The succubus returned her embrace, and shielded the younger girl with her body. "Yukari-chan."

"Kurumu-san, you're bleeding," the shorter girl spoke worriedly.

"Don't worry about me," the voluptuous teenager replied, as she tried to sound brave despite the situation.

Beside her, Mizore was visibly frightened, and placed her shaking hands on the cyan-haired girl's shoulders. "Then who should we be worried about?"

Ruby had backed away from the inhuman student who radiated a supremely evil aura, afraid to answer the purple-haired girl's question. And despite her wretched state, stood protectively by Yukari.

Moka looked worriedly at her former friend, and then to where the explosions had just subsided. Once the smoke had cleared, there was no trace of the European man. She immediately looked about the area, as she searched for any trace of his presence. "Where are you?" she demanded.

"Over here," a familiar voice spoke, which echoed throughout the darkness around her. Suddenly, the five images of Colton that were supposedly destroyed reappeared in a circle around Moka. They ran around the vampire in a clockwise motion, their blades extended out by their sides and crackling with the darkest of energy.

Tsukune's imposing demeanor instantly changed, as an appalled look crossed his features. "NO!" he exclaimed.

"Crap!" Mizore uttered as she saw what had just occurred.

"Moka!" Kurumu called out, fearful of what her enemy had planned.

"YOUR LIFE IS FORFEIT!" the five Coltons shouted in unison. They leaped into the air in mid-stride, and seemed to hang in place for but a moment, their blades raised overhead. As they came down for the fatal blow, a dark blurred figure rushed into the middle of them. Suddenly, a huge pillar of darkness erupted from where they struck, and an evil-looking skull rose up within the pillar, laughing wickedly as it ascended out of sight. Once the pillar vanished, so did all but one version of Colton. And instead of Moka, the girls saw a familiar brown-haired youth, with five deadly vertical gashes around his front and back. The man soon collapsed on the starry ground.

Kurumu's violet eyes went wide in terror at what had just occurred, as a fierce pain shot through her heart.. "TSUKUUUNEEEEEEEE!" she screamed at the top of her lungs.

"TSUKUNE-SAAAAN!" Yukari cried out in horror. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The white-haired woman found herself on the ground. Once she regained her bearings, she looked ahead to where she stood but a few moments ago. "TSUKUUUNEEEEEEEEEE!" she shrieked in enormous mental anguish, as she launched herself towards the fallen man, indifferent that Colton stood but a few feet from her. "Tsukune, no!" she cried, as intense sorrow welled up within her.

The stricken student groaned weakly, as he looked into the deathly pale face of the super monster. "Moka-san," he spoke with a wan smile, as his eyes turned brown once more, "at last, I've found you."

"Tsukune," the seemingly indomitable woman replied with a blank look of shock.

An enraged bloodthirsty scream pierced the heavy air. Moka looked beside her, and saw an infuriated Kurumu before Colton, a seething violet aura about her. With lightning speed, she launched herself towards her foe and slashed with her claws, as five vertical cutting waves of dark energy shot forth. However, the sinister man became insubstantial, and the attack harmlessly passed through him. He then phased through the succubus' body, materialized behind her, and then brutally slashed down her back. The cyan-haired girl screamed in agony, collapsed onto her knees and fell forward.

"KURUMU-SAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" Yukari screamed at the top of her lungs, horrified at her friend's tragic fate.

"You bastard!" Mizore snapped, unable to contain her ire behind her stoic mask. The yuki onna sent a wave of huge icicles towards Colton, who sliced them to pieces with a single swipe of his deadly blade. However, instead of disintegrating, the icy fragments shot forth and attached themselves to his body, much to his disbelief. "Gotcha," Mizore remarked with an icy glare, as she concentrated her youki. "ICE EXPLOSION!" A huge eruption of arctic energy followed, with the sinister man caught in the middle. The impromptu blizzard blew past her, and obscured her vision. Suddenly, she saw a silhouette within the storm, which was soon joined by four more. The five figures floated around her in a circle, and the yuki onna trembled as she guessed their identities. Without warning, they consecutively dashed towards her and slashed up her torso with their blades. Mizore screamed in agony as the blades cut through her, and then collapsed on the starry ground.

The white-haired woman gasped in horror at what had just occurred, as fear began to well up within her heart. She quickly realized Colton had only used a fraction of his strength when he fought against them before that point, and tried hard not to tremble as she contemplated his true strength.

"Moka-san," Tsukune spoke in a pained voice, "what's wrong? Why won't you... use your power?"

The aggrieved woman gasped to herself, and blinked incoherently. "Tsukune, what are you saying?"

The brown-haired youth sighed weakly as he struggled to remain conscious. "Moka-san, you're stronger than this. Have you forgotten... what happened in the dungeon? You have the power... I can feel it... you can too. Use it... to defeat him."

"Wh-wh-what are you saying," the vampire asked incredulously, "have you forgotten what... that power does to people's minds? Look what it did Saizou and Kuyou, look what it's done to you!" she all but shrieked. "This is why I told you not to fight him, Tsukune. I didn't want you, to lose your precious human heart," she spoke in a pained voice, as she laid her hand on his bare chest.

The mortally wounded man immediately winced at the vampire's touch.

"Tsukune!" Moka spoke worriedly.

"What's the point of being human," the fallen youth spoke weakly, "if you can't protect, your precious friends?" He coughed painfully for a moment. "The Chairman is wrong, no mere human can ever defeat Dracula. I had to become stronger, in order to protect everyone." He rolled slightly towards her, and reached up with his shaking right hand. "To protect, you Moka-san."

The vampire gulped nervously in response, as a light blush appeared on her cheeks. Though she feared he'd been tainted Dracula, she couldn't doubt the conviction in his eyes. Suddenly, an agonized scream pierced the air. She looked behind her, and saw Yukari with six sickles in her body, as Colton converged on her. He unloaded with a diagonal slash down her torso, which left a huge gash behind. The white-haired woman watched as young witch screamed again, and collapsed onto the ground. The super monster felt herself shaking, practically terrified of the unimaginable power the bald man possessed.

"Moka-san," Tsukune spoke up, which got his friend's attention. "please. Don't fear the power you now possess, use it to defeat him. He can't win, evil never does."

"How can you say that?" the vampire retorted in disbelief. "Look what he's done to our friends, look what he's done to you!" She gasped as she felt his hand on her warm cheek.

"It's alright, Moka-san," the wounded man replied soothingly. "There's no need to deny your feelings, use your anger and rage, to destroy him. You have the power, right here," he continued, as his hand slid down her face, past her neck, and eventually stopped at her heart. "Embrace it."

"Tsukune," Outer Moka spoke with an enthralled expression.

"S-s-s-stop that!" the manifested persona spoke frantically to her hidden self. The white-haired woman then glared at the man below her. "And you, stop talking nonsense!" she snapped, as she seized his offending wrist and removed his hand from her breast. "I don't need the power of some poser to defeat this idiot, I am a royal vampire, defeat is not in my vocabulary!"

"Neither is humility, Ura-chan," came the sarcastic remark of her counterpart.

The stricken man laughed weakly as he looked to the flustered woman who hovered over him. "It'll be alright, Moka. There's no need, to fear what might happen. If anything, there'd be so much more, of you to love."

The white-haired woman spluttered incoherently, as her face went beet red. She knew exactly what he'd implied, and it infuriated her more than she'd ever thought possible. Moreover, she heard her alternate persona gasp within her mind, and became even more flabbergasted. After several unsuccessful attempts to verbalize her seething indignance, she rose up and stood imperiously over him, a look of death on her pallid visage. "BAKA!" she screamed at the top of her considerable lungs, as she unloaded with a powerful kick to the chops which sent Tsukune flying fifty feet away.

The female vampire breathed angrily, more embarrassed than she'd ever been in her entire life. Her deadly fangs were bared menacingly, as he covered her blushing face with her elongated hands. She never would've imagined Tsukune would've thought of her in such a manner. She would've expected it from Gin, but not from her first friend at school. As the memories of her humiliating transformation came rushing back to her she found another reason to never utilize the power she received after Komiya's death. The aghast looks from her friends, and the lustful gazes of Yukari and Kokoa, filled her with unprecedented chagrin. What troubled her more was her counterpart's reaction, which made her wonder if she seriously considered the idea. The very thought made her groan in disgust and humiliation.

The sound of pierced flesh and gushing blood, followed by a pained cry, brought her back into the present. She looked about the area, and saw Ruby with a mortified look on her face, along with Colton's blade in her body, his gloved fist just below her bosom. He extracted the blade, and allowed the witch to collapse onto the ground, blood flowing from her a deep gash on her torso. The seemingly unbeatable servant of Dracula stood over his last victim, as the crimson fluid ran down the edge of his deadly weapon. Moka tried not to gasp as she looked at him, and felt her hand trembling by her side. She quickly took hold of it, and grit her teeth together. Colton then turned his gaze towards her, an ominous look in his hard gray eyes. The vampire felt herself cringe under his gaze, which she despised. The one thing she hated about the sinister man more than anything else was his eyes, which bore through her pride and saw the real Moka beneath. She was certain her alternate persona was shivering under their enemy's gaze, but she didn't fault her. The S-class monster almost found herself unable to stop trembling as the dark follower slowly approached her. She frantically looked about, and saw only the fallen forms of the friends. She looked over her shoulder, and caught sight of the brown-haired youth in the distance. "Tsukune!" she spoke worriedly, and immediately ran to his side. She knelt down and took hold of his hand. "Tsukune, hold on!"

The brown-haired youth groaned weakly, as a pained laugh escaped him. "I'll be fine, Moka. As long as you're here, I'm fine."

The female vampire's mouth gaped open in horror as she felt his hand had gone limp. Her breathing came in short, nervous spurts, and she saw his own grew shallow. "No," she spoke to herself, "he's fading." Instinctively, she wrapped her slender arms around him and held him tightly against her chest. "Tsukune, no. Not again." Her whole body trembled as she held him against her. It was far more painful than the previous time, for so much had gone awry before that moment. She knew she couldn't have saved Tsukune and defeated Colton, even if she believed what her friend relayed. She groaned in anguish and sorrow, as she wasn't certain about anything at the moment. The appearance of Dracula had complicated matters nearly beyond her comprehension, and she finally understood her counterpart's earlier concerns for her well-being. However, she unquestionably knew she had to make a choice, and accept the resulting consequences.

Around that time, the sound of footsteps reached her sensitive ears. She didn't have to turn to know Colton was approaching them, though he seemed in no hurry. However, it reminded her that there was no one else who could've stood against him, and that she'd either have to face him, or die where she laid.

"Ura-chan," the hidden persona asked urgently, "what are we going to do?"

The remorseful vampire sighed gravely in response, as she looked into the seemingly lifeless face of her precious friend. Even though she wished she had more time to consider the matter, she sensed Colton's malefic aura had drawn close, and could've delayed no longer. "I'm going," she began with a heavy heart, "to save Tsukune."

"Ura-chan," Outer Moka spoke softly.

The white-haired woman concentrated her youki, and a pink aura surrounded her. She opened her mouth wide, as a voracious hiss escaped her. She then plunged her fangs into the crook of the nearly dead man's neck, who became surrounded by her aura. "Please stay with me," she thought to herself, "I don't want to lose you again, my beloved Tsukune." She felt her power waning as she infused him with more of her blood. Despite that, she clung even tighter to him.

Moreover, she felt the essence of her alter ego embracing the comatose man as well, her mouth also upon his neck. "We'll save you," the hidden side of Moka spoke mentally, "together."

A tear ran down the vampire's pale face, as she couldn't help but feel touched that her counterpart supported her decision. She wondered if she would've done the same were she in control, but knew such concerns were trivial amidst their current plight. "Thank you, Omote."

Colton stood over them, and watched as the white-haired woman's aura faded. She breathed heavily as she leaned over the apparently deceased youth. "Was that it," the dark follower asked with a disappointed look, "a pity, and I had such high hopes for the lad."

Kurumu looked towards where her friends lied motionless on the ground. "Tsukune, Moka, no!" she cried weakly, but lacked the strength to move in her condition.

"Tsukune," Mizore added wanly, as her lifeblood flowed from her wounds.

"Tsukune-san, Moka-san," Yukari spoke sadly. Even though she knew her self-regeneration could've saved her, she saw no means of saving her friends at that juncture, and it wounded her deeper than her physical injuries.

"Tsukune-san," Ruby muttered in a barely audible voice, also very weak from the wounds inflicted by the false historian.

The super vampire gently lifted up Tsukune's head, and laid a gentle kiss upon his forehead. She then laid it back down, and rose to her feet. She raised her pale visage to Colton, who noticed the cold hatred in her eyes. She had no more words or feelings to express as she walked over the fallen friend's body and stared down her insidious enemy.

"So this is how it ends," the bald man commented nonchalantly. "'Tis most unfortunate, but no matter. After tonight, none of you shall ever threaten Lord Dracula again."

"You have not won," Moka replied flatly, "even if I must perish here, I will bring you down to Hell with me." She lowered her chin, while she kept her crimson gaze locked on Colton. "You're the one who shall never threaten anyone again."

"Moka-san, no!" Yukari cried out from her vantage point.

"Is that so," Colton asked, a mild challenge in his voice, "then let's put an end to all this, shall we?"

Before any of them could've advanced, an ominous youki began to resonate within their vicinity. The bald man sensed the phenomenon came from Tsukune's location, and he cautiously stepped back, as the malefic aura began to expand and grow more violent before him. Moka spun around, and watched as crackles of incomprehensibly demonic energy shot from her fallen friend's body. The white-haired woman looked on in a mixture of horror, awe, and desire as she sensed the life-force within the seemingly dead man increasing rapidly. "Tsukune," she asked in confusion, as her elongated hand clutched the front of her blouse.

Suddenly, a titanic explosion of supremely evil energy erupted where Tsukune lied. Colton braced himself, and shielded his face with his left arm. The others were all blown back by the seemingly godlike eruption of power. The super vampire channeled her remaining strength into her legs so she could've stood her ground. It reminded her of the nightmare she had of Dracula the previous night, but the power she sensed then was dwarfed by the satanic energy that was just released before her. It even surpassed what she felt when Dracula commandeered her body in the dungeon. Before her thunderstruck crimson irises, she watched as Tsukune's inert body rose like a stiff board off the ground, until he stood straight on his feet. The white-haired woman looked on as she struggled to maintain her footing, her entire being writhing in anticipation. The man before her easily stood four inches taller than Gin, and had a far more muscular build, partially exposed by his lack of a shirt and jacket. After several tense moments, he opened his eyes, and Moka couldn't help but gasp in horror at what she saw. A pair of glowing crimson irises with slitted pupils stared back, framed by the blackest and most unbridled hate. She knew they were not the eyes of the courageous youth who awakened her from her long slumber, but the eyes of a demon who'd haunted her since her seventh birthday.

The eyes of Dracula.

"TSUKUNE!" the vampire's counterpart spoke through her lips as she overtook her body and ran towards the foreboding man before her.

Inner Moka seethed in anger, as she quickly found herself pushed into the back of her own mind yet again. "Omote, get back!" she shouted commandingly. "That is not Tsukune!"

Oblivious to the cries of her alternate persona, the shaking girl stood before the one who'd become her first friend at the academy. "Tsukune," she began, her voice saturated with concern, "please tell me you're alright. I never wanted any of this to happen, neither did Ura-chan. Oh, Tsukune," she continued, as tears began to form in her oddly colored eyes. "Tsukune," she asked nervously as she looked into the unfamiliar eyes of the man before her, "do you, hate vampires now?"

Inner Moka inhaled sharply, taken aback by the question. As angry as she was for being superseded twice in one day, she found her ire gave way to fearful anticipation as she looked to the inhuman being before her. His eyes bored into her, as she swore she felt him staring at her as well as her alter ego.

After a few seconds, the former Tsukune Aono slowly raised his arms and encircled them around Moka's form. The female vampire was startled for a moment, but then returned the embrace with all her remaining strength as she pressed herself flush against his body. "Oh Tsukune," she spoke in an enthralled, breathy voice. "My Tsukune."

"Moka," the tall man spoke lowly, which immediately got the girl's attention, "hold still." He pushed her back slightly, and then titled his head to the side. He opened his mouth wide, which revealed deadly looking fangs. With a barely audible hiss, his head leaned forward and he attached his mouth to the side of Moka's neck. The white-haired woman tried not to cry out as she felt the man's fangs in neck. But instead of being drained, she felt a different sensation, which made her moan in delight. Her red eyes went wide, and her heaving bosom strained against the buttons of her white blouse. A few seconds later, the man removed his fangs, and sealed the wounds he'd made. He licked off a few remaining streaks of blood, and then leaned close to the shorter girl's ear. "I could never hate you, my precious Moka-san. You give me such strength, it is time I gave some in return."

The female youkai looked to him, an enchanted look in her blood-colored eyes, as feelings of relief and renewed desire welled up within her. "Tsukune," she spoke softly, as her hand lightly touched her heart, "this is, your strength?"

"Yes, Moka-san," the formerly human student replied with a dark smile. "It is our power," he went on, as his right hand touched her chest, "bask in it."

The vampire moaned in delight at the touch of Tsukune's hand on her breast, and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head. "Oh Tsukune!" she cried out in ecstasy, and then pressed herself fully against him. "Tsukune, my precious, delicious, succulent Tsukune," she continued, and accentuated each word by rubbing her sizable chest against his bare torso.

"ENOUGH!" Inner Moka roared in unbridled rage, as she forced her alter ego back into the dark recesses of her mind. "I will not have you humiliating me any longer!" She then turned her attention to the imposing man before her. "As for you, Tsukune, if you've blood-bonded her, I'm going to extract your large intestine and THROTTLE YOU WITH IT!"

The brown-haired man looked over her shoulder, levitated a few inches in the air and then floated past the enraged vampire. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" she demanded angrily. "DON'T YOU DARE IGNORE ME!" she shouted as she stormed after him.

The hovering being stopped near the bodies of the other girls, each with pools of blood beneath them. His burning red eyes gazed upon each of the girls, and sensed they were barely alive. Seething anger boiled in his heart at what he'd witnessed, and he reared his head back and roared in unimaginable rage, as his satanic aura immediately flared up. Moka tried hard not to shiver, as she'd never felt such pure incomprehensible evil in her short life. What frightened her the most was it came from not Dracula, but Tsukune. She grit her teeth together, and fought back her tears, as she feared the young man who she cherished more than anything was gone, replaced by a fiend who seemingly lived for power alone.

With a low, menacing growl, the inhuman youth turned towards his enemy. "You have committed your last atrocity," the former Tsukune Aono spoke in a foreboding, judgmental voice. "You turned our school into a living hell, and tormented Moka-san just for your own amusement, and that of your false god. Countless people are dead because of you, and now you seek to destroy everything and everyone I've ever cared about. But no longer," he went on, as he clenched his fists by his sides. Suddenly, his malefic aura erupted about him, as he brought forth his full power. "COLTON, PREPARE TO DIE!"

The bald man made no visible reaction to the menacing threat leveled at him, as his long coat blew back from the titanic youki that emanated from the formerly human student. "Is that so," he asked curiously. "Then come, boy." With that, a vile dark aura surrounded his form, one that rivaled the youki of his opponent. The stars above began to move rapidly throughout the artificial dimension. The very sight made Moka shiver, as she could've scarcely comprehended the youki generated between the two adversaries. She certainly didn't believe Colton possessed such power, let alone Tsukune. It transcended humanity, along with all manner of youkai, and reached a level unimaginable by most worldly beings. The white-haired woman tightly grasped her blouse, as she felt the impending duel wouldn't have been a contest of mortals, but of gods.

"But I warn you," the European man remarked with a wry yet menacing smirk, "I shan't go easy on you as I did your little friends."

The sinister follower of Dracula charged fearlessly towards his opponent, as sickles began to appear more frequently, and all of them aimed at the brown-haired man. Colton raised his blade aloft, and slashed down towards his enemy. However, the formerly human student raised his left hand and caught the sharp weapon without even changing his expression.

"No, Tsukune!" Moka called out, as she knew what would've occurred. "Don't stand still!"

As the bald man sought to wrest his weapon free, the sickles came down and slashed at the sophomore, who didn't seem to notice the wounds that were inflicted on his body. After a few seconds, the former Tsukune Aono became annoyed, reared back with his free hand, and unleashed a huge beam of dark energy that struck Colton dead-on. The sinister figure managed to plant his feet firmly on the ground, but still found himself pushed twenty feet back.

The brooding student looked to his left hand, and saw a nasty gash on his palm. He was also struck by two more sickles, and the constant bombardment had begun to irritate him. Finally, he gathered his youki, and released it in one powerful burst, which decimated all the sickles nearby. But once he did, he saw his enemy had gotten within range again. The dark follower reared back with blade again, and Tsukune just barely managed to dodge the vicious attack. Colton followed up with a wild reverse slash, and the inhuman student barely had time to duck, as the vile blade whizzed over his head. Tsukune then unloaded with a hard blow to the gut, which slightly lifted the European man into the air before he came back down. The brown-haired vampire followed up with three more blows to the gut, channeled his energy into his fist, and nailed his opponent flush in the face, which knocked him twelve feet back onto the ground.

Moka watched worriedly from the background. Though she saw her friend had landed some devastating blows upon Colton, far more powerful than she or the other girls had delivered, she feared Tsukune might've been playing into his hands yet again, which began to infuriate her to no end. She also noticed that even when Colton was knocked down, the sickles kept appearing. She soon saw attacking the sinister man directly would've been difficult, especially if his opponent was attempting to crush him with a single blow, a strategy that she saw was quite ineffective. That bothered her, more than she wanted to admit. Even at her full strength, it wasn't enough to defeat him. And since she'd given Tsukune her blood, she'd become drastically weaker. She hoped he understood the true significance of her blood, or it would've cost him dearly in the battle.

The inhuman student rushed his opponent, gathered his aura and unleashed a powerful blow towards the bald man, who quickly disappeared from sight. He then reappeared behind his opponent and brutally slashed down his back at angle, which made the inhuman student scream in pain and drew blood. He then followed up with a crossing slash, which wounded his opponent further. The brown-haired man immediately spun around and nailed his enemy with a vicious backhanded blow that spun Colton around and knocked him off-balance. He then grabbed the back of his bald head, kneed him twice in the gut, then nailed him in the face with a knee lift that sent him reeling ten feet back onto the starry ground, which moved violently amidst the heated battle between the two titans. With the bald man still on the ground, Tsukune concentrated his dark power, and thrust forth his right hand. "SCATTER TO THE WINDS!" he shouted, and unleashed three large spheres of burning dark energy. They stopped near the fallen Colton and exploded with immense force.

As the explosions still raged, the scythes stopped appearing. The brooding man scowled, and peered down his nose at where his enemy once lied. Suddenly, Colton reappeared before him, and hovered around him in a wide circle. As he did, four more versions of him consecutively separated and floated around the livid youth, who bared his fangs in anger. Moka inhaled sharply, as she recalled what happened to Mizore earlier. "Watch out, Tsukune!" she shouted to the surrounded student. One by one the five representations of Colton dashed towards their target and slashed upwards with their blades. But when the last one charged towards Tsukune, the formerly human youth reached out and grabbed him by the throat.

"Impudent worm," the demonic man growled, "who are you to challenge me? A worthless creature like you has no place in my world!" He tightened his grip on his enemy, as he planned to break his neck there and then. But before he could've enacted his plan, he winced as an unseen blade slashed against his shoulder, followed by another. He looked about, and saw the scythes had begun to reappear again. With an enraged snarl, he ruthlessly flung Colton to the side, and he tumbled wildly on the ground, until he eventually came to a stop.

The former Tsukune Aono roared in anger, tired of the constant bombardment. His aura flared up menacingly, and decimated any sickles that neared him. He then flew towards the fallen servant of Dracula, and his hands became encased with fire. With a blood-crazed expression, he screamed and unleashed a vicious flurry of fireballs upon his enemy, who was mercilessly bombarded by the assault.

Moka watched on in horror, shocked by what unfolded before her. Never did she imagine her close friend was capable of such ruthlessness. Even worse, the aura that the fireballs possessed was very recognizable, much to her chagrin. "No!" she thought to herself. "Those are Kuyou's attacks!" She looked fearfully towards the man who seemed more unfamiliar by the moment, and knew her counterpart felt the same. "Tsukune, what have you become?"

In the middle of the barrage, Colton became insubstantial, and the remaining fireballs harmlessly passed through him. He then got to his feet, and stretched forth his gloved hand, as spectral blue energy gathered into his palm. He threw his hand back, and five huge columns of blue light shot forth, headed towards the brown-haired man. The former Tsukune floated to the side, and the pillars passed by him. He then converged on Colton again, who'd become corporeal again after the attack. He unleashed a huge blast of youki from his fist, which his opponent tried to avoid, but was partially caught by the attack and knocked off balance. The inhuman student charged in and nailed him flush in the face with an aura-enhanced blow, which sent him hard to the ground again. After his body tumbled back repeatedly, he drove his blade into the ground, and stopped his momentum. He used it as a support and slowly regained his footing, his movements far more sluggish from the dreadful battle. The dark servant glared at Tsukune, and exposed his polished white teeth. "I tire of this," he spoke in a cold, menacing voice.

Moka tried not to scream, as she felt Colton's killing intent had grown exponentially. She looked to the imposing man who fought him, and gasped aloud as she felt no fear within him. As she looked on in disbelief, she saw several his wounds had closed up. The larger ones were still present, but they also slowly mended themselves. The white-haired woman was shocked that Tsukune possessed such powerful regenerative capabilities, which she surmised far surpassed those of Yukari and Ruby. Even still, she was incredulous that the former human wasn't taking his opponent seriously.

Colton crossed his arms in front of him, as his aura made the entire dimension tremble in response. "MORTAL RENDER!" he shouted, and he thrust his arms out at an angle. When he did, his form separate into five identical versions of himself. They rushed towards Tsukune with blinding speed, which surprised the inhuman youth. He found himself barraged by a merciless series of slashes at every side of his body, which drew more of his blood. He cried out in pain, and found himself growing weaker after every slash. Once the attack was finished, the brown-haired man was down on one knee, greatly weakened from the vicious attack.

"TSUKUNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" both Mokas screamed at the top of their lungs, their voices intermixed by their horror.

The sinister servant of Dracula reappeared before his stricken opponent, a deep scowl on his pale face. Moka's entire body tensed with anticipation, as she was certain Colton was about to deliver the final blow. "Foolish mortal," the European man spoke ominously, "you never had a chance." He channeled his youki into his blade, which crackled with unholy energy. The white-haired woman broke into a sprint as she saw him raise his blade aloft. "Die," the bald man spoke, an icy finality in his voice. But before he could've struck, Moka somersaulted forward, flew over Tsukune's body, and drilled both of her feet into Colton's chest, which staggered him back noticeably. The vampire nimbly landed on her feet, planted a reverse back kick in his stomach, and then while he was doubled over, nailed him with a reverse leg sweep that sent him to the ground again.

Suddenly, a titanic evil aura flared up behind Moka, which disrupted her next course of action. She looked back, and saw Tsukune had begun to rise to his feet, his aura more powerful than ever. The white-haired woman quickly scampered away, shocked that he still possessed such strength, despite all the blood he lost.

"Who are you calling a mortal," the former Tsukune Aono asked of the prone Colton. "I am the King of this world! NO ONE can ever defeat me!" He hovered high into the air, and channeled his dark energy in both hands.

"Tsukune," Outer Moka cried out through her counterpart's lips, "no!"

"Learn through your body!" the inhuman student declared. "DESTRUCTION RAY!" He unleashed a huge beam of seething black energy towards his opponent, who mad no effort to evade the attack. A colossal eruption of dark energy followed, which engulfed the entire dimension.

Moka found herself in the ruined office once more. She looked about and saw the bodies of her friends on the floor about her. She quickly approached the cyan-haired girl and knelt down beside her. "Kurumu," she asked worriedly, "are you still with us?"

The wounded succubus groaned weakly as she struggled to open her violet eyes. "Moka," she began weakly, "is it finally over?"

The vampire sighed gravely as she looked to the others. "It seems so," she replied, though she wasn't wholly convinced.

The fallen girl blinked in acknowledgment. "Moka, where's Tsukune? Is he still here?"

The super monster grit her teeth together, unsure about how she should've responded. She looked to the middle of the room, and saw the imposing man standing over Colton's immobile body.

"You dare claim I had no chance," the brooding man asked of his fallen adversary. "Fool, a pathetic wretch like you is nothing before my sovereign power." His vile aura flared up menacingly around him, as he aimed his right hand at his opponent. "Realize this truth as you descend into the netherworld."

"Stop!" the white-haired woman commanded, then rose to her feet and headed towards the sinister being. "What do you think you're doing?"

The brooding man glanced contemptuously over his shoulder towards her. "Who are you to question me?"

"What was that?" the incensed vampire demanded with exposed fangs.

"Disappear," the former Tsukune Aono spoke with a dismissive tone as he waved his hand. Once he did, Moka was telekinetically thrown threw the ruined doorway and outside the office.

The white-haired woman landed hard on the floor with a painful grunt. As she slowly got to her feet, she saw the bodies of her friends floating consecutively towards her, suspended in midair by a frightening yet familiar youki. They slowly descended towards the floor and gently landed. She looked to them for a moment, then back to the doorway. She hissed angrily, and stormed towards the office, only to be stopped by an unseen force. She slammed her hands against what seemed to be a barrier, one not created by anyone she knew. In the middle of the room, she saw her first friend at school standing over his fallen opponent. "Let me in, Tsukune!" she shouted angrily into the room.

"This is no longer your concern," the brooding man replied without looking at her. "Watch from there, and learn how our power is meant to be used."

"Who are you to lecture me about power," Moka demanded. "Who are you to lecture me about anything? You come into a little bit of power and now you think you're above me? How dare you talk down to me, Tsukune Aono! Without me, you'd have been killed a hundred times over!" Her ire grew even more fierce, as she saw the transformed student rise into the air. "Get back down here! I'm not through with you yet!" The next thing she saw was two golden beams of energy shot down from Tsukune's current vicinity onto Colton's body. As she watched, the beams drew an infinity symbol on the floor, with the prone man in the middle. Moka gasped in horror, as she felt a sharp increase in her friend's youki. "Tsukune, no!"

"Begone from this world!" the brooding man's voice shouted above the vampire's sight. "INFINITE DESTRUCTION!" Suddenly, the entire office was engulfed in a colossal explosion, which raged against the barrier and seemed to shake the entire building. Moka instinctively leaned back and guarded herself with her slender arms, as small pieces from the ceiling broke off and fell around her. Far down the corridor, she heard terrified screams in the distance. She wasn't surprised, as she was certain everyone in the school had sensed the explosion.

After several tense seconds, the explosion died down. Moka looked back to the others, and saw they were unconscious, barely alive after the horrific battle. She turned back to the doorway and looked inside. Her crimson irises went wide as she saw the office was gone. She leaned forward, and saw the barrier was no longer present. She poked her head inside, and nearly screamed as she saw most of the front of the building had been destroyed, only a large gaping smoking hole where the chairman's office once stood. She looked up, and saw Tsukune hovering high above the ground, as he looked out into the night.

"You IDIOT!" Moka screamed in outrage. "What were you thinking, you could've destroyed the whole school with that blast!"

"It would've survived," the inhuman being replied coldly.

"And what makes you so sure of that," the white-haired woman asked tartly.

The brooding man slowly turned his head, and looked down over his shoulder towards the sophomore girl. "Because I willed it." He then turned in midair and descended back towards the doorway. Moka backed away three steps, and the man passed through and landed feetfirst on the floor. "Now do you understand," he asked with a stern look, as he pointed back to the destruction behind him, "that is how power is used. It's not enough to merely defeat your enemies, you must crush them completely, so they can never threaten you again."

The female vampire looked at him in exasperation. "Where is this nonsense coming from," she demanded. "You're starting to sound like... him," she finished with a disgusted look.

"Ha! I am superior to Dracula!" the sinister student proclaimed. "I am what he fears the most! My power will exterminate him, and anyone else foolish enough to dare oppose me!"

"Idiot, that's his power!" Moka shot back. "That's why I told you not to fight him, he has you now! Can't you realize that?"

"No, I have him," the former Tsukune replied with a foreboding smile, as he brought up his right hand, which glowed with an oppressive demonic aura. "I hold his fate in the palm of my hands. Come midnight tonight, I will crush him completely," he continued, as he tightly clenched his fist for emphasis.

"I don't believe what I'm hearing," the super monster replied with a flabbergasted look, which gave way to a deep sadness. "Are you trying to make me regret giving you my blood," she asked in a broken voice. "Because you're doing a good job of it!"

"Then you should've destroyed Colton yourself, then there would've been no need to involve me. But you refused to use your power, and thus gave up any say you would've had in the matter."

"Idiot, you would've died had I fought him instead!" the white-haired woman retorted heatedly. "Does that really mean nothing to you?"

"You underestimate me, I will never die. Now that I have obtained the mighty power, no force in the Universe can ever stand against me!"

"Tsukune, no!" Outer Moka cried out from within her counterpart's mind. "This wasn't supposed to happen!"

"Shut up!" her alter ego telepathically snapped.

"But Ura-chan, let me speak to him. I know I can reach him."

"Why, so you can be charmed again by his mighty power," the incensed vampire replied sarcastically. "OUT OF THE QUESTION! You're not getting a word in after what you pulled back there!"

"Ura-chan," the sealed persona replied in a pained mental voice.

"How pitiful," the brooding man remarked with a contemptuous scowl, "I expected you to be more grateful of what I bestowed you."

"Don't talk to me about gratitude you insolent-" She was immediately cut off as Tsukune tightly grasped her throat.

"You dare talk back to me," the inhuman student asked as his scowl deepened. "Pathetic, I should just confiscate what you've received, but then you'd learn nothing. No, I foresee a much more appropriate fate for you."

"Fate," Outer Moka asked timidly from the dark recesses of her mind. "Tsukune, what do you mean?"

"The time will come when everything you cherish will be threatened once more. And if you again refuse to utilize your gift, it will all be destroyed."

The hidden side of Moka gasped in horror, as her frightened mind went through the possible scenarios based on what the sinister man had relayed. While the manifested persona snarled hatefully at the student who she once cherished. "Don't play mind games with me!" she growled, as she brought back her right leg. "KNOW YOUR PLACE!"

The former Tsukune Aono's head snapped back as Moka's foot caught him right under the chin, and he lost his grip on her. After a few moments, he slowly brought his intense gaze back to the started girl, who was shocked that her kick had no effect on him.

"This is no game," the formerly human student spoke ominously, as he reached towards the back of his trousers. "this is reality. And time will prove me right."

The female vampire breathed angrily as she regarded the man she no longer recognized. When his right hand came back into view, her red eyes went wide in horror as she saw the Rosario between his fingers. "Tsukune, what are you-" Before she could've continued, his hand shot forth and she felt a familiar pressure on her chest, coupled with a painful release of holy and unholy energy. She looked down, and saw the rosary reattached to its chain. She also saw crackles of the man's youki around his hand, which were channeled into the artifact. "TSUKUNE, NO!"

"And until you come to embrace this truth," the brooding man declared, "you will never awaken again! KNOW YOUR PLACE!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" both Mokas screamed in agony as the conflicting forces shot through her body. Crackles of light and dark energy shot around her body, as her immense youki was painfully sealed away. Inner Moka couldn't help but cry as her persona was cast into the darkness yet again. "Tsukune," she spoke in a pained whisper as she collapsed onto the floor.

The man once known as Tsukune Aono looked down at the body of the unconscious vampire before her, as a disgusted sigh escaped him, intermixed with regret and disappointment. He looked to the other girls, who were also barely alive. He could've seen they'd fought with all their strength, but it didn't affect the outcome. He could've only shook his head, almost glad they couldn't see what he'd become. He then turned and looked down the deserted hall, and knew there was one last battle ahead. He then glanced back at the unconscious girls on the floor. "Rest now," he spoke solemnly. "After tonight, it will all be over."

The transformed student made his way though the empty corridors of the eerily quiet academy. Though he was troubled after the last battle, and especially the falling out with Moka, he pushed it out of his mind and focused on his last task, the destruction of Dracula himself. After what happened in the chairman's office, he was certain no one else could've possibly stood up to him. But he planned to change all that, and make the sinister vampire lord a twisted memory, best left forgotten.

Suddenly, the air before him crackled with intense youki, coupled with a seething murderous intent that made him scowl. "AOOOOOOOOONOOOOOOOOOOOO!" a powerful voice screamed in immeasurable rage. A thundering explosion followed, and within it appeared a translucent figure, cloak in a long black cloak. His ageless face was twisted in anger and hate, as his silver curls fell down into his eyes.

Tsukune simply sneered at the magical projection of Moka's father before him. "You," he spoke, his voice heavy with contempt.

"Where is my daughter," the image demanded in a harsh, snarling voice. "What have you done to her?"

The brown-haired man looked to his accuser, as his mood changed from remorseful to annoyed. "I did what I had to do."

"Don't you talk back to me, trash!" the ancient vampire snapped viciously as he lashed out to the side. "I gave you Moka," he continued heatedly as he pointed towards Tsukune, "I can take her away!"

"Incorrect," the dark man countered, "when you surrendered her to me, you rescinded any and all ties to her." He lowered his chin, as his ominous gaze remained locked on the image of the silver-haired lord. "Moka belongs to me now, her fate is no longer your concern."

"SILENCE!" the spectral image roared in anger. "How dare you claim I have no say in Moka's life!" His hands shot out to the side, as they crackled with seething unholy energy, as did the rest of his body. "You have just signed your death warrant, BOY!"

The brooding figure looked unimpressed at the show of hostility, along with the vast increase in youki. He watched as the patriarch emitted a rising growl, his glowing red eyes widened in rage. Finally, he unleashed his energy one huge blast towards his opponent, which resulted in a huge explosion that shook the entire corridor.

The former Tsukune looked on in shock, not so much at the power of the explosion, but that it never even reached him. Before him, a humungous skeletal hand appeared, which blocked the attack. Once the explosion died down, he heard the faint sound of laughter close by, but it sounded far too deep and twisted to have possibly been human, or even youkai. He looked past the hand to Moka' father, and saw the ancient vampire had a frightened look on his face, more than he had when they fought little more than a week ago.

"Oh no no no no no," an unseen yet clearly familiar voice spoke from nearby, "we can't have that, Lucien. The young lord has more, pressing arrangements. Don't you, my lord?"

"YYYOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUU!" Moka's father screamed, as his aura crackled menacingly around him.

The brown-haired man's crimson irises went wide, and he looked about the area in anger. "Show yourself, Colton!" he demanded.

"Now now," the urbane voice spoke soothingly, "no need to be hostile. After all, we're on the same side."

"Liar! I have no use for you, or your foul master! He will die at midnight tonight, BY MY HAND!"

The silver-haired noble looked to the man once known as Tsukune Aono in disbelief, then in the direction of the unseen voice. "It was you?" he demanded with a hateful scowl. "YOU were behind this?" He screamed in maniacal rage, as his aura flared menacing about his form. "How DARE you defy me again, slave! I shall exterminate you for all the disgrace and dishonor you've caused me!"

Colton's mild chuckling echoed throughout the stagnant air. "Your daughter had the same sentiments, though they didn't really avail her."

"Silence!" the inhuman student snapped indignantly, incensed that his enemy had somehow survived. "Do not speak of Moka-san with that blasphemous tongue of yours!"

"Really," the European man asked in an amused tone as he materialized behind Tsukune's left shoulder. "And if I fail to comply,"

The incensed man spun to face his adversary. "I'll destroy you!" he shouted, reared back with his right fist and unleashed a large blast of youki. The bald man disappeared before the attack struck, and it blew out a large section of the wall past him. He reappeared near Tsukune's right side, and the enraged pupil turned and unloaded with a wild backhanded blow that released a wide arcing wave of youki, which again missed its target, and destroyed another section of the wall. Colton then appeared to his left, an infuriatingly smug smile on his face. The brown-haired man turned to him, channeled his youki and released it in a large burst through his right fist. The dark servant disappeared once more, and it blasted a large smoking hole in the wall.

Shuzen watched the battle with a disgusted look. He knew Colton was toying with his adversary, and also knew the former human was too absorbed in rage to realize the truth. Suddenly, the bald man materialized in front of him, and he suspiciously looked towards the sinister man. He then looked to Tsukune, and saw he'd concentrated his youki for another assault. "Stop, you idiot!" he barked at him, but the brown-haired man ignored his warning and unleashed a large blast of demonic power, which his opponent evaded by phasing out of existence. The ancient vampire habitually dodged in a more traditional manner, though he was insubstantial at the moment. The blast sailed down the hall, and a loud explosion resounded from the far end of the corridor.

At that moment, Tsukune heard the same inhuman laughter from before, only it was much louder and closer to him. His body instinctively stiffened, as he felt a limitless killing intent, coupled with an immeasurable amount of malice. Never before had he felt such a paralyzing fear, despite all the enemies he'd faced during his time in the academy. His feeling of invincibility shaken, he frantically spun around, and saw a huge ghostly being behind him that exuded a malevolent aura that far surpassed his own. Before he could've acted, the specter disappeared from sight. A split second later, a loud whooshing sound came from behind him, followed by a large curved blade that imbedded itself in his chest, and exited out his back. Tsukune gasped in pain and shock, as the foul blade seemed to siphon away his life-force. A thunderstruck expression was frozen on his face, as his eyes changed back into chocolate brown irises, framed by white sclera. Suddenly, the blade was yanked from his body, which began to fall back towards the floor. "Moka-san," the brown-haired youth spoke weakly, as he collapsed in a heap on the cold unforgiving floor.

Moka lied on the floor outside the office, barely alive after the grueling battle with Colton, along with the heartbreaking rejection she'd suffered earlier. The restoration of the seal was more painful, like a jagged knife driven straight into her heart. Tears streamed down her pale face from eyes that were barely kept open, as no other sign of movement were visible from the fallen vampire.

Suddenly, an even sharper pain shot through her heart, which immediately awakened her from her barely conscious state. She quickly lifted herself off the floor, and looked about the hallway. "Tsukune," she asked worriedly. She then gasped, and her hand went to her mouth, as she realized her voice had become deeper than she remembered. The vampire curiously inspected the inside of her mouth with her tongue, and found her fangs had grown much longer. She looked to her hand, and saw her fingers were also longer. She fearfully turned it over, and saw her fingernails had grown into sharp claws. She wiggled them warily, unfamiliar with the inhuman digits on her hand.

"What's happened," she asked timidly, still unused to her new voice, which sounded more like her counterpart's than her own. She rose up to her knees, and felt a length of hair had fallen over her shoulder. She looked to her right, and saw a mixture of pink and silver, which leaned more towards the latter. Her breathing became more fearful, as she realized the corruption of the Rosario had worsened. Silently, she was amazed it hadn't been destroyed by everything Dracula had done. Around that time, she felt a certain tightness against her blouse each time she inhaled. She nervously looked down, and screamed as she saw her much fuller chest, partially exposed by her undone buttons. She covered her mouth with both hands, as her eyes went wide in horror. As much as she wanted bigger breasts, she never wished to obtain them under such circumstances. She slowly brought her trembling hands down, and held the underside of her enhanced bosom. She anxiously hefted them up a few times, though she scarcely even felt their weight, she couldn't deny their much greater volume, which reminded her of her other self. "Ura-chan," she spoke to herself. She gasped in realization, and looked down at the Rosario that rested against her bare skin. She winced in response from the sudden coldness of the artifact, which she found even more unnerving than her newly grown cleavage . She timidly reached for the Rosario, and cringed as the cold, unforgiving feel of the silver cross shot through her fingertips. "Ura-chan," she asked fearfully, "Ura-chan, speak to me! Speak to me!"

There was no response from the rosary, no indication that her alternate persona was even present, only a coldness that made Mizore's touch seem warm.

"No," she spoke in a broken voice, as she rose to her feet, "no! You can't be gone! Ura-chan!" She released the Rosario, and almost bawled as she felt the cold lifeless metal against her skin again. The sensation all but drove her to despair. She looked about the room, and saw the fallen forms of her friends on the floor, pools of blood of beneath them. "Kurumu!" she wailed in near hysteria. "Yukari! Mizore! Ruby! Please, answer me!"

The four girls made no response, which greatly increased her anxiety. As she shook her head in disbelief, she remembered the pain in her heart, and turned towards the hallway behind her. "TSUKUNE!" she shrieked.

Moka ran down the corridor at top speed, her mixed hair flying behind her. All rational thought had left her and she acted on instinct and adrenaline alone, which propelled her faster than she'd ever run in her life. Were she more coherent of the situation, she would've realized she was using celerity, which was usually impossible in her sealed form.

She'd run for barely thirty seconds, when she saw a floating object in the middle of the hallway, which forced her to stop. The distraught woman's greenish red eyes went wide in horror, and her hands went to her mouth, as she saw the object in question was a coffin, that hovered three feet above the floor, covered in a shroud of spectral blue flames. Her breathing came in shot, rapid spurts, as she dreaded what she would've found once she opened it. Her legs seemed on the verge of collapse, but she winced in pain and forced herself to stand. Slowly, she walked towards the floating sarcophagus, as her right hand reached out towards it.

"Moka," an unseen voice spoke with undeniable urgency.

The female vampire looked forth, and watched as a familiar apparition appeared past the coffin, clad in a black cloak and a wary expression on its ageless face. The sophomore girl gasped lightly, as her oddly-colored eyes went wide. She easily recognized it as the image of her father, Issa Shuzen. "Chichiu-e," she asked in confusion.

"Moka," the silver-haired noble spoke with an intense stare, "get away from here!" He then looked away with a vexed glare.

The pink and silver-haired woman blinked her eyes repeatedly, as she failed to understand the reason behind her father's words. Though he seemed as imposing as ever, the vampire swore she'd detected a faint hint of fear in his voice. From what she knew of him, he'd never been worried or concerned about anything, and certainly hoped she'd misheard him.

"Oh come now, Lucien" an urbane male voice spoke from nearby, "must you be so melodramatic? I find it quite admirable that your daughter has come to see us off."

A chill far colder than that for the cross on her chest ran up her spine. As overpowering as it was, she steadied herself and slowly turned around. Once she did, she wasn't surprised to see the form of her nemesis behind her, a deceptively pleasant smile on his pale face. Though he looked quite ragged after the grueling battle, his demeanor seemed unchanged, which truly unnerved the young woman. "Colton!" she exclaimed, as she fought to keep her fear under control. "This isn't possible! There's no way you could've survived that-" She looked into the sinister man's smug face, as her mind ran through the possible explanations, until she arrived at the most plausible answer. "It, never even hit you."

The dark servant of Dracula made no effort to either confirm or deny what she'd spoken.

Moka backed against the coffin, and cringed as its aura encompassed her. As it did, she felt a distinct stirring in her blood. Though she had a fairly good idea of the cause, she held her train of thought, and got her breathing under control. "Where's Tsukune?"

"Now now, don't disturb the poor lad," the bald man spoke in a mildly chiding voice, "he is resting now, quite understandable, he's had such an exhausting day, wouldn't you say?"

The female vampire noticed where he'd motioned, and turned to face the levitating box. Though nothing was stated outright, the stirring she felt was quickly explained without another word. "Resting?" she demanded indignantly as she spun to confront him. "What are you talking about, this is a coffin!"

"Yes, where else would a vampire seek repose?"

"LIAR!" Shuzen screamed at the top of his lungs. "He is not a vampire!" he snapped as he pointed at the floating casket. "He is an abomination, a blasphemy against our divine order! Just like that other travesty you created! AGAIN you commit treason against us! AGAINST ME!" he roared in infinite rage, as his aura crackled menacingly around him. "I will not permit this! You and your unspeakable plaything are BOTH sentenced to the eternal abyss of Hell!"

"NO!" the female vampire shrieked as she moved in between the coffin and her raging father, who was more angry than she ever imagined possible. Though all her instincts told her to back down, she remained steadfast in spite of her fear. "You are not going to kill Tsukune! No matter how you see him, he's still my friend! I'm not going to let you hurt him!"

"Insolent child," the ancient lord growled through clenched teeth in a twisted, rasping voice, "have you forgotten who I am? I am the King of Vampires!" he proclaimed as he jerked his thumb towards himself. "I am the Lord of the Night! A puny fledgling like you has NO CHANCE against me!"

"Is this any way to speak to your daughter?" Moka asked heatedly.

"Silence!" Shuzen snapped back. "You are not my daughter! You are just an illusion created so she could've hidden amongst those filthy humans! You are no one to challenge me!"

"How dare you!" the incensed woman shot back. "I am just as real as Ura-chan! My feelings for Tsukune are also real! I'll fight to protect him, just as Ura-chan would!"

"You would dare defend that travesty?" Shuzen screamed in rage. "Fine!" He aimed his right hand at Moka, as a large sphere of crackling cyan energy appeared before it. "Then you can die WITH HIM!"

The courageous woman stood her ground as she felt the increase in her father's youki. Though she never wanted to fight against her own family, she saw her sire couldn't control his temper, much like Inner Moka. But before the elder vampire could've attacked, Colton appeared before him and slashed upwards with his blade, which created a crimson gash in its wake. The image of the ancient vampire screamed in pain as it slowly disintegrated, and then vanished into the rift.

Moka instantly backed away, and quickly found herself against the hovering coffin. "CHICHIU-EEEEEEEEEEE!" she screamed in horror, shocked that her father had been dismissed so easily.

"Oh, there's no need for that," the bald man remarked with a mild wave of his gloved hand as he turned towards her, "I've only dispelled his projection. He hasn't been hurt, too badly, but he shan't interfere again." His deadly blade slid back up his coat sleeve, as he looked back to where Shuzen's apparition had been a moment before. "Never could comprehend his limitations, neither could his father."

Moka gasped in shock, fearful of what the dark servant had relayed. She carelessly laid her hands against the casket behind her, and gasped as the blue flames spread over her body without burning her. Her breathing became heavier, as she received a mental image of the coffin interior. Her heart nearly burst in her sizable chest as she saw the seemingly lifeless body of her close friend within, a large scar on his chest. "No," she spoke in disbelief, "no! What have you done to him?"

"What is to say I did anything," the sinister being asked as he nonchalantly spread his arms out. "It was your blood that began the process little more than a year ago. The very blood that secretly possessed the long lost power of Lord Dracula."

The silver and pink-haired woman gasped in horror. "No, that's not possible!"

"Ah, but it is. It was foretold that you would be the gate through which our Lord returned to this world. Before you were even conceived, the path your life would take had already been determined. That day on the roof is what led me here. Once I arrived, the process had already begun, all I had to do was finish it."

"No!" Moka all but wailed. "No, you're lying!"

"Am I indeed," the European man asked with raised nonexistent eyebrows. "Why don't you ask Mikogami, he knew well of the prophecy, he tried to hide it from the world, tried to thwart to it to the very end. But now, his failure is complete. And with that, my goal has been achieved."

Colton spread his right arm out, and his blade emerged once more. The very sight of it made Moka cringe, as she remembered what the vile weapon did to her friends, and especially Tsukune. With his arm held low, the dark follower swung it behind his back, spun on his heel and slashed upwards behind him. Another huge crimson gash appeared in the air, similar to the one that engulfed Shuzen's apparition. The rift glowed eerily and illuminated the darkened hallway in a very unnatural light. "It is now time to depart," he explained, "our lord's abode awaits."

Moka inhaled sharply as the coffin pressed against her. Once it did, she instantly realized what her enemy had planned. She channeled her strength into her legs, and spread her arms against the coffin. Despite the force that pressed against her, she refused to yield.

"What do you think you're doing," the European man asked, a light twinge of annoyance in his voice.

"You are not leaving," the vampire spoke sternly, more than she ever had while in her sealed form, "Tsukune belongs to me!"

Colton crinkled his nose as he looked to his enemy. Even though he knew she was clearly afraid, she still interfered with him. "You know you're not fooling anyone," he spoke coldly as he tried to maneuver the coffin around her, but she moved accordingly. "Your bravado was amusing for a time, but now you're just making a nuisance of yourself." He attempted to maneuver the casket around to the other side of Moka, but she locked him again. "Move aside," he stated irritably, "you are no longer needed."

"Tsukune is mine!" Moka declared boldly. "I won't let you take him away from me!"

"Please," the bald man spoke with a disdainful sneer, and waved his hand to the side. Moka's body was then telepathically flung into the wall beside her, which cracked from the heavy impact.

The female vampire winced in pain from the collision. Her hand went to her back as she rose to her knees. Once she did, she watched as Colton magically guided the coffin that contained her close friend into the portal with his left hand. Her eyes went wide as she saw the casket disappear into the glowing rift. "Tsukune," she spoke to herself, appalled at what she'd seen.

Once the coffin was out of sight, the European man looked beside him towards the distraught woman. "And with that, my work here is done," he remarked with a satisfied smile. "Adieu."

Once Moka heard his parting words, and saw him turn towards the portal, something snapped deep within her soul. Her eyes flashed bright crimson, and a burst of energy shot through her entire being as she instantly sprung to her feet. She raced towards Colton with her newfound speed as he was about to enter the portal. And just before he disappeared into the vortex, she reached out with both hands, grabbed his right shoulder and flung him forcefully down the hall. She watched as he hit the floor, repeatedly tumbled over backwards, and eventually came to a stop.

The infuriated vampire turned fully towards him, as she stood in front of the dimensional gate. "You are not LEAVING!" she shouted defiantly.

The dark follower snarled in anger as he regained his footing. "Insufferable waif, who do you think you're trifling with?" he demanded with an incensed glare. "What can a counterfeit existence like yourself hope to achieve against me? You're nothing but a front, a shield for Moka Akashiya to hide behind! Your pitiful charade has no meaning, no purpose, no chance of ever defeating me."

"You're wrong," Moka replied in an even voice.

"What," Colton asked with an exasperated scowl.

"I am not a charade, I am every bit as real as Ura-chan." Her elongated fingers held the bottom of her Rosario, which she raised slightly for emphasis. "For the longest time, I believed this sealed my power, my true nature. Hahau-e told me a vampire's power creates nothing but strife and conflict, and at the time, I saw no reason to doubt her. So I never practiced my fighting skills, never tried to cause any trouble for anyone." Her greenish red eyes looked down to the cross on her chest. "And when Ura-chan finally awakened, it seemed to reinforce what Hahau-e told me. So I left all the fighting and difficult decisions to her. I truly believed it was for the best." Her fingers tightened against the lifeless metal of the Rosario. "But now," she spoke in a low voice, "I see the real truth. This never sealed away my power, I did."

"What," the bald man inquired, still very annoyed but also rather intrigued, as a nonexistent eyebrow quirked upwards.

"The power has always been there, always available when I would've ever needed it." A light sniffle escaped her. "So why did I never use it? Again, it all went back to Hahau-e's teachings, how a vampire's power only causes conflict. She, Ura-chan, even my friends believed it. And so did I." A sad sigh escaped her quivering lips. "And while I believed this, while I stayed my hand, every one of my precious friends has been taken from me. Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore, Ruby, Kokoa, Tsukune, even Ura-chan, all of them!" she shouted at her nemesis, as bitter tears of rage streamed from her oddly-colored eyes. "ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!" she screamed angrily, as she pointed an accusing finger at Colton.

The dark follower said nothing in response.

"And Ura-chan," Moka continued, "she wasn't sealed away because of any conflict. It was because she was sentenced to death for speaking Dracula's name! My whole family was torn apart because of that, BECAUSE OF YOU!" Her shoulders heaved from the boiling anger within her. "And now that Ura-chan's gone, the seal is useless. And that means," she continued as she clenched her fist by her side, "all her power is mine."

"And you honestly think it's going to make a difference now," the bald man asked sternly. "Your precious Ura-chan failed miserably, what makes you think you'll do any better?"

"You said it yourself," the vampire replied with a stern look, "my blood contains Dracula's power. And unlike Ura-chan, I'm not blinded by pride. When she discovered Dracula's power could influence her, it frightened her. More than anything else in her entire life. She didn't know how to handle it, she was always taught vampires were the ultimate life-forms, and found herself at a loss when proven otherwise. That tiny little fear led to her downfall." Her fists became tightly clenched by her sides as she regarded her enemy. "But that's not going to work on me!" she shouted boldly, as her fear turned to rage, which fueled the sinister energy within her. "Tsukune believed this power could destroy Dracula, that's why he gave me some of his blood. Despite everything that's happened, he still believes in me! So I'm going to believe Tsukune, and use this cursed power, TO DEFEAT YOU!" she proclaimed, as her eyes blazed red, and a blazing ebony and crimson aura surrounded her.

Moka screamed in agony, as she unleashed the raging energy within her. She threw her head back, as crimson lasers shot from her eyes, and her hair shot up like an ivory geyser. She felt her body growing to accommodate the release of the powerful youki within her. Her leg muscles expanded slightly, as well as grew longer, completely exposed by her obscenely short skirt. As the transformation continued, her agonized screams took on a dual nature. The buttons of her green jacket popped off, as the sleeves slightly ran up her arms. Her shoulders widened substantially, and all the muscles in her arms expanded visibly, which made her jacket rather tight. Her growing torso began to push against the buttons of her white blouse, which strained to contain her modesty. One by one the buttons failed, which revealed a greatly expanded bosom, pushed out even further by her expanded pectoral muscles, though mercifully contained within her bra. Any other time, the scene would've embarrassed her to no end, but with all her friends felled and Tsukune in dire peril, her modesty was the least of her concerns. Her only thought was to save her precious friend, regardless of the cost. Finally, she emitted a primal scream, which unleashed a colossal burst of youki which shook the entire corridor.

Colton covered his face to shield himself from the explosion. Once it subsided, he lowered his arm and looked ahead. Before him, Moka stood nine inches taller, with a physique that blended superhuman power and divine beauty. His eyes widened as he found himself looking up at her for a change. He saw her hair was a blinding shade of silver, with no trace of its former color. A dual inhuman breath escaped through her clenched teeth. She then opened her eyes, which revealed a pair of glowing, blood-colored irises, with slitted pupils. But what the man found most peculiar was even though the transformed vampire had embraced the dark power within her, she hadn't been consumed like the others. Though she was driven by rage, she still possessed her own thoughts.

"I will never forgive you for what you've done," the vampire spoke menacingly in her dual voice. She got into her fighting stance, no longer afraid of the insidious man before her. All traces of the timid girl who loathed fighting and meekly accepted her failings were gone, replaced by a fearsome daiyoukai intent on crushing the fiend who'd caused her and those close to her so much pain. "For all my friends, my family, and for my precious Tsukune, I WILL defeat you!"

Colton looked at his empowered adversary, surprised at the turn of events. He hadn't expected her to utilize his master's power when her true self forbade the act. Then again, he knew she'd essentially been pushed into the corner, with the options of fighting or fleeing. He was surprised that she chose the former. His original plan had been to simply depart before that juncture, but he couldn't help but feel intrigued as he regarded the super monster before him. "Hmph, I've been hanging around you too long," he thought to himself, and gazed sternly at his new opponent. "Come then, Moka Akashiya. Show me how you wield the master's power!"

The vampire rushed towards her enemy with blinding speed, as sickles began to appear in the air, each headed straight for her. She used her incredible speed to stay ahead of them as she focused on Colton. He looked surprised for a moment, but quickly recovered and swung his blade behind him. He then unleashed a rising slash as his opponent neared him. However, Moka sidestepped just before he attacked and ran by him. And before he could've recovered from the shock, she spun around there times and nailed him with a tremendous roundhouse kick to the back of the head, which knocked him fifteen feet down the hall, and he slid facefirst to an eventual stop. The silver-haired woman was about to pursue him, but a whistling sound reached her ears. She turned and saw a sickle spinning towards her. She quickly reached, grabbed the handle, and hurled it into the wall beside her. She then saw several more headed her way. Calming herself, she hurled three more aside, and then decided to throw them into one another, which made her job somewhat easier. She then raced after Colton, who'd finally gotten back to his feet. He hovered slightly above the floor, and then dashed towards the oncoming super monster. But before either got within attack range, the dark servant disappeared from sight. Moka gasped as he vanished, but then sensed his presence behind her, which she knew was a favorite tactic of his. She saw him appear over her shoulder, and unloaded with a vicious reverse roundhouse kick, but he vanished just he got within range. As she was still off-balance, the sinister man reappeared behind her. "SOUL CLEAVE!" he shouted, and slashed viciously up her back.

The vampire screamed in pain, as she felt Colton's blade had struck down into her very soul, and greatly damaged her life energy. As she winced from the attack, the bald man chuckled and came up beside her. Moka opened her eyes, and saw her opponent had already reared back, his blade aimed at her neck. She immediately ducked as the sinister man swung wildly with a blow that would've decapitated her otherwise. She then planted her right hand on the floor, and then drilled her left foot into her enemy's exposed stomach, which made him stagger back several feet. As he remained doubled over, the silver-haired woman ran towards him, swung her long leg around and unloaded with a thundering axe kick that drove Colton facefirst into the floor. The force of the impact made the floor around him crack, and then crumbled beneath him and Moka.

The bald man landed gracelessly on the floor below, while his opponent landed on her feet. No sooner than she did that she felt tremendous pain throughout her body. It wasn't because of the attack she suffered earlier, she felt like her insides were being torn apart. "It must be Dracula's power," she thought to herself. "I was already drained after giving Tsukune my blood, guess I wasn't in the best of shape." She briefly examined herself, and was stunned as she saw her transformed body for the first time. She saw her arms and legs were visibly more muscular, and felt far more powerful than she imagined. She would've examined herself further, but she knew she still had an enemy to defeat, and thus turned back to him. "But I had no choice, this is my last chance to save Tsukune."

She saw Colton headed towards her at top speed, and instinctively lashed out with a roundhouse kick. However, the bald man stopped in mid-step, jumped back and vanished. He then reappeared before Moka, along with four more versions of him, as they floated around her in a wide circle. She tensed herself in preparation, as she awaited his next move. She didn't have to wait long, as the Colton next to her dashed forward. She quickly dodged the first attack, barely avoided the second attack that came from the corner of her eye, was grazed by a thrust that would've impaled her had not tried to dodge, leaped past the fourth strike and easily dodged the final attack.

The vampire fought to ignore the pain as Colton came into view again. She was silently amazed at her counterpart's fighting instinct, which never waned regardless of how badly she was hurt. With that in mind, she pushed towards her foe, who charged up his blade with crackling dark energy and raised it overhead. Moka dashed to the side and his blade crashed down, and released a vertical cutting wave that sliced through the floor and kept going forwards, until it collided with the wall and let a huge gash. As he was still extended, the vampire unloaded with a fierce side kick to the head that knocked him down the hall again. Moka pursued him as he tumbled sideways, and then got to his feet. Several sickles neared her, but she managed to catch them, and then hurled them at Colton himself. He quickly deflected them with his blade, and then became insubstantial just as Moka charged in with a vicious reverse roundhouse kick. He then raised his right hand, and the silver-haired woman leaped to the side as five columns of blue light shot towards her. Once he became corporeal again, the vampire moved in and nailed him flush in the face with a powerful side kick that sent him to the floor again.

Before Moka could've pressed her advantage, her body screamed in untold agony. She bent her knees, and placed her hands upon them. She curiously looked down with her barely opened eyes, and caught a glimpse of her enhanced bosom, which made her blush profusely. She then reached behind her, and cringed at how large and firm her posterior had become. She quickly shook her head and pushed her embarrassing thoughts out of her mind. "I need to end this quickly," she thought to herself, "my body's not going to last much longer." On that note, she winced as a scythe cut across her leg, which immediately made her fully alert again. She found herself nicked in the side by another scythe, but then caught the third one and hurled it at Colton, who immediately parried the attack with his blade. He raised his right hand aloft, and a slew of twelve scythes appeared overhead. He lashed out to the side, and the bladed weapon spun vicious and launched towards her. Moka channeled her youki into her legs, leaped to the floor and rolled repeatedly, as the sickles stuck into the floor behind her and vanished.

The afflicted vampire quickly got to her feet, her body seemingly on the verge of collapse. She grit her teeth together, as she remembered Komiya had suffered the same fate, destroyed by a power he couldn't control, one he was tricked into embracing. The memory of his cruel demise made her forget her searing agony and she focused on the battle again. "Saizou," she thought to herself, "I will avenge you, and everyone else Colton has killed."

She looked about the area for her enemy. She soon found him ten feet away, his arms cross in front of him, and a malevolent dark aura about him. "You were rather impressive," he mused, "such a pity you have to die."

The vampire gasped, as she knew exactly what her opponent had planned. She knew dodging all of the coming attacks would've been next to impossible in her condition, so she chose a more risky path and charged instead.

"MORTAL RENDER!" the bald man shouted, and split into five versions of himself. But before he could've attacked, Moka charged the one in the middle and nailed him right in the chops with a reverse back kick, which sent him sprawling down the hall. Surprised by the turn of events, the other Coltons moved in to attack the enraged daiyoukai. She turned to the closest one and grabbed his wrist as he slashed towards her. She then countered with a high kick that knocked him off his feet, but Moka kept hold of his wrist. She then nailed another Colton with a side kick that sent him through a nearby wall. She sensed another had approached from behind, so she unleashed a short reverse roundhouse kick that sent the oncoming enemy spinning through the air. She saw the last one approach out of the corner of her eye, so she planted her right foot on the ground and nailed him with a side kick that sent him down the hall as well. She then adjusted her grip on the Colton in her grasp, flung him over her shoulder and slammed him hard on the floor, and actually sent him through it.

Moka looked about the area, her powerful shoulders heaving from the exertion of the battle. She saw one version Colton remaining, which she guessed was the real one. He hardly looked any better than her, as he struggled to regain his footing. She slowly walked towards him, an intense look in her glowing red eyes. "You've killed countless people here," she began in a cold, judgmental voice, "and ruined the hopes and dreams of so many others, and all for a scoundrel who doesn't belong in our world anymore." She concentrated her remaining youki, as her aura exploded around her in a blazing ebony inferno. "We don't need Dracula, AND WE DEFINITELY DON'T NEED YOU!" she declared boldly, as she charged towards her staggered opponent. "OHODO SHI EI!" she shouted, and nailed him with a colossal reverse back kick and blasted him through the wall, along with three more walls behind him. She watched as his body sailed outside into the night, and then disappeared.

Moka stood with her leg still extended, amazed that she'd fought so well despite her dubious battle history. She winced in pain, not just from her overexerted body, but from her underwear, which she found had practically become a thong due to her enlarged posterior. She blushed profusely, as parts of her former self began to reassert themselves.

Suddenly, a familiar chuckle came from the floor above, echoing throughout the halls. The vampire gasped in dread, headed for the hole and leaped through it to the floor above. Once she did, she saw a badly battered yet still alive Pierce Colton, a broad smile on his face as he stood within the dimensional rift he created earlier. "NO!" the vampire shouted in denial.

"You surprise me yet again," the servant of Dracula mused. "Though I'll most likely regret this in the morning, I find this encounter has been most, illuminating."

"Stop right here!" the silver-haired woman demanded. "I'm not done with you yet!"

"Oh, I wouldn't be so hostile if I were you. Your body isn't in very optimal condition right now. Push yourself any further, and you might, what is that phrase?" He paused to collect his thoughts. "Ah yes, come apart at the seams."

Moka groaned, as she knew he'd seen through her. She couldn't deny the searing agony that shot throughout her body, and winced in pain as she struggled to hold herself together.

"But, your first attempt at harnessing Lord Dracula's power is most impressive," Colton mused as he gestured towards her. "Such valor deserves a reward. Your friends will live, for now."

"Why should I believe you," the vampire asked suspiciously.

"You'll find out soon enough," the European man remarked with a dark smile as the rift began to close, "I'm counting on it." The gash completely sealed itself, as the bald man's echoing laughter faded into nothingness.

The silver-haired woman looked blankly at where Colton had disappeared, along with his captive. She fell to her knees, unable to stand any longer. Her heart all but burst within her ample chest, as the tears began to flow anew from her eyes. "TSUKUUUNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" she screamed in anguish and despair, as she felt her whole world was crumbling around her. She fell over onto her hands, which were barely able to support her at that juncture.

"Moka!" a woman's voice called out from down the corridor.

The exhausted and discouraged vampire looked beside her, and saw a familiar pink-haired woman headed towards her. "Hahau-e," she asked weakly.

The newcomer ran to her side, and knelt down next to her. "Moka, I'm right here."

The silver-haired woman looked up into the mother's face, and managed a sad smile. With a great deal of pain, she lifted her body up, and then collapsed into her elder vampire's embrace. "Hahau-e," she spoke in a barely audible voice as she succumbed to unconsciousness. Once she did, a huge cloud of black smoke erupted from her body. Once it had cleared, she had returned to her previous form.

The pink-haired woman looked intently at her sleeping daughter's face. She saw that the girl in her arms had silver and pink-colored hair, and a much paler countenance than she remembered. She was almost a reflection of her "true" self, who was sealed away in order to escape the horrors of the youkai world. On that note, Ayumu looked down, and gasped as she saw the Rosario upon her daughter's sizable chest. With only a touch, she could tell the cross had been corrupted. More than that, she felt a similar taint within her daughter. "Moka," she asked with an appalled look, "what, what's happened here?"

A pair of nurses walked near the rear exit of the hospital annex, which had become bustling with activity over the events of the day. The staff was already overworked, and the influx of new patients, along with disturbing rumors about the chairman, gave the medical team virtually no reprieve during the stressful day.

Suddenly, a powerful dark aura emanated from outside. They opened the doors, and saw the bodies of two women lying on the stairs. Both had silver hair, one clad in a chocolate brown business suit, while the other was dressed more like a biker. "Hurry!" one of the nurses shouted. "Get them inside, and tell Yuji-san!"


Off in the distance, a figure concealed by the shadows watched as the unconscious women were brought inside the hospital, as he narrowed his glowing red eyes. "Perfect," he said to himself, "now everything is in place. With this, the dream of Mikogami, is now, dead." He laughed in maniacal delight as he faded into the night.

Man, to think it would end like this. Will the school be able to survive this horrible night? Will our fair heroines ever see their close friend again? And will he still be friend when they do?

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