Twice Lucky

Angels and Demons

Chapter 1: Be All My Sins Remember'd

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

The journey even if it was done at night time was still long and tedious, it hadn't helped that Cordellia Chase had had caffeine before they'd left, the reason she'd stated, was that she really hadn't wanted to be asleep in the back of a small car with two vampires in the front. She didn't have the need to pee; no it was more a mixture of nerves and excitement.

"Remind me again why I'm going with you?"

Spike who was sitting in the front on the right hand side of Angel turned and looked at her, he had the window open and the small trail of smoke from his cigarette was blowing out into the cold dark night. Spike looked at her for a moment, his eyes raking over her head and then lowering down her body, all the way down to her long legs. She grimaced as she thought of the nasty things he was probably thinking of doing to her, she just hoped that it didn't include eating her…

"Because your daddies broke."

Cordellia cringed at the memory, she'd shied away from Xander and his constant questioning of her fathers motives and had ignored his offerings of help and now she'd paid the price, however, she had refused to stoop so low as to ask him for a job and had eventually gone out and got one on her own. She hadn't been proud of it, not one little bit.

"Thanks for reminding me."

Spike shrugged his shoulders, looked her up and down and turned back to the front window of the car. He inhaled and let the smoke fall out of his nostrils. Cordellia sighed and wrapped the jacket tighter around her as she worried about her family.

They finally arrived at the prearranged destination, an old decrepit hotel, one since left too abandonment, and one that Xander had, using a means of which she didn't know, nor care to know, had purchased specifically for Angel. A gift he'd called it.

Angel breathed in when he saw the front entrance of the old hotel that looked in desperate need of fixing. A pity it had been a great place once.

"What is this place?"

Angel grinned and looked at Spike, who was pulling another cigarette out of its package. Spike placed it in his mouth, flicked open the small silver lighter and lit it. The soft glow from the tip of the cig lightening briefly.

"Hyperion hotel, I stayed in it briefly during the 50's."

"Good times those were." Spike said wistfully.

Angel nodded in agreement, "Wasn't a pleasant time for me, the people staying there were affected by a paranoid demon, I tried to help them and got hanged in the process."

"Nice." Spike turned and saw that Cordellia was standing in between them, he grunted at the cheerleaders comment.

"The hotel has a Thesulac demon." Angel stated.

Spike grunted again and took the fag away from his mouth, before eyeing the place up and down. "They're pretty dangerous mate, how'd you find that out?"

"Xander told me."


"Xander tells you everything doesn't he?"

Angel had stopped listening as the memories started floating in. He walked forward, up to the doors and pushed them open, letting the scent of the place fill his nostrils.

… … … … … … … … … … … … …

"It's been a good 70 plus years and still your back for more!" The hooded creature that had appeared at the top of the stairs flashed its teeth at him, "And look you brought me desert!"

Angel moved quickly, running up the stairs in a blur that Corde had only seen Xander and Spike able to match. The creature was corporeal, and thus vulnerable. Angel moved quickly, pulling out a sword that neither of them knew he had, and with a guttural growl, let rip, slashing at the monster.

The creature didn't know what hit it, dead centre in the middle of its stomach. The creature screamed loudly, a scream that tore through the very fabric of the building. Suddenly the room was filled with silence. Angel dropped the sword and it hit the ground with a metallic 'clang.'

He sagged and leaned against the rail, lifted his nose up and sniffed. He could still smell her scent in the hotel. No wonder the demon had been staying here. Angel entered the room where the woman was crouching on the floor; she looked up dozily and smiled sadly. "Judy."

"I don't hear them anymore. - Are they gone?"

Angel walked and stood in front of her and looked down, his large shadow blanketing her. "Yeah."

He got down on one knee in front of her and slowly reached for her hand. Judy smiled at him: "It's you."

"Yeah, Judy. It's me." It was there, a smile, a small one that managed to creep its way up the vampires face.

Judy reached up and gently stroked his face, "You look the same."

"I'm not."

A single tear rolled down her aged face, "They killed you - because of me. I killed you."

The vampire felt a pang in his dead heart of hearts and shivered. "No. No. No."

"He kept them from the door. He told me I'd be safe. - Am I safe?"

Angel finally sat down next to her and pulled her to him "You're safe."

"Can I go out now?" Judy asked in barely a whisper.

"Yeah. You can go out."

Judy gave him a big smile and started to get up from her chair. Angel helped her up. "Let me help you."

"I just - I need to take a little rest first. Just a little rest."

"Easy." He knew she wouldn't last much longer, he could feel it in the air, Judy was dying, after all this time alone with the paranoia demon.

He gently lowered her to the bed, tears streamed down from her face.

Judy held on to his hands, "I'm so sorry I killed you. Can you forgive me?"

Angel looked down at her and nodded silently, leaned in close to her ears and whispered a heart felt 'yes'. She shivered, smiled and started to close her eyes.

"I'm just going to rest. Just for a minute - and then - I'm going to go out." Judy closes her eyes and died.

They went outside and dug a hole, it wasn't the first time they'd done it either. Spike and Angel sitting in a graveyard. The two took turns, using their superior speed and strength to dig the whole until it was six feet deep and reasonable enough for the body to fit in. This time however was different from the others.

This time they were digging a hole for a friend, who had at last found what they had been seeking all their lives.


… … … … … … … … … … … … …

Cordellia had changed, all of them had changed, except, with her it was obvious. She puttered around the hotel doing various jobs here and there. And through it all Angel watched her. She had gone out and gotten a headstone for the grave, and even put some flowers down on it. She cleaned up the grass so that it was visible.

She was obviously upset by what had happened to her father but he knew as well as she that Xander's lawyers were already on the case. His lips quirked upwards at that thought.

She caught sight of it and smiled prettily.

"That's something I'd like to see more often." He arched a questioning eyebrow, "Smiling, it makes your face look so much more handsome."

She blushed, mumbled something about getting coffee and walked off. Suddenly Angel had something of an epiphany, he blinked and stood upright. Had that been part of Xander's plan? To send her here with him, because she loved him?

He shook it off, 'nah couldn't be.'

He grinned, and took a hesitant step towards the door, Spike was already on a mission to collect the other ring that would give him the same immunity to the sunlight and stakes. Years of painful memories were burned into his mind, fear of the sun and what it could do to him, he grimaced when he stepped out and raised his hands to sunlight.

The sun did nothing though, no harmful rays burned his skin and he didn't started smoking. Cautiously he lowered them and looked out around him. He breathed in the scent of the world around him and smiled happily.

It made him feel almost human.