Title: 39 point 948
Fandom: Naruto, AU
Pairing: GaaraHinata
Rating: M



A flurry of black and red crossed Hyuuga Hinata's line of vision as she steadily held the tray in front of her, the beer bottles perfectly still. Excellent. She took a deep breath, running her hand over the short black skirt that barely reached her knees, and hoped that the white vee of her t-shirt wasn't too low.

She'd been on this many times before. She could do it. The undercover Argon member rearranged her features carefully as she walked out from behind the counter, and headed for table 49. Placing the two beer bottles on the table, she noticed a dark haired man's lascivious eyes following her chest, and fought down an urge to place her hand on her chest.

"Are you new here?" His companion asked, a man in his early thirties with dirty red-brown hair that was slicked back.

Ishikawa Izumo. The notorious drug lord Argon had been dying to get their hands on. Which, literally, was her target.

Seduce him and get him to offer her a drugged drink.

"Yes sir," Hinata smiled at him coyly. His hand had wandered closer to her thigh, not yet touching but almost reaching. Her heart clenched, partly out of victory that he had noticed her, and partly out of disgust and fear.

"I see," He drawled, a slight slur evident. The Hyuuga felt the trace of his finger on her thigh now, caressing it. Dark haired laughed and winked at her. "Its not often waitresses catch Izumo's eye."

"Oh," Hinata said, trying to make her voice light.

Close contact is inevitable. Just bear with it. Yuuhi Kurenai's voice echoed in her mind, and Hinata calmed herself.

"Shinju! Table 19!"

"Well there's someone waiting to be served, Izumo-san," She said politely, responding to her fake name.

"See ya, beautiful,"

Hinata smiled at them and moved away quickly.

She slid another tray into her hands, this time holding a can of coke and nothing else. Table 19 was in the far left corner, beside the window. Hinata's white eyes landed on table 19, and she almost stopped breathing, her cheeks flushing. A good looking redhead was seated there, one hand toying with his cell phone while he watched her, his jade eyes skimming down her entire length. His hair was purely red, unlike Izumo's, its crimson so vivid and unlike anything she had ever seen. It was tousled thoroughly too, some of it falling into his eyes which he brushed it away impatiently. He was wearing a white shirt, untucked, its sleeves pushed up his arms and dark pants. The way he leaned forward betrayed what the white material hid - a muscled torso. A crimson tattoo graced the left corner on his forehead. Love, its kanji expressed.

She finally reached his place, surprised to see no pretty blonde hanging on his arm. She smiled one of the same smiles she had given Izumo, and he watched her coolly as she set down the coke.

"Anything else for you sir?"

"No." He said as his cell phone fell down with a thunk, pulling the coke toward him, green eyes finally leaving her.

Well. This sexily disheveled man was the only man in the pub to keep his hands to himself.


Aha. Izumo was signalling her.

"Steady, Hinata." Nara Shikamaru's voice came clearly through the earpiece hidden in her earring, and the brunette knew that she had a whole team of Argon members watching her back. The talented Nara was the one heading this operation, and Hinata had no qualms in trusting her colleague with her life.

Hinata cleared her throat, which meant that she okayed.

Time to get the fish hooked to the bait.

Sabaku Gaara watched the way the less than conservative black skirt moved up a fraction when Hyuuga Hinata walked away after her offer, admitting that she was quite good. He'd been briefed on her - this was her fifth time as 'bait' for men, illustrating that she was not very seasoned. But the way she had flirted with Ishikawa seemed appropriate, and the man had fallen for it.

Maybe because it was the way she filled out the lycra white v-necked shirt and the mini skirt. It rivalled the actual waitresses in the pub, and the redhead could spot many men who would have loved to bed her.

He watched, drinking his coke as she was pulled onto Izumo's lap, his hand already disappearing under the skirt.

"Gaara." Uzumaki Naruto's voice came through his own earpiece. He cleared his throat. "Have you identified the target?"

The redhead grunted, and the blond told him to keep his eye on her.

"We don't want her, you know, raped."


He casually looked away when Izumo nuzzled her neck, disgust erupting in his mind. The drug lord reached for a glass and offered it to her.

Gaara glanced at his mobile and slid it towards him, its head facing Izumo. Pressing a few buttons, the screen revealed human shapes defined from green lines, red lines for tables, chairs, drinks, and other inanimate ojects.

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, the screen read as the outline of the glass in the Hinata- figure hands blinked sharply.

"GHB huh?" Shikamaru muttered.

Hinata was going to place the rim of the cup to her lips.

"Get ready everyone." Shikamaru said quietly.

Gaara stood up, walking forwards, almost reaching Izumo.


There were several gunshots, and Gaara had a gut feeling that it didn't come from any Argon members. Screams erupted as chaos reigned, and people stared wide eyed around them. Uchiha Sasuke sprinted across the redhead as Izumo threw Hinata off his lap and into Gaara's arms, away to his right. Yamanaka Ino and Inuzuka Kiba followed suit, Akamaru ahead of them. Hinata's supple body crashed into his, and the redhead grabbed her round the arm as her chest brushed his.

"Hyuuga. Argon." He said sharply, ignoring the movements and she nodded at once. "Follow me."

He kept his gun ready at his side, eyes darting around wildly.

One, two, in the pub, three disappearing bodyguards.

Gaara shoved his way out, ducking swiftly as he heard more gunshots towards where Izumo had went. He sensed Hinata following behind him, and a backwards glance told him she had her own gun too.

Reaching up, he twisted his wrist sideways, and aimed a shot at the bodyguard who had caught sight of Hinata and pulled the brunette down and away. By now, most of the customers had fled, and there were no one but the two goons of Izumo.

His bullet embeded itself in the wall behind the man. He missed. The duo were nearing the bar top and he ducked behind it, realising that Hinata's legs were just beside him. She fired and then moved backwards, tripping over his thigh. Glass shattered in front of them as more gunshots were heard. Hinata gasped and groped wildly as she fell onto the redhead's lap, fisting his white shirt as she plopped gracefully onto his legs, her chest pressed to his torso.

Damn, she felt good.

Her skirt had ridden up, allowing him a tantalising view of her legs and thighs.

"Is that a stun gun?" He asked, as though they were at a garden discussing weather.

"Yes," She answered, blushing furiously as she moved away.

"Exchange." He switched guns with her and stood up, firing the bodyguards quickly. This time, he'd hit bullseye.

Shikamaru was giving orders, and there were plenty of thunks and crashes from various of his team members' earphones. Hinata stood up shakily, and Gaara saw that she was wearing black heels. A marvel for her to move about in those.

He nudged the guns out of the hands of the fallen bodyguards.

"We're done in the pub."

"Okay. Stay there." Shikamaru ordered, his voice a little overrided by Kiba's grunt and Sasuke's gunshot.


He turned to Hinata who was watching him. She averted her eyes and blushed. Hell, she was a lot more different from the Hinata who'd shot him that sultry smile earlier.

"You are.." She trailed.

"Sabaku Gaara."

"Pleasure to meet you."


To a stranger, it would seem odd for both to exchange pleasantries among two bodies, shattered glass and upturned tables and chairs.

"Well. Thanks."

Her gaze landed on his foot, and he thought she looked mighty alluring now that she was clad in the uniform of a bar girl with a shy schoolgirl's demeanor.

Some teasing wouldn't hurt.

He advanced toward her, one hand pulling her by the waist so that she bumped clumsily into his chest again. "You weren't so shy just now," Gaara murmured, lowering his head so that he could brush his lips over her ear.

Well she didn't think he was actually one of Argon's! Sure, Shikamaru had informed her there would be a member keeping an eye on her, but she hadn't recognise him. And she had been told to fit into the role of a bar girl, and weren't bar girls supoosed to flirt? Actually, she hadn't done alot of flirting. Hinata blushed.

"I -" She stumbled. "Th-that was m-my..."

"I almost didn't recognise you as an Argon agent," He ran his lips pass her jaw.

"R-really," She breathed.

One kiss wouldn't hurt. And besides, she was too tempting.

He covered her mouth with his own, and her hand instinctively came up to his shoulder as she tried to kiss him back. She moaned into his mouth and Gaara angled his head so that he could deepen the kiss. Hinata threaded her fingers through his hair, and the brunette realised it was thicker and longer than-

"Hinata, Gaara," Naruto came on.


The Hyuuga pulled back so sharply, she almost stumbled but caught herself against one of the tables. She was madly in love with the blonde. She couldn't very well kiss Gaara and harbor feelings for her fellow colleague. That would be so...so...unfaithful.

"Sorry," She gasped to Gaara. "Naruto?"

"Yeah, we caught Izumo. He's being stunned down there. I got some police down to pick up the bodies soon. See ya at HQ Hinata-chan! Bring Gaara too!" There was a crackle and it went quiet again.

The latter was gazing at her with his brilliant forest green eyes, his hair as tousled as ever. Well duh, she had been the one running her hands through it just now.

"I'm sorry, I d-didn't mean to- to- to-"

"You are married."


"A boyfriend."


He raised an eyebrow.

"N-nothing." She mumbled. "We've got to head to HQ." Snow white eyes darted to the two bodyguards on the floor. "The police will get them."

Gaara nodded. "Let's go."

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