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Two weeks since the day her father had visited her, Hinata had been discharged from the hospital much to her relief. Ino's frequent visits, along with Sakura, Sasuke, Itachi, Naruto, Kiba, Lee, Shikamaru, Temari (who had a very interesting conversation with Shikamaru about Kaze's mobiles), Kankurou and Tsunade, were not quite enough to make her forget what the interior of the ward looked like, where her bed was, which position the window was facing, what colour were her blankets....She was bored to tears.

Kiba had been hilarious, entertaining her with Ino's constant presence around him while Naruto forced Gaara, Sasuke and Itachi to 'have a re-enactment' of how they had caught a trio of terrorists at the airport, with Lee playing along enthusiatically. What happened was that Naruto had mistakenly shot a silver ball (part of a decoration) hanging from the ceiling above Sasuke's head, and it had burst into brilliant pieces of tiny diamonds, showering the young Uchiha with glitter. Sasuke as usual, had kept his cool and the group of five had managed to arrest the terrorists amidst Naruto's controlled laughter (which sounded as if it could explode into a raucuous laughter) and a few sniggerings from several police officers. With some help from Itachi, the Uchiha had managed to sweep glitter off himself although a significant amount littered his jet black hair as though he was a model fresh out of a photoshoot.

"You looked so....glittery, teme!" Naruto howled as Itachi swept his tongue over his upper lip and tried not to look as if he was laughing. Gaara didn't seemed to think that it was funny, and Sasuke appeared to be on his side as well. The Inuzuka was exploding with laughter, and Hinata, try as she might to keep a straight face so that Sasuke wouldn't feel well, hurt, couldn't succeed.

The major thing that happened was that Neji, Hiashi and Gaara had talk; about what the Hyuuga didn't quite know. She was further piqued when her cousin and Gaara entered together the next day, looking as though a mutual peace treaty had been signed between them.

The twin Kusugis were charged for murdering Ishikawa Izumo amongst other heavy misconducts; it also appeared that Kusugi Michio had betrayed his brother to save his own skin, denying that it was he who had killed Ishikawa. As far as she knew, it was turning out to be a very messy lawsuit.

The severity of Hinata's hearing meanwhile, leaned to border line mild. The Hyuuga however, couldn't make out soft sounds very clearly; only a certain level of loudness enabled her to hear. Naruto was rather handy here, and she could hear everything he uttered loud and clear. Dr. Shigeo had referred her to Dr. Miura, an ENT specialist who had assured Hinata that she was doing beautifully wiith her ear.

Today, five and a half months later, her redhead had made an effort to accompany her to the hospital where she would collect her hearing aid. It had gotten faulty mid way, plus her appointment with Dr Miura fell on the exact same day. Gaara held her hand as they rode the escalator and she stepped closer to him, squeezing his hand lightly.

Jade eyes shifted to her as they got off at the fourth level.

"What was that for?" He asked, lowering his head to hers.

"I like the way your h-hand feels." Hinata murmured.

Gaara gave her a smirk.

"I thought you liked my hair."

"I-I do," Hinata protested shyly after he repeated it. "I like both."

Dr. Miura, the one whom Hinata had been referred to, was rather optimistic regarding the Hyuuga's condition.

"Her hearing will not deteriorate, which means that it is quite possible Hinata's ear will heal."

The Hyuuga smiled.

"So her condition-" Gaara interrupted.

"-Isn't that serious. Its just that Hinata's hearing will be slightly affected. The perforation will heal. There's not much to be worried about. Just don't...get hit again."

"I'll take care of that."

The Hyuuga blushed wildly.

Hinata loaded a plate of noodles and a glass of water onto a tray, thanking the waiter in the process as she moved off carefully to where a redhead was seated.

She slid another tray into her hands, this time holding a can of coke and nothing else. Table 19 was in the far left corner, beside the window. Hinata's white eyes landed on table 19, and she almost stopped breathing, her cheeks flushing. A good looking redhead was seated there, one hand toying with his cell phone while he watched her, his jade eyes skimming down her entire length. His hair was purely red, unlike Izumo's, its crimson so vivid and unlike anything she had ever seen. It was tousled thoroughly too, some of it falling into his eyes which he brushed it away impatiently. He was wearing a white shirt, untucked, its sleeves pushed up his arms and dark pants. The way he leaned forward betrayed what the white material hid - a muscled torso. A crimson tattoo graced the left corner on his forehead. Love, its kanji expressed.

She finally reached his place, surprised to see no pretty blonde hanging on his arm. She smiled one of the same smiles she had given Izumo, and he watched her coolly as she set down the coke.

"Anything else for you sir?"

A knowing smirk made its way across Gaara's lips and he bit the inside of his cheek as he watched her approach.

Hinata shot him the exact same smile she had given him on that day, cheeks a lovely pink tinging it. Upon reaching him, she stopped and leaned her hip against the table as she slid the tray onto the table.

"Anything else for you sir?"

The redhead's hand landed onto hers.


Hinata blushed as Gaara stood up and towered over her, one hand shoved into his pocket.

"I'm eager to begin a lifetime of partnershipwith you. What do you say, Ms. Hyuuga Hinata?" Gaara moved forward, so that his lips were barely an inch away from hers, his tattoo brushing her forehead. His warm palm slid to her waist, guiding the Hyuuga to him.

"Really?" Hinata blushed feverishly as she tried not to smile.

"I never joke about serious matters."

"I -I can tell."

Gaara stared at her with his smouldering jade eyes as Hinata swallowed. "I got permission from your father. I doubt he'd be pleased if you didn't agree. You have no way out, Ms Hyuuga."

Hinata smiled through a layer of tears in her pearl orbs. "Well then, I have to agree since I am c-cornered, aren't I?"

The redhead kissed her as Hinata placed a small hand against his smooth cheek.

"That's for sure. " He murmured. "I will not take no for an answer."

"You are.." She trailed.

"Sabaku Gaara."

"Pleasure to meet you."