Twilight, the bit where Bella has just escaped Alice and Jasper and gone to James, who she believes has her mom.

My breathing was sheer hyperventilation. Human transport took so much time…I'd done enough waiting humanely possible. I had run all the way to the ragged terrain of Vancouver and tried to find that piece of scum who wanted to take my Bella. I'd then waited hours at the airport, then caught a flight from all the way there to Phoenix. It had taken so much time; I was surprised that I hadn't gone mad. As it is, my breath was coming ragged from between my clenched teeth, and my face was pulled up, mad in frustration.

"Patience, Edward. We're nearly there," Carlisle whispered, trying to relax my tense posture.

I growled really low, so that no one but Carlisle, and possibly Rosalie, Emmett and Esme could hear. Carlisle had never gone three days not knowing how Esme was, nor leaving her to go across the country when she was in moral danger, had he? Nobody knew how I was feeling right now. My only comfort was the information that Bella would be there, flanked by Jasper and Alice, safe and sound, away from the sadistic monster who wanted to kill here for sport. My dear, human, beautiful Bella, the love of my life – would finally be near me again, where I could protect her from the trouble she attracted, to be her Saint that watched out for her. This was the title I earned for myself long back, the very day I watched her sleep for the first time.

The memories that I had stored in the Bella box of my mind were eager to claim my attention. It was soothing, remembering the girl I loved more than my own life, and it eased the helplessness I felt.

I let those memories cover me.

I remember the day I had saved her from those human idiots who had chased her across the shopping area in Port Angeles. I remembered the fear from the dinner, the ride later on, when she told me that my being a bloodthirsty vampire didn't matter to her. I remembered the anger that had filled me, how it was only too true that she sought trouble, how that very commitment she made without knowing it would really BE a commitment had changed her life.

But then, I also remembered that night when I'd shamefully told her that I'd watched her sleep. How I'd seen her in her tattered, awful nightclothes, shuffling and shifting on her bed, her hair splayed out and her dreams restless. I remembered how she had been dreaming about me – how that had filled me up till the point I wanted to cry and kiss her. And then, though I'd put it in the cliché category for anyone who said it, she, in her dreams had said "I love you," and how, from that moment, I wanted her so badly, I felt like muttering a thousand I Love You's. Those words completely dipped my dead heart into the elixir of life, and I awoke from my days of purgatory.

The memories were only too good to be true, and yet, they were. Nothing blurred them from my sight, nothing, ever.

The only factor that could stop the memories from filling me up was the sound of wheels rolling out of the plane, and the slow but smooth sound of rolling wheels on an unpredictable road. That's all that made me open my eyes and wait for the agonizing 20 minutes of landing procedure.

A human pace was so remarkably slow!!! I could hardly keep myself from running as I walked down the corridor into the airport. It was only Carlisle's soft hand that was gripped exceedingly tightly on my shoulder that reminded me that I had to walk slowly. The corridor became longer with every step I took – could no one see that Bella was my life? My love? Couldn't anyone see that I cared for her so much that I needed to hold her in my arms and place my cold lips on hers again….feel her warm and soft body against mine and entwine my fingers in her scented, beautiful mahogany hair?

What wouldn't I do to see Bella safe and happy – away from that bloodthirsty monster? What wouldn't I give to lock my arms around her protectively and swear to omit all the wrongs I had brought upon her and tell her that it'd be okay? What wouldn't I do to make sure that she was the luckiest person alive, to omit the fear that would have pooled from her lusted eyes that would haunt me for the rest of my existence?

It was ok now, because I could see everything….the airport was jam-packed with people but my eyes were well enough to sift through them to meet the brown eyes I wanted to meet, or else the yellow ones flanking them…..any sign of pale skin, or the homely, appealing scent of the love of my life….or even the nothingness, the solid silence that was displayed when I tried to read her mind.

My heart would have been jumping crazily, as Carlisle passed the tickets and I searched the crowd. I felt anxious, looking for Bella.

It was harder to keep a steady pace as I walked down the airport with the rest of my family. I wanted so badly, with all the yearning from my heart, to see those promiscuous eyes and to see the flutter of those luscious tresses. More importantly, I wanted to at least witness her there…safe and sound, not within reach of any danger that considered the mythical world.

My eyes raked the level twice, thrice, four times, but nothing new came in.

I glanced at the doors and tried to smell the scent out.

My throat burned drearily because of the enormity of the human blood in attendance. But none of the excessively powerful bouquet of blood that hit me harder than a lorry would have. My control was primarily out of my immeasurable love for my Bella.

With every attempt, my nonexistent heart sank lower and lower. Where was she? Where was Bella? What had happened?

The pang was too much, I wanted to run at superhuman speed and find out where was she hiding, or trying to reach me if she could see me. Where was she? Where was my Bella?

This time, the closest thing to brown I was looking for locked onto me – a pair of wide, yellow eyes.

I gasped so loud that everyone in 2 meter radius turned to look at me.

Alice was staring wide-eyed at me, the yellows halfway black, and halfway here, staring at me. They eyes were loaded with fear and desperation, which she was trying to conceal…and worse was her mind, a deadly black and a sophisticated whir of colours. Nothing made sense…I caught a vague glimpse of blood, of screaming and a metallic ripping and shredding. Nothing made sense.

I searched her immediate area to look for Jasper and Bella. Alice was all alone…standing near the plastic seats, she was now gasping.

I ran towards her along with the rest of my family, and I shook her hard, tried to tell her that I was here…

"Alice! Alice! Where's Bella? Where is she? Where's Jasper? What happened?" I nearly yelled at her.

She gaped openly, fully at the present, and now brimming with dread and extreme anxiety.

"I…..Jasper….she needed the loo……" she gasped slowly.

"Jasper did not!" I hissed.

"No!" she was nearly crying.

"Then what? Where is Bella? Where is my Bella? Why isn't she here???" I shook her more….

"I'M SORRY!!!!" Alice wailed, slumping forward. "I don't know what's happening!!!"

The word 'sorry' sent chills down my spine…what did this mean? WHAT HAD HAPPENED TO MY BELLA?

"Say it Alice!!!" I shook her tired figure.

"She's gone! She's left Jazz! She's gone looking for James!! She escaped from the bathroom!!!!"

I froze completely.

She had gone looking for James.

The screaming….the wailing…..the blood and the metallic screeching……

He was going to kill her.

That monster was going to destroy Bella…..destroy me….

He was going to deprive this world of the one credit it had….my Bella.

He was going to kill her.

Subsequently, he was killing Alice, and me, and Charlie, and Renee….

I was of the floor, on my knees. There was nothing I could say.

I needed to cry…..I needed to do something.

Love, meaning…life…all over.

No, there was hope left. One thing that was in my power.

I was going to rescue her, and if I found James, he was in for a tough time.

I will kill him….brutally.