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"I love our girly sleepovers." Naruto smiles, eating ice cream, wrapped in a duvet. Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Tenten all nodded. "Are my finernails dry yet?" Naruto blows onto his pink nails. "Yeah should be." Ino answers. "Yay".

Sakura notices Hinata's being more quiet than ever. "You ok, Hinata?" The Hyuuga just turns a beetroot colour. "I think i'm..."

"What?" Hinata bites her lip "pregnant!"

"Oh my god!" Naruto gasps, still munching ice cream. "Why?" Tenten puts an arm around her. "Well, i haven't had my period for months now."

"You mean if you don't have your period you're pregnant?" Naruto asks, tilting his head like a confused dog would. "Yeah, pretty much." Naruto's eyes widen as he gulps.

"Hey, Gaara. I'm back." Naruto walks into his house the following day. "Hi, Naruto." the blonde boy sits next to Gaara and rests his head in his shoulder. "Gaara, there's something i need to tell you."

"Yeah?" Naruto takes a deep breath. "You're gonna be a father." Gaara's eyes widen. "What the fuck?!"

"I'm pregnant!" Gaara looks down at him with a black expression. "You're...pregnant?" Naruto nods. "...Why do you think you're pregnant, Naruto?" He sighs. "I haven't had my period!" Gaara rolls his eyes and walks out the room. "Nooo! Gaara's leaving me! I'm gonna be a single parent living in a shitty flat wearing adidas!"

Later that day Naruto walks over to Gaara, his eyes watering. "I understand if you want to leave."

"You're not pregnant."

"I mean it's a big responsibility and...wait, what?"

"Boys can't get pregnant."

"Oh...Oh yeah..." Naruto stands there for a while before slowly walking out of the room. Gaara just rolls his eyes and continues making cookies. "...Damn."

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