Nina- I should be writing Oracle's Curse but a current writer's block (mostly caused by lack on inspiration) prevents me. Instead this popped into my head.

As a general rule, Yami Bakura didn't do virgins. For him, the sluttier, the better, although those types of woman (and occasionally men) had a tendency to irritate him… Bakura's sexual preference had been common knowledge in Ancient Egypt, and it was just as well known now, in Domino Japan. Yes, virgins walked the streets boldly, with no fear of having their virtue charmed from them, as whores lined up to be shown a better time than any client had been able to give.

No one, however, knew why Bakura simply refused to touch a virgin. Many believed that he simply found them irritating in bed. Virgins, after all, tended to be shy and slow. A bit clumsy too. Anyone who had ever been thoroughly fucked by Bakura knew he was just the opposite. Hard and fast, wet and wild, were much better adjectives.

All of the others who didn't believe this was the reason, either didn't care enough, or had their own made up reason. For example there were rumors that he got the last virgin he took pregnant, and its much harder to deny the child when you are the girl's first and only partner. Another said that the last virgin he took liked it so much, she started stalking him and chasing away anyone else who was interested.

Bakura himself, ignored all these rumors. None of them were true, so there was no reason to pay them any mind. He found the shy, often clumsy, touches of virgins absolutely endearing, and their nervous, blushing faces were the sexiest things he's ever seen. The other rumors… well Bakura simply wanted to know what drugs those people were taking so he could avoid them.

So… why? Why did Bakura avoid virgins like the plague if he found them so attractive?

The answer is simple: trust. Virgins, when they give themselves up, trust the person they are with Trust that person with their mind, heart and soul.

Bakura didn't want all that trust to fall on him. It took effort to gain that trust, and that effort made him feel attached. It made him responsible for their well being and their happiness. Bakura hated it, so he denied himself the pleasure. It simply wasn't worth the effort. Not when he could go out and in 15 minutes have someone willing to sate his desires, without any strings attached. It was much simplier to go with the second option.

Well, it had been simplier until he came along and ruined everything. Damned Pharaoh.

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