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Chapter 7-Damn Sense

It was only a matter of time until Bakura solved the stalker issue. He was the ultimate creeper, it would be simply insulting if he left such a mystery unsolved for too long. Insulting to both his pride as the King of Thieves and to his common sense. Thinking back on it though, sense, especially that of the common sort, held a great deal of blame for his… situation.

Common sense had dictated several things that in some way or another caused things to happen the way they did. The first thing it demanded was the fact that Bakura was not comfortable with having a stalker. Therefore, his common sense dictated that he get rid of his stalker. To do that, he had to know who it was. (In hindsight, some small part of Bakura admitted that the identity of his 'stalker' should have been more than fairly obvious from the beginning. That part of him, however, was often left unacknowledged by his conscious thought, so Bakura had remained generally clueless about the identity of his stalker for a little over 2 weeks.) If Bakura was completely honest, which was a dwindling possibility, it wasn't even due to his own merit that he discovered his stalkers identity. He would never admit it, but before he could even began constructing a devastatingly evil plan, his stalker had given himself away.

If one believed in fate or karma (or Bakura's favorite, irony), it was only fitting that the discovery happened in school, during the one class that all Bakura's problems seemed to resolve around- PE. The sakura tree was Bakura's favorite spot to skip class, though he had been avoiding it in the past stalker-filled weeks. This particular day, though, Bakura found his logic to be rather circular. Considering that Bakura had been avoiding his preferred places due to his stalker, the best way to avoid said stalker would be to go where he hadn't been these past 2 weeks- ie his favorite spots.

Bakura strolled over to the tree, despite feeling the lighthearted presense of his stalker still following him. Bakura had just grabbed onto one of the trees lower branches to haul himself up when he heard it. It was the creaking of a weakened branch before the final crack when it, and the person sitting on it, came tumbling down.

It was pure automatic, instinctive reaction that made Bakura dodge the branch and reach out to catch the falling assailant in his arms. There was a mass of blue and white school uniform and Bakura could feel the gaze of his stalker stronger and closer than ever. It was with a large dose of irony that Bakura finally realized that his stalker had been stalking him from the vantage of his own favorite tree. He gazed down at the boy he caught (he could tell because of the lack of boobs he felt) and honestly, felt his brain break just a little bit. It was Yugi. Some tiny part of him (that part that housed the majority of his common sense and told him things like 'don't steal' and 'be nice' and sounded way to much like Ryou) felt the lightbulb click on and felt the need to laugh at him for not noticing who it was sooner. That same part also reveled in the irony that in all this, he hadn't managed to avoid Yugi at all, and that Ryou, somehow, somewhere, was laughing at him.

"Yugi?" The name slipped from his mouth, sometime during the period where he was rebooting his brain. The littlest light blushed a furious red, reminiscent of the colour he turned that day, when he admitted his virgin status (or rather ex-virgin status) to Bakura. Without a doubt, it was Bakura's favorite expression on him, face flushed, large amethyst eyes shyly facing the ground, teeth nervously gnawing at that full bottom lip….

It just made Bakura want to kiss him. It made him just want to keep him forever, Bakura's and Bakura's alone so no one else will ever see it. It was, however, at this time that Bakura's brain returned to the land of the functioning. Bakura caught himself, his mouth halfway to Yugi's. With the reinstatement of his brain and common sense came the demands that his sense had. Obviously, since his original plan had been to murder his stalker brutally, that couldn't happen. But there still had to be some sort of confrontation.

"What the hell are you doing Yugi?" Bakura demanded gruffly. This was supposed to be over already! He had gotten Yugi's attention, had his fun, now it was time for him to move on to the next pretty face and slender body. But none of them were quite like Yugi, a naïve innocence hiding a small devious streak, with wide gentle eyes, and a kicked puppy pout that was even stronger than his light's. No one else had ever quite drawn him in this way either- no that wasn't quite true. There had been that once, 3000 years ago, a time he could never go back to, never would go back if he could, but he still remembered another pair of beautiful eyes and a delicate figure. Only back then it had been soft bronze skin, rather than this beautiful pinkish pale… This was supposed to be over.

Yugi flushed dark red, darker than even his 'blushing virgin' face had gotten. Bakura just knew that face would be in many of his fantasies from now as he watched the shorter boy attempt to get his thoughts together. Yugi stuttered and half mumbled nonsensical words under his breath. It was just enough to calm himself, his face approaching a more normal hue before Yugi's amethyst eyes glanced up into Bakura's garnet and the colour fled back to his face. "I was… it's just… I um… well.. ah… you see… following you…" were a few of the words that Bakura was able to pick out from the jumbled rant.

A thin white eyebrow arched, more for the pleasure of silent expression than any expectation of the look being viewed. It was hard for Yugi to see more than Bakura's shoes in his intense study of the floor. Somehow the blatant (for Yugi anyway) admission made Bakura less angry than he expected. In fact, he wasn't angry at all, simply more amused by the lengths Yugi went through merely because he started avoiding him. Atleast, Bakura thought that was why Yugi was attempting to stalk him. Bakura frowned. Uncertainty was something he despised with a passion. "And why were you 'following me' Yugi?" It was darker than he meant it to be, almost as if he was angered that Yugi would dare follow him. He wasn't. Had it been anyone else, they would be too dead to regret it right now, but he wasn't angry at Yugi.

"I… um I missed you?" Bakura distinctly heard the questioning tone in Yugi's voice. It pissed him off a bit, as if Yugi didn't know himself.

He set Yugi down back towards the tree, instinctively blocking Yugi in with his body. Yugi tensed and for some reason, it made Bakura smirk. This close, it was impossible for the light not to sense the darkness rising in Bakura. "Did you? Did you miss me, little light?"

Yugi swallowed nervously. Bakura could hear it, see his pulse jump, feel the heat of his flushed skin, smell the sweet scent of his lotion (this time a fruity strawberry), almost taste his nervous. Ra damn it, Yugi was perfect. Even in this moment, right here… Bakura just wanted to ravish him, right here outside the school where everyone could see. Yugi was his. "Yes." Yugi murmured softly.

And that's when that damned sense decided to dictate to him for the last time in this whole debacle. Bakura's common sense took that particular moment as the cue to demand a fucking vacation. And in a moment of stupid lustful bliss, Bakura allowed it. "Good." He growled, taking Yugi's lips in his own, devouring him right there in public. His hand (on its own, by the way) snuck its way up the back of Yugi's uniform shirt.

"Yu…gi? What the fuck is this?"

Bakura recognized that shout. With a groan, he pulled his mouth away from Yugi's soft warm one. It just had to be now, of all times. He turned his head just far enough to see who interrupted them. Of course it was the pharaoh. Bakura really didn't have the patience to deal with tards right now. "What the fuck does it look like?" He said, kissing Yugi again.

Looking back on it later on, it was probably that specific moment that caused most of the… drama that occurred after that. If his common sense hadn't decided that it needed a vacation, he would have thought about what he was going to do. He was vindictive enough to kiss Yugi anyway, and throw it in the Pharaoh's face, but atleast he would have been prepared for any sort of vengeance or whatever petty revenge Yami tried to think up. But his common sense had decided the stalker incident was an insult to his pride. And then, once he actually fucking needed it, decided to go on a flipping vacation? Really?

Damned common sense.