After months went by, I had learned how Bella's transformation was orchestrated. One day, while out with Isabella for a walk on First Beach, she stood staring out at the setting sun, and started thinking Alice's name over and over again. She begged her to find her. She thought her phone number and her address at the nursing home. Alice naturally, got the message, and went for a visit. She had sworn Alice to secrecy, because she didn't want to upset me. She didn't want to disrupt any life I was living now. She felt she had caused me enough pain.

While Alice was there, she had a vision. An orchestrated death. A transformation. The wedding in the meadow. She explained it all very quickly, and they began to hatch their plan. They were afraid if they told too many members of the family, that I would catch their thoughts eventually, so this is something that Jasper and Alice worked amongst themselves. Alice would be there at the time of Bella's "death", and put her into a drug induced coma to produce the stillness needed. A young, doctor Whitlock would be on duty, and call the death. The family would be informed, and funeral arranged.

Alice had told the funeral home that the family had hired her to take care of the body, so no one but she or jasper ever knew. Bella was so old, that no one questioned anything. If anyone at the funeral questioned anything, or thought they saw movement, Jasper, hiding in the wings, would send a wave of sadness over them, and they would have to walk away from the body. He had said I was so distraught, that he still surprised I didn't smell or hear the conspirators in the building. They had removed the body from the casket before it went to the cemetery.

It was then that they called the rest of the family. They all came to the cabin that Alice and Jasper had rented far away from the rest of the world. Carlisle had performed the bite. He had given her lots of morphine ahead of time, so there was no screaming. Thank God for that. I had seen one too many transformations to imagine Bella screaming out in pain as the fire ripped through her. The family took care of her newborn needs in the week that proceeded, and Emmett worked to get ordained. That still made me laugh.

Alice had known which day I would finish reading the letters, and when they could find me in the meadow. They all waited for me in the fringe of the forest. Bella said that she could hardly stand one second of watching me in such pain. It was then she came to me. It was then we were married. And it is now, that I get to spend every moment of my existence with my Bella. Together with her for eternity.