I wrote this after not being able to sleep for three days, do don't blame me for its lack of smex and plot. I like it:D Major crack fic, but still :P

Peace out.


Gaara fell back onto the bed, Itachi climbing on top of him and quickly pulling the robe over Gaara's head and casting it aside. This left Gaara in nothing but his boxers, making him shiver. Itachi sat back, straddling Gaara's legs and smirking down at the younger man. Gaara couldn't help the small blush that crept up his face, turning his head to the side so as not to meet the res eyes.

Itachi narrowed his eyes, leaning down and clamping a hand down on his cheeks. He turned his head roughly to face him. "Look at me." He instructed. Gaara said nothing, just watched as Itachi leant down, pressing his lips on Gaara's own. The tongue licked against his lips, asking for permission, which Gaara gladly gave. He moaned as Itachi's tongue swept round his mouth, exploring every inch enthusiastically. Itachi slid his hands down to the boxers, making Gaara gasp and break the kiss.

"No." He said, shaking his head. He would never admit it, but he was terrified of anything like this. It was totally out of his comfort zone. He had said no every time Itachi had tried to take it further than making out. He knew that this made Itachi just want it more, but he really didn't want anything until he was sure of himself. Itachi smirked, carrying on moving his hands lower.

"Itachi no." He said firmly, moving his hand down to try and catch Itachi's wrist, but Itachi merely grabbed both his hands, holding them above his head. "Itachi, what are you doing?!" He gasped, struggling to free his hands. For some reason his sand wasn't responding, and as he struggled more, Itachi's hand slipped beneath his boxers. "Stop it!" Itachi smirked, feeling Gaara start to get hard beneath his hand.

"I don't think you mean that." He murmured into the Kazakage's ear, gripping around the shaft.

"Nnng, Itachi!" Gaara gasped as he began sliding his hand up and down the length.

"Yes Gaara?"

"Oh god!" He panted, arching his back to the touch. "Please!" He gasped, writhing around. Itachi smirked. God he looked sexy like that. Pumped faster, making the Kazakage gasp and yell until, with one final cry, Gaara released into his hand, falling back onto the bed, panting. Itachi smirked, laying down and pulling Gaara so the younger man was panting into his chest. Itachi raised an eyebrow when he felt a hand travel down his chest, heading for his own crotch.

"Gaara?" He asked with a frown. The Kazakage didn't answer, just smirked.

"You'll pay for that." Itachi raised an eyebrow as he was rolled onto his back and straddled by the smaller man. Apparently once he had gotten over his fear of something, Gaara took things head on. Literally in this case, as the Uchiha felt a hot mouth close over his hardness. He took a sharp breath, only just stopping himself from thrusting up. Gaara smirked around him, and began slowly moving his tongue round Itachi.

"Oh god." Itachi gasped, unable to stop himself as the red heads tongue slowly and torturously moved its way up and down his length. "Stop teasing." Gaara ignored him, going even slower so as to punish him more. Gaara was determined to get a moan out of the man, so carried on his pleasure filled torture. When Itachi finally let loose a long, breathy moan, Gaara decided enough was enough. He began sucking, hard. The moans grew louder and deeper as Gaara's moments became quicker. Itachi let out a loud moan, arching his back as he came. Gaara took all he had, smirking up at the glaring Itachi.

"That was unfair." He gasped.

"You'll get over it." He smirked, creeping up to lay over him.

"Yes, I think I will." Itachi smirked, wrapping his arms around Gaara and pulling the covers ove them.